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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hamas & Suicide Bombing: the Choice of the Educated and Non-Oppressed

The biggest lie (I won’t say ‘myth’ because that word is a far-left favourite) is that suicide bombings are a ‘cry of desperation’ against Israeli occupation and oppression. The thing is, Hamas knows that this is not true. It knows it is not true because it explicitly states that it wants to destroy the whole of Israel. Full stop. So when Israel pulls out of the West Bank, Gaza and anywhere else, Hamas still had its biggest job to do – the destruction of the whole of Israel. I suspect that many far leftists know that the occupation-then-violence relation should really be the violence-then-occupation one. However, the latter scenario doesn’t pay any political dividends for the far left.

Take the situation which occurred straight after Hamas’s election in 2006. After it, Israel ended its occupation of Gaza and removed all of its settlers, what did Hamas do? It immediately began firing rockets at the civilian centres of southern Israel. Not only that, its ‘brothers’, in the form of the Palestinian Authority, were also thrown out of Gaza. (More and more Muslim ‘brothers’ will die and be imprisoned the longer Hamas has power.)

The problem is that even if Israel permanently stays out of the West Bank, Gaza and wherever, this would be disastrous for Hamas. It would have the result that their fellow Palestinians would start to forget about the obligatory Holy War against the Jews and their sacred duty to destroy the whole of Israel. Not only that, media-savvy Hamas knows it would help lose the attention of all those pro-Palestinian Westerners if there weren’t enough Palestinian mothers crying for the camera. Thus it would be Fatah-time again.

And just as suicide bombings aren’t the result of occupation and increased Israeli violence, so Hamas’s increasing of assassinations of soldiers and civilians doesn’t correspond with increased mass demonstrations and revolt. For example, 1992 saw a real decline in the Intifada, yet it also saw an increase in Hamas’s assassinations of civilians and soldiers. Indeed it has been said that these increases in assassinations and suicide bombings occur precisely to egg on, as it were, the Israeli army's defensive and incursive actions, which would hopefully in turn regenerate the Intifada and reignite Western outrage against the Israelis. This reverse process has happened many times since Hamas’s inception in 1987.

Finally, and more up to date. We can safely say that Hamas is not happy with Palestinian statehood at the moment because if there were a Palestinian state with set boundaries, then this would effectively legitimise Israel's existence. Hamas wants to annihilate Israel. Full stop. That's why a 'limited' Palestine is anathema to them. The jihad must continue until all the areas, along with the rest of the Middle East, are Islamic.

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