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Friday, 2 September 2011

Why Tower Hamlets? (2)

Lutfur Rahman is ratcheting up his campaign against free democratic expression. He has given the Metropolitan Police Commissioner until Monday to seek a Home Office ban on the English Defence League marching through London’s East End on September 3.

Lutfur Rahman’s Islamist instincts are kicking in fully now. His anti-democratic urges, and his push for the imposition of a sharia blasphemy law in the UK, show what this man wants. But is he following instructions from the Muslim Brotherhood, or perhaps from Islamic Forum Europe

or Yusef Quradawi? Who- or whatever he is following, it is clear that he would like the situation backed up legally. A situation in which it is virtually impossible to criticise Islam, Muslims as Muslims or any aspect of that religion. That is, the situation that is instantiated every day in all Muslim and Islamic states and which has been the norm in Islamic states for over a thousand years. A complete ban on all criticism of any aspect of Islam. Or, as Islamists/Leftists call it, a complete ban on ‘Islamophobia’.

(The Muslim Brotherhood has been using non-Muslim - secular! - democratic institutions and laws to fight the very states and societies which have given them those democratic rights and laws. It's called destroying the system from within, and the Muslim Brotherhood has been doing this since the 1920s.)

You can say that what Leftists claim Muslims are fighting for in Arab Muslim states, as part of the ‘Arab spring’ and onwards, is exactly what they are fighting against here in the UK - free political expression. Just as Liberty and Shami Chakrabarti always fight for the right of Islamic terrorists to have a cushy life in prison, and as she fights for their freedoms outside prison, so the Islamist leader of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, is attempting to use the courts to halt what have been, up until the rise of Islamism in the UK, a firmly entrenched democratic right to march through the streets of the UK. That is how tightly Islamists like Lutfur Rahman, and his far-leftist enablers, have got this country by the balls.

In order to sell his anti-democratic Islamism (to those unfamiliar with its totalitarian instincts), he will have to dress it up in the language of Leftism and politically-correct multiculturalism. Thus Rahman goes into full cliché mode by saying that the EDL shouldn't be allowed to ‘divide our community’. One Leftist cliché is not enough for Rahman. He is also claiming to fight against ‘hatred and Racism’ (with a capital ‘R’). And all this from an Islamist whose Islamism would do more to fracture society and destroy freedoms than any other ideology I can think of. It also stirs up 'hatred’ and ‘division’ - hatred and division fostered by Islamism, not by racism and fascism. But does it matter which ideology, in this case Islamism, is stirring up racism and division? Is it only 'right wing’ groups of white people that can stir things up in society? It seems that that’s what the Leftist enablers of Islamism think.

News piece by the East London Advertiser, ‘Tower Hamlets mayor legal threat if Home Secretary doesn’t ban EDL march’, by Mike Brooke , August 19, 2011.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets has given the Metropolitan Police Commissioner until Monday to seek a Home Office ban on the English Defence League marching through London’s East End on September 3.

Lutfur Rahman has thrown the gauntlet down and told the commissioner he will go to court unless an application is made.

“I will instruct lawyers on Monday to go to the High Court and seek injunctive relief if the Met Police fail to act,” he told a Town Hall news conference this-afternoon.

“We will not let the EDL or any other bunch of extremists divide our community.

“The EDL just wants images of our young people fighting on the streets to show that multi-cultural Britain doesn’t work—but we stand united in the East End against hatred and Racism.

“The authorities must act to ban the EDL.”

He is challenging Home Secretary Theresa May to use her powers to stop the EDL coming to Whitechapel on September 3 on the grounds of public safety.

He was backed at the news conference in his call for a ban by community and religious leaders who have come together under the United East End alliance.

“Fear and anxiety grows every day that passes without action from the police of Home Secretary,” the mayor added. “If no action is taken, we have no option but to protect our residents and take the police and Home Secretary to court.”

Tower Hamlets council’s legal department has written to the Acting Commissioner to demand they apply to the Home Secretary to ban the march under the Public Order Act, in the light of last week’s London riots.

Legal proceedings will begin, they warn, if there is no response by Monday or if the response is not in favour of a ban.

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  1. What 'fear and anxiety' grows every day. What a bunch of liars. If they are so worried about it, why don't they just all stay home that day to 'protest' the protest, because they know they can't get those wog kids of theirs to keep from acting like the lunatics they are.