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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The criticism of Islam is racist!

Want to make the criticism of Islam a crime? Simple. Create a law which says that the criticism of Islam is actually racist (in intent). That doesn’t mean that the prosecutors need to simply assume that counter-jihadists are racist as well as being against Islam. No. It’s that the criticism of Islam is in itself, despite intent, racist. This way the people who criticise Islam, in any way, can be prosecuted for racism and then suitably punished.

This is actually what's being lobbied for at the U.S Justice Department by various... yes, you guessed it, Islamists; along with some obedient dhimmying in the background from what Americans call ‘progressives’ (i.e., Leftists) More precisely, these Islamist ‘advocates’ are stating that

‘US citizens’ criticism of Islam constitute racial discrimination’.

So there’s another political buzzword cooped by Islamists - ‘discrimination’. This means that Muslims are being discriminated against when someone - no matter who - says something - no matter what - critical about Islam or Muslims as Muslims. Of course, racism neatly coalesces with discrimination. Or, in this case, criticism of Islam neatly coalesces with both racism and discrimination.

This isn’t just my personal interpretation of what’s been going on at the Justice Department recently. The Islamists, along with their lawyers and legal representatives, are candid about what they want and how they see things. For example, Sahar Aziz, a female, Egyptian-American lawyer,
said that she knows that

‘civil rights lawyers [can] come up with a way to redefine criticism as discrimination’.

That’s from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Aziz goes on to say that the word

‘Muslim... has become racialized... I don’t accept this formalistic cop-out that this is all about religion’.

She’s right about that! The word ‘Muslim’ has become racialised by people like her and her Leftist friends! They themselves fuse criticism of Islam with racism and then they have the nerve to say that critics of Islam are racist. However, it’s their ideology and political definitions which will make critics of Islam turn out to also be racists. Thus the statement

Criticism of Islam is racist.

becomes an analytic proposition - true by definition. (If you accept the definitions, that is.)

I mentioned American ‘progressives’ earlier. What is it about Islamism, and Muslims generally, that appeals to these people? I’ll let a progressive (non-Islamist) Muslim, Zudhi Jasser, answer that:

‘The Islamist groups’ victimology feeds into the left’s propaganda that the Right is anti-minority and anti-Muslim, so there’s a mutual political benefit there.’

In other words, the progressives are using the Islamists and the Islamists are using the progressives. A case of mutual use. It is also cynical and profoundly wrong.
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