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Friday, 1 July 2011

Leftist and Muslim Soundbites (3)

A response to a Muslim saying that the EDL is racist.

What about the inconvenient fact that some of the worst racists towards blacks are Muslims? The Pakistanis of Bradford and Keighley I have met, and heard about, hated blacks and referred to them as 'animals', etc.

And then you get the Muslim Arab slave trade, which was bigger than the European one and which still exists. On top of that, the Sudanese jihadists and the Sudanese state who murdered over two million black Christians and animists. Saudi Arabia is the most racist of all - even towards fellow Muslims if they're not Arabic (e.g., Pakistanis menial workers, etc.).

Islamic Taqiyya

“Pardon? what the fuck has my political stance have to do with anything? how the fuck can I "enable" ...a religion?

“no, I say you have no idea what Taqiyya is because it's fairly bloody obvious that you don't. it's actually fairly logical to deny anything when under threat of harm or death, do you not think?”

Your political stance has everything to do with it. Every enabler of Islam and Muslims (as Muslims) I have met and read over the last few years, of the no-questions-asked-about-Muslims-and-Islam variety, has been a (far) Leftist. Other people are supportive; but not in that absolute way that Trots, especially, are. And they do this, invariably, because they want to ‘tap into the revolutionary potential’ of Muslims, or simply because they are gullible and full of middle-class guilt.

You’re defence of taqiyya only works on the prior assumption that it is only used under the threat of harm and death. There is a vast literature on taqiyya, by non-Muslims!, which categorically shows that it is a far more broad a concept than that. But it also begs a question:

What constitutes ‘threat’ and ‘harm’ and possible death to a Muslim? Just about everything that the kuffar does!?

Indeed, the very existence of Christianity, or Hinduism, etc. can be deemed a threat by Muslims. Sorry. Every other religion on the planet, and throughout history, has been deemed a threat by against Islam by Muslims.

“I'll ask you once again because it's painfully obvious that you have ignored the question> How the fuck can I "enable" a religion?”

Obviously I can’t speak about you personally because I don’t know you.

You can ‘enable’ Islam by joining the UAF/SWP; by writing articles about Islam in the Guardian/New Statesman; by joining ‘anti-racist’ groups which are really Islam/Muslim-enabling groups. You can also join InterFaith groups which simply work as Islamic dawah for Muslims. You can defend Muslims and Islam categorically on sites like this, as you do. Whether all or some of these fit you personally I don’t really care.

Do Islamoterrorists Deserve Human Rights?

“Yes they do. They may not deserve them, but that's not for you to decide. The whole purpose of human rights is that they safeguard EVERY human, ALL of the time. They are not selective. And violating that for anyone, even Bin Laden, is just plain wrong. Who are you to say "Justice for all, except for this man?”

That’s so funny. In a post above James almost says that the EDL doesn’t deserve human rights. Now he’s crying crocodile tears for Islamic killers who don’t get their full secular and Western (non-Islamic!) human rights. He also seems to say that the poster he responds to should have no say on whether or not Islamic killers should be given their ‘human rights’. ‘Not for you to decide.’

Here we have yet more of James’s hypocrisy. I bet there’s a massive list of ‘far right’, ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes’ he would deny rights to. After all, he seems to want to deny rights to the EDL because it is ‘fascist’ and ‘borderline terrorist’. Oh! Muslim terrorists deserve rights but non-Muslim ‘borderline terrorists’ don’t deserve them.

Tell me, James, were you born a hypocrite or did you learn hypocrisy over time?


Patriotic Leftists?

[From a FaceBook page.]

At first glance, you ‘About’ is fluffy and appealing. The talk about ‘making Britain great’ and a ‘secular society, etc. Problem is, virtually every single activists I’ve met, and supporter I’ve read, who is vocally against the EDL - and a supporter of Muslims - has hated Britain. Virtually every anti-racist - and every member of UAF/SWP - wants to destroy Great Britain. In their own words, this is what they want. Every member of most anti-racists and anti-EDL I have met and read want to destroy parliamentary democracy and create a ‘revolutionary socialist socialist’ society.

Much the same applies to Islamists, militant Muslims and even many everyday Muslims. They too hate and despise Great Britain, as you put it. Even the many Muslims who don’t rant about creating an Islamic state still hate our society. This is not surprising. It contradicts just about everything Islam holds dear.

So either the admin. of this site are pretty much on their own (in the anti-racist and anti-EDL army) in their love of Great Britain, etc., or that ‘About’ on the left is just a gimmick to entice non-EDL patriots into the anti-EDL and pro-Muslim/Islam cause. It is like saying:

Look. I love Muslims and even Islam. But I’m still a proud British patriot.

My view is that you simply cannot be a patriot at the same time as disregarding the democratic and political threat of Islam, not forgetting the just as dangerous threat from all those Trots and Commies who patronise Muslims by fighting their cause for them.

People of the Book?

‘If you read the Holy Quran Darren you would find Jews to be people of the Book.’

'People of the Book', yes. But they are still hated and despised almost every time they are mentioned in 'the Book'. In fact they are hated more than the polytheists because they should have known better. They should have recognised that Muhammed was 'the seal of the prophets' precisely because they were 'the People of the Book'. But they rejected him! And Muhammed, and all Muslims after him, have never forgiven the Jews for that.

Thus being 'the People of the book', rather than making Muslims like them, made them hate them more than they hate the 'polytheists', 'idolaters', 'pagans', etc. They should have known better!

In fact, Muslims saying that Jews are 'people of the Book' is a piece of Islamic deceit - taqiyya. It’s a gimmick to pretend to ignorant kuffar that Muslims aren't against Jews after all. Once the kuffar reads the Koran, and studies Islamic history, however, it is crystal clear that the Jews deeply offended Muhammed and therefore they have been hated and persecuted ever since by many - if not most - Muslims.

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