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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Muslims say: 'Ban the EDL demo, or we'll riot... or worse!' (2)

*) Note, 15th July: It seems that the EDL Support Group, and others, have misread this post. It is NOT saying that the EDL will riot if the demo is cancelled. It is saying that Muslims may riot if it ISN'T banned. This is what Mr Biggs, at City Hall, has hinted at.

The original title was: 'Ban the EDL demo, or we'll riot... or worse.' - This is still the same grammatically.

[Left: the Islamist leader of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman. 'Run all the materials for the Tower Hamlets Intifada.' Top: Muslims doing politics the Islamic way.]

The English Defence League will be taking our message into the heart of militant Islam within our own country on September 3rd.

The last two years of demonstrations could arguably have been dress rehearsals for this one.

For too long now this cancerous infestation has been allowed to spread & it is now time to help stop the rot. We urge all who love this country to attend.

The time has come to show the world that the lion has now awoken; we will no longer be silenced or kettled in by the government or its police.

We go where we want & when we want. So let’s show our strength in numbers & unity. It is time to get off your keyboards and get your feet on the streets.

United we shall stand: divided we shall fall - as patriots and defenders of this our great country.

NO SURRENDER! - EDL Millwall Division

Alex P said:

Who cares about Ramadan! These people don't respect British traditions - as witnessed by the recent burning of poppies on Remembrance Day. The EDL should bring it forward a week so that it they can show their utter disgust!!

Newspaniard said:

Yes, but who will be doing the rioting? Those from the "Religion of Peace" or those who would like there country's freedoms back?

Justine said:

Strange, I haven't seen John Biggs, of the London Assembly, jump up and oppose the Muslims who make their feelings known by turning up at non-Muslim protests with pockets full of stones and knives, openly stating whose heads they want on stakes.

That offends me.

Tony Pullman said:

So what if it clashes with the end of Ramadan? Seriously, people have the right to demonstrate over whatever they like, whenever they like. Pandering to some alien religion - while they're at it - is just monstrous.

Strange nobody seems to complain about the end of Ramadan celebrations in Manchester that closed Oxford Road and the Curry Mile area (and undoubtedly lots more, but that's the only one I've personally witnessed).

Gill said:

Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of the British way of life.

If they banned a protest, I would be very much offended, Why did we fight the Nazis if politicians can ban freedom of speech anyway?

Chris WHUFC Johnson said:

The whole reason why the EDL is in existence, and why we do these marches, is to let the whole world know that whilst our own government may seem to allow this influx of radical Islam, we, the British people, WILL NOT put up with it.

We are being made to feel like outsiders in our own country. I for one, along with the other true EDL members, will not put up with it any longer. And on September the 3rd, it will be my first march. But this demo, if anything, will be the one which will make the government realise there **** ***.

London InfiEDL said:

The reason for the demo is to highlight the growing Islamification of key areas in London/England in general, and the growth of sharia courts - all leading to sharia law being implemented all over OUR country. Is that clear enough? -

Rab Da Sewadar (an IslamoLeftist who stalks Facebook pages) said:

Ah, but you still haven 't acknowledged the question, and quite rightly so, you got hammered. Tommy the council estate Chavster Robinson, had his flag nabbed by Ajax fans !!! (So much for running a hooligan frim).

And the rest of you had to hide behind women. Hiding behind women, have you no shame. You impotent council estate scum. Die, die, die, die....I said DIE...


  1. Just ignore it. You have been around a full year before they arrived on the scene! EDL admin is run by the looney tunes obese pig Hell Cow and her obese ugly beatch fanny-suckers! Every word they utter is a lie, including "the" and "and"!!


  2. The most dangerous scumbags in the UK reside in Westminster. They are allowing the scum to do as they please.