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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pendle, Lancashire: Muslim gangs and flash demos

[Above: a Muslim gang in Palestine.]

The EDL held a flash demonstration in Pendle at the weekend. There was also a separate incident in which moving cars were vandalised by a Muslim gang

Before people get their chicken and eggs the wrong way round, I would say that ‘Asian’ (Muslim) gangs exist regardless of what the EDL does or says. My first experience of Muslims gangs (in Bradford) dates all the way back to 1996 - around thirteen years before the creation of the EDL.

The EDL is partly a response to such things as Muslim gangs, not a cause of them; just as the EDL is a response to Islamist radicalism and terror, not a cause of it. (Can you even comprehend the fact that some commentators have blamed the EDL for 'radicalising Muslims'?!)

Indeed, Muslim gangs are rampant in England, especially in the North West and Yorkshire, but also in places like Birmingham, London and Luton. I would say that almost every day, somewhere in England (as well in Glasgow, etc.), some non-Muslim, man or woman, is the victim of Muslim gang violence. Pendle and its surrounding areas have already experienced such things. (E.g. the case of a brutal Muslim gang attack in a Nelson park -

The point here is that Muslim gangs are responsible for their violence, not the EDL; not poverty or unemployment.

This also applies to the Muslim riots. Muslims were responsible for the riots in Bradford, Oldham, Rochdale, etc., not the ‘far right’ or unemployment.

Finally, Muslim terrorists are responsible for their killings or bombings, not ‘Zionists’; not ‘American foreign policy’; not ‘Islamophobia’; not the cost of cheese.

In other words, we should start treating Muslims as agents and not, as the Leftists and liberals do, as blameless children who simply cannot help but kill, riot or beat people up. The Left should stop their patronising racism and start to treat Muslims as adults who have will power and self-control.

More broadly, Leftists should also start treating Hamas, and other Muslim killers, as they would treat white Englishmen who bombed and killed. Leftists should stop treating them as helpless exotic children who know no better and who cannot possibly be expected to have the discipline, control and conscience that Westerners, and themselves, display.

In this particular case, it seems that innocent bystanders were the victims of a Muslim gang.

There is no excuse for violence against innocent bystanders. In fact, there is no excuse for violence against EDL demonstrators either. The EDL has a right to express itself (if it does so peacefully and within the law).

Again, these demos are responses to Muslim criminality and militancy, not a cause of these things.

There is a new term, in the Burnley Express piece which follows, which I have never heard before - ‘Asian heritage’ (as in ‘youths of Asian heritage’).

Quite clearly, both journalists and the police are frightened of using the word ‘Muslim’ just in case it encourages people to make the connections which do indeed exist between Muslims and certain types of behaviour and action.

This is not to say that non-Muslims or ‘whites’ don’t form gangs. Of course they do. But considering the fact that Muslims are a minority in the UK, the amount of Muslim gangs and Muslim gang violence is far out of proportion to their numbers.

The same is true of the sexual abuse, grooming, etc. of young girls. Of course non-Muslims, or whites, sexually abuse young girls. However, again, considering the fact that Muslim men make up a minority, their likelihood of being involved in sexual crimes is far out of proportion to their numbers. Put simply: there is something wrong in Muslim communities. There is something about Muslim men’s behaviour and attitudes which needs to be challenged.]

EDL Extra comments on the Burnley Express news piece, ‘English Defence League stage demonstration in Brierfield - four arrests’, 5th July, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

A RIGHT-WING group held a flash demonstration in Pendle at the weekend - and it resulted in four arrests.

There was a separate incident in which moving cars were vandalised by an Asian heritage group. There is some suspicion it was a result of the right-wing protest but the police cannot confirm that was the case. [‘Asian heritage’. That’s a new one on me. What PC silliness.]

The protest happened at around 2-20 p.m. on Saturday and police say “approximately 20 suspected members of the English Defence League” held the demonstration at Colne Road in Brierfield.

As a result, a number of Asian men gathered in the area, which eventually resulted in a confrontation.

Police were called to the scene and officers were able to separate the two groups. Nobody was injured during the disturbance.

Four people were arrested in connection with this and have been released with no charge pending further inquiries.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “Police have been working closely with community leaders and we are satisfied that any tension caused by the presence of the EDL were quickly dissipated. Further work is ongoing to ensure members of the Brierfield public feel safe and reassured that police will thoroughly investigate the incident and bring to justice those that committed any offences.

“The town’s neighbourhood policing team will continue to lead on reassurance activity and the public are urged to contact them if they have any concerns.”

A woman aged 45 from Freckleton, a man aged 33 from Preston, a man aged 44 from Longridge, and a man aged 47 from Chorley were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder.

• There was criminal damage to two vehicles on Glenway in Brierfield at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

And there are suggestions - not confirmed by the police - that it was a result of the English Defence League suspects holding a protest in Brierfield. The people in the cars attacked were not connected with the right-wing protest.

The woman driver of a blue Vauxhall Vectra, accompanied by her husband and two young children, was confronted by a group of people of Asian heritage appearance.

One of the group then caused £500 worth damage to the vehicle’s rear offside passenger door and the children very alarmed. [It is clear that in these cases of Muslim gang violence, any ‘infidels’ or ‘kuffar’ will do, even innocent ones.]

At the same time and location, there was an attack on a second vehicle by a group of Asians. Sgt Michelle Dixon of Nelson Police Station said: “One of the Asian members of the group struck the vehicle with a golf club, causing damage to the rear wing and boot.” [‘Asian’? Not Indian. Not Chinese. Not Cambodian. Not Sikh. Not Hindu. Not Buddhist... Muslim! And the police and this journalist know it.]
See: 'Muslim race attack on grieving family':

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  1. "Asian heritage group". That is absolutely f*cking hilarious. It makes it sound like they were going out for an afternoon jaunt round the museum circuit.