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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Internet Jihad in Germany

Security services have said that German-language Islamist propaganda is fuelling militancy among a small number of socially-alienated Muslim youths in Germany.

Islamism and militant Islam are casting their tentacles further and wider. The jihadists are not just big at the universities, as in the UK, but also, as in this German case, on the Internet and even on the streets.
This article calls these German Muslims 'ultra-conservative'. Yet this is a little strange because, in terms of Muslims in Europe, 'conservative' often means 'militant' or 'fundamentalist'. Thus this form of conservatism, unlike many others, attracts young Muslims in a big way. Indeed, as in England, it is often the older generations, the first-generation immigrants, who react against this so-called 'ultra-conservatism'.

Take this example. Virtually all female Muslims who wear the burqa and jilbab, in the UK, are under the age of thirty. Their 'piety' or 'Islamic identity' are a reaction against the distortions, pollutions and watering-downs of Islam which they believe the older generation of Muslims are responsible for. These young Muslims want their Islam stronger and purer. Many of their parents and grandparents don't.

It is not surprising that these overwhelmingly young Muslims should fix on the Internet as an effective means of doing-the-da'wah – proselytising, to you and me. More than that, they are also spreading the gospel of jihad and telling other Muslims that such a thing is of vital importance to 'true Islam'. Full stop.

As is often the case with the Internet, with its virtual worlds and even virtual personae, we now have Muslims who are in 'Internet functions' which are 'a kind of virtual group'. This abundance of Internet Jihad, of the violent not the 'spiritual' kind, means that the 'whole scene of jihadists in Germany' is 'more cohesive and assertive' than many of their non-virtual rivals.

Although in the UK most Islamists and militant Muslims are students and graduates, this is not the case in Germany. Take an Islamic 'preacher' by the name of Pierre Vogel. This man was once a professional boxer who is now exclusively boxing infidels instead. More relevantly, he has 'voiced strong objections to integrating Muslims in Germany'. Other 'urban riff-raff', in the words of Islamic studies expert Guido Steinberg, are attracted to the violence-loving Islamic scene. Not surprisingly, this Muslim riff-raff are particularly tuned into hard-core Salafism.

What we are talking about here are groups which are part of Germany's 4 million Muslims, most of whom are of Turkish origin.

As we know here in the UK, 'moderate' Muslims in Germany appear to have done bugger all about the extremists. After all, this riff-raff may well be objectionable, but they are still 'fellow Muslims'. This basically means that to many moderate Muslims, even objectionable Muslims are superior to all non-Muslims. This is what Islam itself teaches.

It has been said, however, that the moderates have at least tried. They have tried and failed. However, what exactly did they do to control these Muslim extremists? Probably nothing much. Like our own Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), it would have all been show for the media and for their gullible Leftist or liberal enablers.

Nothing's been done because nothing can be done by the soi-disant moderates. The extremists and Islamists are on much firmer ground theologically. Islam is indeed 'political in nature' and jihad is far from always being 'spiritual'. It can be, and often is, supremely violent and often sick. No wonder the pseudo-moderates always fail or rarely even try.

The most recent victims of the Religion of Peace in Germany were two US airmen. A Kosovo Albanian confessed to shooting these two men dead only a week ago. Online Islam, in this case, was the main cause of this bona-fide example of Islamic jihad.
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