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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Islamophile BBC/The Benefits of Being a Muslim

The Islamophile BBC

The Mrs and Mizzes of the BBC have decided to use the "religiously neutral" Common Era and Before Common Era, rather than Anno Domini (the year of Our Lord) and Before Christ, for all their religious programmes (perhaps for non-religious programmes too).
The BBC is basically saying we should be a little bit ashamed or embarrassed about our culture and history but very positive about all other cultures. This is an inversion. Other cultures respect their own and criticise others. The BBC is attempting to be too pious for its own good. This is middle-class White Man’s Guilt writ large in the corridors and offices of politically-correct BBC Land.

Why is it incumbent on the BBC to ‘remain impartial’ (as the BBC itself puts it)? Is Al Jazeera impartial about Islam or its views? Is Iran’s Press TV impartial about Islam? Are any Islamic/Muslim sources of knowledge and information impartial? That’s because it is damn well hard to be impartial without making a fool of yourself. In any case, the BBC is so very PARTIAL that it has jettisoned symbols which go back over a thousand years. They have been very partial in their bowing down to the endless demands of Muslims.

True impartiality will happen when the BBC puts on a programme devoted to the criticism of Islam and the Proph Madmood. This has been done countless times in the case of the BBC and Christianity. But never about Islam or Madmood. That is typical BBC Islamophile partiality at its worst.

If we ‘offend’ people, then perhaps the problem is with the person or group that’s offended - or so easily offended. It shows us that this person or group is too uptight and on an endless lookout for offences and insults. But let’s not mince words here. We know we are talking about Muslims. I cannot recall, amongst dozens of cases, a case of a Hindi, Sikh, Jew or Buddhist being offended - certainly not offended by one of the BBC’s productions or publications.

Muslims are offended or insulted so much because Islam is an eggshell. It is so utterly fragile, and it hides so many blatant and nasty secrets, that anything critical would destroy it - at least destroy it in the case of people who are intellectually open and honest. After all, Islam has cushioned itself entirely from all or any criticism. That’s what sharia law’s for. That’s why apostates are killed and those who convert, or don’t convert, are persecuted and sometimes killed. That’s why Islam has survived so long and also why it has so many adherents.

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The Benefits of being a Muslim... in the UK

The massive scale of the Muslim abuse of our benefits system never ceases to amaze. Yet it shouldn’t do so because a barely-hidden hatred of our system, from its democracy to how our women dress, is rampant amongst many Muslims. That hatred of the kuffar state, which treats them so well, is actually engendered by its very weakness and inability to say no to any Muslim demand. Our system of relative freedom and plurality is being used and abused by a minority which essentially despises pluralism and democracy. Many Muslims have absolutely no respect for anything in our culture. Even the benefits which feed and clothe them are seen as the cowardly and weak moves of the kuffar enemy.

Beat the system. Destroy the system. Sharia is slowly on its way.

The actual figures are astonishing. Recent changes to the British welfare system have meant that Muslim men can now have up to five or more wives in one go. That’s no surprise. A Sunnah tale about the Proph Madmood has it that he 'serviced' nine of his wives in one evening. That’s a lot to live up to.

However, the way you can tell that Muslims are systematically taking the piss our of our benefits system, and much else besides, is that some of these Muslim males are from countries which don’t allow the having of multiple wives anyway. So they are taking advantage of a British system that doesn’t even replicate their countries of origin. This is like the burqa and jilbab which are worn by more young Muslim Westerners, often well-off students, than women in certain Arab or Muslim countries. Again, this too is a sartorial ‘fu** off’ to our system of ingrained dhimmitude and weakness. This means that the multiculturalist zealots have made the UK more Islamic than some Muslims countries - at least in some respects.

The enormity and sickness of this abuse is shown by the example of a street in a Yorkshire town in which all the residents are exclusively Pakistani women with children living on social security. This is nothing new. Way back, in Bradford, Muslim landlords and other Muslim ‘businessmen’ were renowned for abusing and using a system to which they had no loyalty or respect.

These people hate the society which mollycoddles them. It's that very mollycoddling that engenders the lack of respect. Muslims hate weakness - and so should we. Any sign of weakness from kuffar society, whether institutionalised political correctness, sharia law through the back door or state benefits, and Muslims jump on it. That’s why they often resort to outright terrorism because Western states have always one arm tied behind their backs when it comes to dealing with Islamoterrorists, whether that is the legal restrictions which emanate from Europe, or the tellings-off from Shami Chakrabarti’s Liberty.

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