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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Free Danny Parker/Criticism of Islam = 'hate crimes'/ 'racism'

It’s pretty hard to get your head around the Danny Parker case. This country is not North Korea. It’s not Nazi Germany. It’s not Stalin’s Russia. So why has Danny Parker been sentenced to an incredible eight months for simply chanting ‘Muslim bombers off our streets!’? Is chanting illegal? No; not as far as I know. Is it illegal to be critical of Muslim bombers? No; not at all. So why has Danny Parker received a eight-month sentence for demonstrating against Islamic terrorists? Are we missing something? Which part of what he did was deemed illegal or even anti-social? It seems that the only thing left to prosecute someone for is incitement to riot or violence. But it doesn’t follow that the chant ‘Muslim bombers off our streets’ would automatically lead to trouble. Again, it must be something else which accounts for his severe sentence.

That something else must be racism (or ‘Islamophobia’).

The state, or the legal system, seems to have redefined what racism is. Now racism includes the criticism of religion, or Islam, and even the criticism of its believers, Muslims. This has effectively made the criticism of Islam, or of Muslims as Muslims, a racist act - an illegal act. Being critical of Islam, or even of Muslim bombers, has been turned into a racist - therefore illegal - act. What this basically means is that the British state, or the criminal justice system, has effectively used sharia blasphemy law to deal with Danny Parker; just as it has with Tommy Robinson and many other members of the EDL. (E.g. that guy in Carlisle who received a stiff sentence for burning the Koran.) What I mean by this is that the criticism of Islam in Muslim or Islamic countries is illegal because in these societies the state and religion, Islam, are effectively fused together (mosque and state). Thus to be critical of Islam, or guilty of blasphemy, is also to be critical of the state because in Islam, in many instances, the state is Islamic - the state represents Islam.

I have used the term ‘sharia blasphemy law’ because up until recently there were no laws which disallowed the criticism of religion or the criticism of believers as believers. Now, all of sudden, there is. Where have these new laws come from? They have basically come from Islam. In Islam it is illegal to criticise Islam, the Koran or Mohammed. All such criticisms would be classed as ‘blasphemy’ - its blasphemers are punished very severely for this crime (as they are in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. today). As I said, that is partly accounted for by the fact that in Muslim or Islamic countries religion, that is Islam, is fused with the state. That is, the state is the main vehicle for the implementation of sharia law.

This is not to say, of course, that the legal authorities have classified these cases as ‘sharia law’ or that they are even aware of the reality they have brought about. But that’s what it is. The punishment of all criticisms of Islam, or of Muslims as Muslims, has to be some kind of blasphemy law, suitably reinterpreted - for secular/non-Muslim (UK) contexts - as ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’.

What about the details? For a start, Danny Parker admitted to chanting ‘Muslim bombers off our streets’. Surely that should have accounted for something, legally speaking.

In any case, Parker went on an ID parade in which witnesses from the Barnsley Muslim Community Centre attempted to identify someone they had described as being 5ft tall, bald and of a stocky build. Danny is well over 6ft tall and well built. As you can imagine, these Barnsley Muslims didn’t pick him out.

What sort of person is Danny Parker? Legally speaking, Danny has never been in trouble before. As with his admitting to having chanted ‘Muslim bombers off our streets!’, you’d have thought that this would have accounted for something. It seems not.

Danny also runs his own business and has a mortgage to pay. While in prison, Danny will be separated from his young wife and his two young children. Needless to say, it’s going to be extremely difficult, both emotionally and financially, to come to terms with all this. This, quite honestly, is going to be devastating for the whole Parker family, not just for Danny himself.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Danny’s wife has also been required to cope with local newspapers inaccurately reporting what Mr Parker actually did as well as getting the relevant charges all wrong. The newspapers seem to have completely ignored his wife’s plea to accurately describe the event which led to Danny Parker’s arrest as well as to correctly account for the legal charges which were the basis of his punishment.
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