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Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Republican testifies to Parliament on Muslim 'radicalisation'

An American Republican, Peter King, has testified before a British Parliamentary committee on Tuesday last. This New York Republican appeared before the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee. His reason for doing so was his knowledge of ‘Muslim-American radicalisation’.

Clearly, from what Peter King says, he has been a victim of what he calls ‘political correctness’. Let’s put that another way. Peter King has probably been accused of being an ‘Islamophobe’ and of promoting ‘Islamophobia’. In the Left/Liberal’s book, as well as the Islamist and just plain Muslim book, all criticisms of Islam and/or Muslim behaviour (Islam-determined behaviour), no matter how diplomatic or measured, are seen as ‘Islamophobic’. There is no half-way measure here. All critics of Islam are by definition - by Leftist/Liberal and Islamist definition - ‘Islamophobes’. If you don’t believe me, try this test. Approach a Leftist enabler of Islam, or indeed a Muslim, and ask him if he can give you some acceptable examples of Islam-criticism or maybe of criticisms of Muhammed’s life and character. I guarantee that they won’t be able to answer that question. Why? Because there aren’t any acceptable examples of Islam-criticism to Muslims and their Leftist enablers. (This shouldn’t be confused with Islamic interpretation, which occurs within Islam itself.)

No doubt part of Peter King’s problem has been his honesty about this ‘dangerous problem’. The problem that is Islam - or at the least, many parts of it.

Peter King believes that part of the problem is that many commentators and onlookers see al-Qaeda as an exotic group with exotic members. Not so. King warns us about ‘home-grown radicalisation’, which sometimes may be in cahoots with al-Qaeda, but sometimes may not be.

*) We here in the UK have a Government which has initiated its ‘Prevent’ strategy to combat Islamic extremism and ‘radicalisation’. Peter King has praised the work done in this area in the UK. He appears to hint that the UK hasn’t got as big a problem with political correctness as the US. This freedom from multiculturalist dogma, so to speak, puts both the state and its services in a better position than their equivalents in the US. However, as an Englishman, I think that Peter King shouldn’t assume that the UK is free from PC mind- and body-control. It isn’t!

*) King cites a recent Pew poll which tells us that 5% of Muslims have ‘a very or somewhat favourable view of Al Qaeda’. 5% may not seem that much. (But it only takes a single Islamoterrorist to kill en masse.) It is! There are 2.75 million Muslims in the US. Out of that number, only 440,000 Muslims have ‘a somewhat unfavourable view’ of al-Qaeda. That means, at least according to this Pew poll, that over a million Muslim Americans are not against al-Qaeda.

Peter King also notes that 7% out of 13% of American Muslims believe that ‘suicide bombing or other violence against civilians is sometimes justified’. Again, according to the arithmetic, that means that 357,500 Muslim Americans ‘believe killing civilians in the name of Islam is justified in some cases’.

*) Interestingly, Peter King is the first member of Congress to testify before a Parliamentary hearing in Britain.
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