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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Anglicans think that the West causes terrorism

Why can’t ‘moderate’ Muslims bring themselves to unequivocally condemn Islamic terrorism? It is because they think that each and every terrorist outrage is a ‘justifiable response’ (or ‘understandable response’) to the crimes of ‘the West’ against ‘our Muslim brothers’ in other countries. But also take what an Anglican bishop said, at the Church’s General Synod, in response to 9/11 and the war in Iraq.
He said that it was

‘not terrorism but American foreign policy and expansionism that constitute the major threat to peace.’

In addition, at a clergy gathering on 9/11, one cleric was heard saying to another:

‘I hope Bush doesn’t retaliate. The West has brought this judgement on itself.’
- (Peter Mullen, ‘Farewell, Church of England?’, New Criterion, September 2005)

It seems that it is not only Islamists, the MAB and the SWP who use the phrase ‘the West’ in disparaging terms, so too does the Church of England. The thing is, it wasn’t ‘the West’ that died on 9/11. Over 3,000 innocent civilians did. (Apparently, about 300 Muslim Yemenis also died on that day, as well as many women and children.) In that sense, ‘the West’ is a brainless and soulless reification which nonetheless proves to be so useful (as does ‘capitalism’, etc.) to the Islamist, the terrorist, the MAB and the SWP. Just as it is easy to speak or theorise about an abstract entity (e.g. 'the West'), so too it is even easier to bomb it without too many – or any – feelings of guilt or remorse. That the Church of England speaks in these terms makes this reification all the more obnoxious.

What is ‘the West’? It is Mozart, the Houses of Parliament, Bertrand Russell, Plato, fast cars, Hollywood, Einstein, John Coltrane, Woody Allen, Beethoven, Newton, Aquinas, Socrates, Robert de Niro, the Beatles, football… as well as, yes, many, many things that aren’t so good. But that’s life. That’s reality. That’s the human condition. If only Islamists, Islamic terrorists and the ‘moderate’ Muslims at the MAB could accept this.

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