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Monday, 26 September 2011

‘Jews are a People of the Book.’ And...?

‘If you read the Holy Quran Darren you would find Jews to be people of the Book.’

Yes the Jews and Christians are 'Peoples of the Book'. (That Book being the Muslims’ Koran.) But they're still hated and despised almost every time they are mentioned in that 'Book'. In fact they are hated more than the polytheists, idolaters, etc. (who are also often mentioned in the Koran), because they should have known better. They should have recognised that Muhammed was 'the seal of the prophets' precisely because they were 'the People of the Book'.

They should have also realised that the Koran was ‘the last and most perfect word’ of Allah (God).

But the Jews rejected him! And Muhammed, and many Muslims after him, have never forgiven the Jews for that. (Alongside the fact that they could never stomach the fact that Jews still lived in ‘Islamic lands’, or Dar al-Islam (the Abode of Islam). Thus, being 'the People of the book', rather than making Muslims respect them, has made them hate them more than they hated the 'polytheists', 'idolaters', 'pagans', etc. Again: they should have known better!

Muslims saying that Jews are 'people of the Book' is a piece of Islamic deceit - Islamic taqiyya. It is a gimmick to pretend to ignorant kuffar that Muslims aren't against Jews after all. It’s as if the bare statement

Jews and Christians are people of the Book.

actually comes with its own explanation or context.

‘Jews and Christians are people of the book’ and...?

It certainly doesn’t logically or conceptually imply:

i) Christians and Jews are the people of the Book therefore we respect them and love them.

It could imply:

ii) Jews are the people of the Book who severely crossed the Prophet, Muhammed, and therefore Allah Himself.

The second reading is far more accurate than the first one.

Once the kuffar actually reads the Koran, and studies Islamic history, it is crystal clear that the Jews deeply offended Muhammed and therefore they have been hated and persecuted ever since by Muslims.
A Small Part of the Written Evidence:

‘We took vengeance on the Jews and drowned them all.’ (Koran - 43:52)

‘Why did you [the Jews] kill the prophets of Allah, if you are true believers?’ (2:92)

‘We forbade the Jews good things... because time after time they debarred others from the path of Allah; because they practice usury... and cheat others of their possessions.’ (4:158)

‘We offered the Jews Our guidance, but they preferred blindness to guidance. Therefore the thunderbolt of a humiliating scourge.’ (41:15)

‘Prophet,make war on the unbelievers and the hypocritical Jews and deal rigorously with them.’ (9:73)

‘Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends... Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number.’ (5:51)

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