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Friday, 29 July 2011

Fascist Newsnight interviews Tommy Robinson... the fascist

The extreme Left is carrying on its relentless campaign against free speech and public debate. UAF/SWP has drawn up a petition which severely reprimands the BBC for having interviewed the EDL’s Tommy Robinson on Newsnight.

The preamble to this public scolding of the BBC states that ‘activists’ have launched the petition. It will be clear to everybody that the word ‘activists’ is a euphemism for members of the extreme-left UAF/SWP (with perhaps the odd Islamist or trade unionist thrown in for good measure).

Of course, banning political groups (such as the EDL) and demanding that the BBC, and everyone else, abide by UAF/SWP’s No Platform Policy (towards anyone or anything to the right of the extreme Left) requires rationalisation. No one can be seen to ban or demand a No Platform Policy just because the person or group banned - or denied a voice - happens to have a different opinion/world-view than the extreme Left. So how best to rationalise and justify this intolerance and such a deeply Stalinist manoeuvre? Simple. Call you political enemy a ‘fascist’ or perhaps a ‘racist’. Better still. Call them ‘Nazi racists’ . (Actually, there’s a new Trotskyist condemnation in town - ‘Islamophobe’.)

Now if this alternative viewpoint or political organisation can be classified as ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’, then no decent human being could possibly be against banning these groups/individuals. They couldn’t possibly be against denying them a platform on the BBC’s Newsnight programme either. We all hate the bogeymen that are fascists and racists. How can you possibly believe that these evil people should have the right to express their political beliefs and world-views on TV.. or anywhere else for that matter? Shame on you for even contemplating it. Is it because you yourself are a fascist or racist? Ummm...

It all boils down to the far left’s intense distrust not only of free speech and open debate, but of the British people - specifically the English working class, whom Trotskyists believe can be turned into fascists or racists with just a few sweet words from an articulate or charismatic leader.

Now one of the reasons why middle-class Trotskyists don’t trust the English working class is that they have systemically rejected the revolutionary socialism that they offered to them. The English have always said ‘no’ or ‘fuck off!’ to the extreme left; just as they’ve done, on the whole, to the far right. That is why these middle-class Leftist professionals and students have turned their attention to the ‘consciousness raising’ of Muslims. Or, to use the words of Chris Molyneux (of the SWP), Trotskyists are now ‘tapping into the revolutionary potential’ of Muslims instead of the working class.

So Trots don’t trust the working class. How do I know that? Well, if UAF/SWP genuinely believes that the EDL is genuinely fascist and racist, then why don’t they trust the viewers of Newsnight to work that out for themselves? Surely if Tommy Robinson is such a blatant racist and fascist, then viewers would have worked that out for themselves. Why not trust the people’s judgement? (*)

Well, these Trotskyists don’t trust the people’s judgement for two reasons. One, they know that EDL and Tommy Robinson are not genuinely racist or fascist at all but are just classified that way for political convenience. That’s all. It's not genuine fascism or fascism - just the very antithesis of their own far-leftism.

The other problem is that the average viewer will not have seen that interview through the mind-numbing prism of Marxist or Leftist theory. And if most people weren’t wearing such Marxist/Leftist goggles, then they may not - and probably did not - come to the conclusion that Tommy Robinson is a genuine racist or fascist. And that’s a terrible conclusion. If only the 'broad mass’ knew their Marxist theory - then everything would be fine. That is, if only they were Leftist automatons, with their brains squeezed dry by Marxist theory, then the people would have seen Tommy Robinson, quite miraculously, as the fascist racist Islamophobe Marxist theory makes him out to be.

But UAF/SWP knows that the public, on the whole, does not see the world through Marxist dogma. Thus they will come to the wrong conclusion. The conclusion that Tommy Robinson is not a racist fascist Islamophobe.

These Trotskyists of UAF/SWP are the political versions of BBC or film censors. Such censors watch violent and sexually graphic films for a living. Sometimes they come to conclusion that such films may be dangerous in their influence on the public; not only on oddballs. The violent films may lead to the copycat syndrome, ‘desensitisation’, etc.

But we can ask the censors this question. If these films are so dangerous and unhealthy, then how come they haven’t turned you lot, the censors, into a bunch of psychos or deranged copycat killers? After all, you watch these films all the time!

