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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Islamic ex-rapper inspires hate crimes in Germany

Just as there are loads of killers and criminals in prison who are converting to the Religion of Killing, Islam, so too there are many macho and violent rappers succumbing to the appeal of Islam. However, the journey is more likely the other way – from macho rap to macho Islam.
It this case we are talking about a German rapper, called Mr Cuspert (above), who has converted to the Salafi strain of Islam. (The most hardcore Islam you could ever hope for.)

This man and his rants (raps) are so extreme that he's secured the interest of German security officials. These security officials have said that Cuspert is an 'influential figure who incites violence and unrest through inflammatory videos and fiery speeches that praise terrorists and attack the West'. So, instead of rap about killing, say, a rival gang member or whatnot, this guy talks about killing infidels instead. Whichever way you slice it, the man is inciting violence. He is, in other words, inciting 'hate crimes' and is, in fact, a Hate Criminal.

These German security officials also said that the hate crimes of this man inspired the fatal shooting of two American airmen at the Frankfurt airport in March. The killer was inspired, more precisely, by a video of Cuspert's he had just seen.

So we must fight 'hate crime' in all its forms - even if it's Muslims who are committing them.
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