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Friday, 7 October 2011

Anjem Choudary says, 'Kill Obama!'

Anjem Choudary, and his bunch of teenage acolytes (Muslims Against Crusades), have struck again. Indeed Angie goes out his way to strike again - he’s the George Galloway of Islam. Basically, he’s a political exhibitionist. Maybe just an exhibitionist. Full stop. He wants to get in the news. It’s all about getting in the news and on the front cover of the Daily Mail. You see, Angie Choudary is an honest Muslim. He does not need taqiyya. He is the exact opposite of taqiyya merchants like the Muslim Council of Britain, Lutfur Rahman, and, of course, Tariq Ramadan. They all portray Islam as something it’s not. Angie gives you Islam straight. The way it is. Not how it appears to an Islamophile conscience deep in Guardianista Islington - all fluffy and lovely.
Of course Muslims are ‘allowed’ to kill kuffar - or even Muslim - political leaders! Muslims have been assassinating leaders ever since the Assassins first spread their poison throughout the Islamic world over a thousand years ago. Of course the TAQIYYA merchants will not say that ‘killing’s OK’ to gullible Islamophiles. But, then again, they are never honest or truthful about Islam to the Islamophiles. They like their Islam to be watered down, perverted and made in the image of an Islington dinner party - all fluffy and nice.

So, the answer to the question

‘Is the assassination of President Obama legal?’

is ‘yes’. The Islamic answer is ‘yes’. Death and killing are part and parcel of Islam and they have been ever since the Prophet despatched hundreds at a time throughout his blood-soaked life. He was a killer. And you ‘imitate the Prophet’s example’ by killing too.

So those media outlets which have been surprised by this “shocking,” “idiotic” and “frightening” statement do not understand Islam. Or, actually, they only understand TAQIYYA Islam - especially designed for the Left and other gullible Islamophiles.

It says all that needs to be said about Islam that Obama has

‘murdered what are probably two of the most influential Muslim men in modern day history: Sheikh Usamah bin Laden and the U.S. citizen Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki’.

Or so Angem Choudary has it. Welcome to Islam.


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