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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

England on Fire!

A unofficial comment by EDL Extra.

It’s not really in the EDL Extra remit to comment on issues which aren’t directly related to militant Islam, sharia law, etc. and the EDL itself.

I don’t think there is a political interpretation, strictly speaking, on recent events. Let’s just face facts. One fact is that many young men simply enjoy rioting and violence. Full stop. It’s exciting and gives them an ‘ultimate buzz’.

This is especially the case if we put alongside the sheer visceral thrill of rioting the fact that there has also been systematic stealing and looting.

Here again there isn’t really a political slant to all this. Poverty or ‘social deprivation’ don’t force youths to steal plasma surround-sound TVs. Greed and weak consciences do. This wasn’t the ‘cry of the oppressed’ or a gut reaction to poverty and ‘inner-city deprivation’. It may well have been more about boredom and dull lives than poverty and frustration.

It can be freely admitted that there hasn’t been a single cause of the riots. In fact, there ain’t really ever a single cause of anything (from a wood fire to a revolution). So, yes, some of the rioters may have been poor or unemployed. But that alone doesn’t explain - let alone justify - the riots. After all, for every unemployed rioter there are dozens of unemployed people who haven’t rioted and looted over the last few days. Indeed many people have suffered levels of poverty that are far worse than anything experienced in the UK today and yet they have still not stolen things, let alone rioted.

But poverty and unemployment may still have something to do with what’s gone on. It’s just that poverty, etc. are not the only reasons we can cite. So it’s best beware of outrightly political takes, whether left or right, on what’s gone on. And, no, it’s certainly not a ‘civil war’ or even anything to do with race; certainly not in the case of the ‘copycat riots’ outside of London’s Tottenham (from Leeds to Bristol).

So it is completely acceptable to punish all the rioters who are caught as well as to morally condemn them. They are culpable. And they are still culpable even if they unemployed or ‘easily led’. Others factors can be accounted for without reneging on strong punishments/imprisonments for these rioters and looters. These people have ruined many people’s lives by ruining many people’s businesses - sometimes by burning shops, furniture stores, etc. to the ground. Indeed many lives could have been lost. Nothing can justify that sort of behaviour even if sociological factors may explain - not justify - (some of) it.

What should the EDL do? Well, it’s not for me to say. However, any help, especially collective EDL help, will come in handy for tidying up the streets, checking on the elderly and even making sure young ones are kept out of trouble when there’s so much temptation (to riot and loot) around.

As for the handful of mentions of ‘EDL vigilantism’ I’ve heard suggested on various FaceBook forums. I wouldn’t rush into that because it’s the police’s job to keep control of things even when they don’t - or can’t - keep control of things. However, the idea of responsible local policing by the people has a lot going for it. But it would still be up to the EDL leadership to make a statement about something as important as this. See how things go. In any case, not everything needs to be done via or in the name of the EDL.


  1. "Here again there isn’t really a political slant to all this."

    "But poverty and unemployment may still have something to do with what’s gone on."

    "...or even anything to do with race..."

    (rolleyes) Now there's a head-in-the-sand repsonse if I ever read one! I'm afraid you're a lost cause. It's crystal-clear what the problem is... The natives ran you out of their backwards countries and now they have designs on running you out of your own!

    Keep drinking that French-surrender-monkey socialist swill that the "white" rioters are addicted to...

    p.s. We're not saving your asses this time. We're going to be too busy saving our own. Think on that.

  2. I remember as a young 14 year old teenager in April 1992 here in my home of Los Angeles, California when the LA riots broke out. I don't know how many of you Englishmen even remember when that happened, but it was a war zone in some area's. When the police started arresting (AND SHOOTING) rioters only 4 miles from my house. Me and my dad went to my neighbors house to pass around base ball bats, pistols, machetes, rifles, and ammo....... We were NOT going to surrender our part of LA County to a bunch of primitive racist's looking for white people to beat up or kill. Watching England burn reminded me of a crazy part of my childhood that i would rather forget, but it taught me to NEVER rely solely on the cops and other authorities for my families protection........ To bad you don't have a right to bear arms..... It takes brave patriotic groups LIKE THE EDL to defend neighborhoods. Good luck EDL in defending YOUR land and bash some heads in if you have to.