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Friday, 12 August 2011

It's ‘sick’ to see the EDL as sick

The worst thing was that after using the insult, ‘sick’, Cameron didn’t feel that he owed the EDL, and everyone else, an explanation. Was he saying that attempting to protect citizens from looting, arson and violence was ‘sick’? Or was he referring to the EDL’s general record as described by much of the media? The other thing he hinted at was that EDL was ‘stirring up racial hatred’ by taking up a ‘vigilante’ role. But there is no evidence for this.

[Above: Cameron posing for a school photo with future members of the EDL.]

He must simply have meant that the EDL’s very presence on the streets of England, defending property and people, amounted to stirring up racial hatred.

[Above: the EDL shouldn't have even attempted to stop scenes like this.]

But it's not the EDL’s fault that Leftists, liberals and certain Muslims would have seen our very presence as a spur to racial hatred and disturbance.

The Labour MP who asked Cameron the parliamentary question was also guilty of all this. He stated, smugly, that the EDL was ‘trying to create unrest and bad feeling between different racial groups’. How’s that? He doesn’t say, just as Cameron didn’t say. (He didn’t need to. The House of Commons loved his statement anyway.) And again just like Cameron - was it the very presence of the EDL that ‘stirred up bad feeling’? If that’s the case, then the EDL has been found guilty of simply existing! This is a definite possibility because of UAF/SWP, Searchlight/Hope Not Hate, etc.

[Left: UAF/SWP stirring up unrest and racial hatred in Bolton.]

and many Muslims would indeed argue that the EDL’s very presence would create unrest and stir up bad feelings between the different racial groups.

And what did Cameron mean by ‘the EDL and all they stand for’? What do we ‘stand for’, Mr Cameron? And why do you hate it so much? Cameron could have at least stated what it is he’s against and what the EDL stands for. Does he ‘deprecate’ our fight against the brutal sharia law? Does he deprecate our fight against militant Muslim groups that wish to implement the death penalty for apostasy, and favour the killing of our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? Or maybe he doesn’t like the EDL’s commitment to English values and traditions. I don’t know.

So Cameron thinks the EDL is ‘sick’? He obviously felt a strong urge to repeat a word which many leftists, and others, would applaud. I mean, what if he were talking about Muslims? You must not even imply such a thing. So, the day after, he assuages all Leftists, along with the rich paternalists in his own party, by aiming the word ‘sick’ at the sickest of them all - the English working class and their undignified attempts to be critical of Islam and the behaviour of some Muslims As for Muslims. I mean, all parties love Muslims and all parties hate racists and fascists. Thus the EDL must be part of the ‘sickness’ Cameron originally referred to.

You see what Cameron and the posh boys, along with the SWP/UAF Leftist posh boys and girls, really dislike is any working class action which is carried out independently from the mainstream parties (or the SWP/UAF for that matter). The ruling class, both the Leftist Ruling Class (who’ve won the ‘culture war’) and the Rightist Ruling Class (who run parts of the Government and the economy), which actually merge on some issues (e.g., on the collective surrender of the West to militant and supremacist Islam), have always been frightened of - and against - non-parliamentary and non-party-political action by the working class. These independent actions, exemplified by the EDL, may actually lead people to assume or realise that we don’t really need the mainstream parties (or the SWP/UAF) to do everything FOR US. But that’s a conclusion Cameron and his fellow UAF/SWP (he’s a signatory of UAF) don’t like - any independent working-class actions or even independent opinions - which the EDL surely has.

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  1. Its about time the EDL became a political party. Then they can't be stopped from having political rallies, etc. Plus Cameron and the rest would shit themselves at the prospect.