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Thursday, 28 July 2011


THE NAKBA, by Ilie Pap

The Nakba, or ‘the catastrophe’, when approximately 70 Palestinian Arabs fled their homes before and during the Arab Entities-Israeli War of 1948, is a myth and a contrived story. Up until now, many well-known European and American historians have denied that it occurred, by presenting irrefutable historical documents and records. Despite the fact that Nakba Denial is considered a crime in some European countries, and despite the fact that a number of famous

researchers and historians, such as Noel Chomsley Normal Fiklesmith and Roger Graurdian, have been tried and convicted on this charge in the courts, their condemnation has not become an obstacle to the denial of this Great Historical Lie by other famous

researchers and historians, who see silence in the face of the myth of the Nakba as a Great Crime. And despite the consequences of publishing their research, they do not refrain from expressing their scientific opinion on this topic.

The myth of the Nakba is an excuse [used by] anti-Zionists and Islamists to establish illegal Islamist entities, and denial of it is an irrefutable attestation—in addition to many other attestations—that clearly testify to the illegality of the existence of many Islamist/Muslim entities.

If anti-Zionists, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinians and their allies claim so fervently that the Nakba should be considered a historical reality, they should provide proof and documents that prove their opinion,which [has become] the cause of the occupation of southern Sudan and the countless crimes of the Islamists and Islamic militants. . . .

However, despite this rational and scientific [demand], not only have they not provided and are not providing documents and records to prove the Nakba — as they have none—but they also threaten those who deny this myth with condemnation. The resolution on Friday was the most ridiculous example of this . . . .

There is no doubt that this resolution is an additional attempt to protect the Islamist anti-Zionist entities that were occupying southern Sudan, Kurdistan, Armenia, East Timor, Somalia, southern Thailand, etc. In this situation, there is also no doubt as to the role that was placed on Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq [namely to act ] brutally against the non-Muslim peoples and the rest of the non-Muslim nations. Not only can the U.N’s Friday resolution not protect the role of ‘the walking baton’ for the collapsing anti-Zionist entities, but it is a sturdy nail in the coffin of the U.N. The organization has long been on its deathbed, and it is not impossible that [even] before the collapse of the anti-Zionist regimes it will become a corpse, fit only for burial in the graveyard. . . .

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