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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kuffarphobia on the Internet

“What's the white lightning, burberry wearing, knuckle dragging culture?”

Thousands of young Muslims openly and graphically show their disrespect and hatred for non-Muslims every day on the InterNet. Take a look at Muslim Defence League site, the MPACUK website, the Sunni Forum, jihadist sites, as well as many other, more ‘respectable’, Islamic/Muslim sites. See the extreme levels of hatred towards all non-Muslims.All this is worlds away from the quaint InterFaith meeting or those community-cohesive camera shots outside the latest mosque. But this is a large chunk of reality. Sure, there may be a Lesbian Muslimah Collective in Vancouver or even a Train Spotters Baghdad Branch. Problem is, we cannot take a risk everything by assuming that these anomalies are reflective of what’s really going on. These examples are chosen by the Islamophile media precisely to kid us that everything’s really dandy in the Abode of War. If we bet on the Lesbian Muslimah Collective of Vancouver, or its like, then I’m afraid we’re going to get some massive shocks in the future. Perhaps Leftist enablers of Islam/Muslims, or dhimmis, should spend at least some time looking through Islamist and Muslim websites instead of spending all their time trawling through, say, EDL sites looking for racism and fascism.

The same is true of Leftists when they confront anyone who has anything negative to say about Islam or the behaviour of Muslims (as Muslims). Do they really think that every counter-jihadist in the UK likes White Lightning cider, wears Burberry, etc? Do they think that that’s even true of most EDL members? Or are these examples of far-left/Trotskyist snobbery just a convenient way to dismiss a movement which is asking legitimate questions about Islam and its 1000 years or more of Jihad? As well as questions about the many Islamists and militant Muslims who pollute our streets and, indeed, Facebook sites.

Thanks for being so honest with your hatred of English non-Muslims - except, of course, you will excuse those non-Muslim Leftists (usually middle-class students or professionals who are burdened down with White Guilt) who do your bidding and ignore every crime and misdeed of every Muslim, as well as of Islam itself.

Leftists will of course define racism as everything their opponents do and say. So, in their case at least, you simply cannot win. But for those who are genuinely against real racism (not the UAF/SWP/ etc., who use racism as a tool to further their middle-class revolution or to bring about 'radical' political change); there’s nothing to stop you being a good counter-jihadist.

And the websites and Facebook forums show us that very many non-Muslims aren’t that selective about their dismissal of - and arrogance towards - non-Muslims. In the post above, English non-Muslims were insulted. And then it was the turn of American non-Muslims. All American non-Muslims! Yet Leftist enablers of Islam often claim that the platonic "Media" is exaggerating the threat from Islam/Muslims and their hatred for the kuffar! The many comments you can read on the Internet simply prove that the 'Islamophobes’ are right after all!

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