UAF/SWP leaders and members are just like these censors. Just as censors don’t trust the public to watch violent films lest they become loonies; so middle-class Trots don’t trust the British people to watch Tommy Robinson on Newsnight. Why? Because they believe that the public is largely dumb, theory-less, and thus easily converted into being racist fascist Islamophobes. And all before the closing credits and the Newsnight theme tune. The Trots themselves, of course, aren’t turned into fascists racist Islamophobes because they are politically sophisticated. They are Leftists. If only the people viewed Newsnight through telescope that is the Socialist Worker (or whatever).

The other possibility is that the plebs will not be turned into racist fascist Islamophobes by watching Tommy Robinson for the simple reason that he's not a racist fascist Islamophobe in the first place.

So, either way, British scum aren’t trusted by the Trots and Commies. On one hand, Tommy Robinson could quite easily turn them into racist Nazi Islamophobes. On the other hand, they wouldn’t be turned into racist Nazi Islamophobes because they haven’t interpreted Tommy Robinson as being a racist Nazi Islamophobe.

Both results are unpalatable to UAF/SWP. Neither being turned into a racist Nazi Islamophobe nor the denying that Tommy Robinson as a racist Nazi Islamophobe is the right result. And because the right result, a Marxist interpretation of Tommy Robinson’s words, could not be guaranteed outside Camden meetings of the UAF/SWP, then the only solution is the NO Platform Policy. No Platform for Tommy Robinson on NewsNight - or anywhere else for that matter!

Just to give you a taster of this ‘petition’. It states the terrible fact that ‘Paxman even agreed with Robinson about the fear of Islam’. So UAF/SWP does not even accept the blatantly obvious fact that many people are fearful about many aspects of Islam. Or maybe the Trots know full well that many people are indeed fearful of certain aspects of Islam, but they don’t think that such inconvenient and unpalatable fact should be openly or publicly stated (lest they make things worse politically). You see the extreme Left has a long tradition of what it calls ‘lying for Justice’. That is, there will be many occasions when it is a good thing to lie if that lie ‘furthers Justice’ or enables Trots to exploit a political situation. The lie on this occasion would either be that people are not fearful of Islam. Or, alternately, it could be a lie of omission in which the leftist simply denies the relevant unpalatable or inconvenient truth/fact.
*) Nowadays, on the whole, Trotskyists (UAF/SWP) hate the working class. They hated the working class before; but then they hid it well. They hated them so much that they systematically attempted to ‘radicalise’ or ‘revolutionise’ them by turning them into people they weren’t - i.e. into the mirror images of themselves. Now all that’s over. If your read various student-leftist Facebook pages, or even articles in the Guardian or New Statesman, you will see the most obnoxious snobbery and condescension levelled by middle-class Leftists against the working class - things you wouldn’t have believed only ten or more years ago.

This new hatred and snobbery towards the working class is both virulent and completely open. However, this Leftist Hyacinth-Bouquet snobbery is rationalised or justified by pretending it’s just aimed EDL ‘chavs’

or ‘knuckle-draggers’. That is until you realise that the same attitude was levelled at BNP supporters too. But it’s far wider than that. They hate also ‘football hooligans’, whom they often fail to distinguish from football fans.

They also hate ‘working-class comedians’, ‘Sun readers’, ‘hoodies’, ‘chavs’, ‘crackheads’, ‘working-class bigots’, ‘Daily Mail snobs’, ‘tabloid trash’. Etc. In fact, their attitude towards the EDL, and much of the working class generally, is hardly distinguishable from the well-known snobbery of the Daily Mail.

That’s right. The very same Daily Mail which is universally and uniformly despised by the Left. And yet it’s almost exactly the same. The difference is that this snobbery takes on a Leftist tinge. Daily Mail snobbery is of course the classic domain of the Conservative with a capital 'C'. Despite the differences of angle, sometimes the content of a Daily Mail article is almost identical to the leftists rants against ‘chavs’you read on Internet forums. Sometimes the very same kinds of insult are used as well.
The Newsnight interview, 25. July. 2011:


  1. Tommy you are a legend you handled this assclown well.

    Full support from the Australian Patriots Defence Movement

    No surrender, No retreat!

  2. I also find it hard to debate with Lefties because every-time I open my mouth they butt in after the first few words.

    Maybe they're afraid that we're right...