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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The words ‘no mosque here’ are racist

A 25-year-old English Defence League member has pleaded guilty to daubing racist graffiti on land being considered as a site for a mosque.

This is an incredible use of the word ‘racist’. How on earth can these words, ‘No mosque here’, be classified as racist? I simply don’t understand. Actually, in a sense, I do understand. The police, of all people, have used that much-abused word because Leftists and Leftist literature have shown them that to be against Islam, Islamists, and indeed the building of new mosques, is racist. The theoretical and political use of the word ‘racist’ has, as it were, been passed on to civil servants and public sector workers, as well as to journalists, councillors, etc.

The theory must be that criticism of - or ‘prejudice’ towards - an ethnic minority's religion is indeed racist, even if race, strictly speaking, has nothing to do with it.

The other reason must be the UAF/SWP/Searchlight/Communist/Trotskyist position that those who criticise Islam, Muslims (as Muslims), the building of mosques, etc. are simply rationalising their pre-existing racism. Being anti-Islamist, or anti-mosques, is simply an excuse to be racist, as it were. That is, this member of the EDL, and others like him, are not really against a religion that is changing the face of our country, which claims dozens of lives everyday somewhere in the world, which bombs civilians in Israeli cafes, on the streets of London, etc.. They are, in fact, against militant Muslims and Islam because of the colour of Muslims’ skin. Because or their race or their genetic heritage.

Even if that were true about certain anti-jihadists, how could these Leftists, and indeed the police in this case, know that it is true about such individuals? How could they know that such people are racist if they have never made any racist comments about anyone or ever publicly or even privately said anything strictly speaking racist? How does the SWP/UAF, etc., and the police, know that this man is ‘secretly’ racist?

In philosophy there is a problem called ‘the problem of other minds’. It basically says that other people’s minds are inaccessible to us except through their verbal or physical expression - and even then the problem remains. (Martin Smith, in theory, could be a Robotrot.) Yet Leftists must have direct access to the minds of EDL members in order to ‘see’ that they ‘are racists masquerading as anti-Islamists’. Unless Trotskyists and Communists are trained psychoanalysts who can ‘interpret’ other minds and actions. Surely we cannot say that. (In any case, many people believe that psychoanalysis is bullshit anyway.)

Stalinist Repression

The most incredible thing about this case is that this EDL member has been denied any 'public association’ with the EDL. (This has happened a few times over the last few months to various EDL members.)

This is an outrageous! This is a denial of political freedom. It’s the sort of thing that happened in Stalinist Russia or apartheid South Africa. He is effectively being denied his political rights. If the equivalent had been done to a member of the SWP/UAF, or any other non-'far right’ group, all hell would break loose. There’d be soul-searching articles in the Guardian, demonstrations and even direct action.

This really is incredible. After all, not having ‘public association’ with the EDL really means not having any association with the EDL. What is meant here by ‘public’ anyway? Will Internet or phone conversations with the EDL be classed as ‘public’ in this case? What about getting hold of an EDL leaflet from a public place?

And what’s the point of being a member of a political group if you can’t express your political affiliation publicly?

EDL Extra comments on the BBC Nottingham piece, 'Man sprays anti-mosque graffiti', 27.6.2011. (EDL Extra comments are in red.)

A 25-year-old English Defence League member has pleaded guilty to daubing racist graffiti on land being considered as a site for a mosque.

Christopher Payne of Hucknall admitted spraying the graffiti but denied putting a pig's head on the site in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire. [Everything said about the words ‘no mosque here’ not being racist also applies to putting a pig’s head on wasteland. However, this is not to say that I'm in favour of graffiti, etc. I'm just saying that those words aren't racist.]

He appeared at Nottingham Magistrates' Court and will be sentenced on 21 July. [He will probably receive a strong sentence in order to show us that being against Islam, or against the massive proliferation of mosques in this country, is unacceptable and indeed ‘racist’.]

Police went to the property on 23 June where the slogan "No Mosque Here" was found spray painted on the ground.

Payne pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously aggravated alarm, dissent or distress and causing racially aggravated criminal damage. [How can the words ‘No mosque here’ cause ‘alarm, dissent or distress’? Does it do so because Muslims, or their Leftist enablers, say that it does? Maybe that's a lie and they simply use these words to get what they want - a Sharia blasphemy law. (What about ‘dissent’? Is this a misquote?)]

Three other men aged 19, 21 and 31, have been arrested and questioned about the incident.

Payne, of Beardsmore Close, Hucknall, who is an events planner for the English Defence League, told the court that he sprayed the slogan but did not put the pig's head on the grassland.

He was granted bail with a curfew but ordered to stay out of West Bridgford and not to go within 200m of a mosque. [Nowadays, it’s pretty damn hard not to go ‘within 200m of a mosque’; especially if you live in Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester or the Tower Hamlets.]

He has also been told not to have any public association with the English Defence League.

A member of the public reported finding the graffiti near Collington Way in West Bridgford on Thursday.

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  1. Christopher Payne should have known better ! If he is closely associated with the EDL why didn't he think about the bigger picture ! This is now going to be further bad {racist} publicity they can use against the EDL for their propaganda, It just makes the EDL look like a group of immature racist louts looking for trouble. Is the EDL working with GAVIN BOBY ? thats the type of action that should be used & the type of PUBLICITY FOR THE EDL !!! Its irrelevant whether the terminology was correct its GOOD PUBLICITY & POSITIVE SUPPORT IT NEEDS DESPERATELY TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY !!!