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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tower Hamlets Demo: SWP/UAF ‘Lies For Justice’

[Above: Lutfur Rahman and Red Kenneth. Rahman is Kenneth's second-best friend, after Yusuf Quradawi. Three men who want to destroy Western 'capitalist democracy'. No wonder they're friends. Left: The Islamic Forum Europe - which pulls the strings in Tower Hamlets council offices.]

In the
Socialist Worker piece under the dotted line below, Viv Smith, of the SWP, interviews the Tower Hamlets supremo, Lutfur Rahman, about the forthcoming EDL demo in September.

Yes! Lutfur Rahman! Who runs the most corrupt and political/ideological (Islamist) council in the UK. Who does the bidding of an organisation called the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE). Who wants to turn the Tower Hamlets into an Islamic Republic to be run by himself.

[Left: Multiculturalism Tower Hamlets style. Look closely. Every protestor is both male and Muslim. There's not even a single UAF/SWP Trot trying to run the show.]

Lutfur Rahman‘s idea of multiculturalism? A council which is thoroughly Islamic; which only funds Islamic projects; which is deeply Islamist in nature and which, in the end, will ignore, and even repress, every culture which is not Islamic.

Rahman says that ‘no amount of EDL proganda will convince us or take [the multicultural dream] away from us’. The EDL says that no amount of Islamist or SWP/UAF propaganda will convince those outside Tower Hamlets that Rahman is a true believer in multiculturalism and that the SWP/UAF want anything other than outright revolution as well as radicalising and ‘liberatory’ violence.
EDL Extra comments on the Socialist Worker online piece '3 September: all out to stop racist EDL', by Viv Smith, 28th June, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

The racist English Defence League (EDL) will try to march through Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September. [The red-fascist SWP/UAF are a red-fascist group that want to bring about a red-fascist revolution and then impose a middle class red-fascist state on the working class. You see, the point is to repeat the adjective ‘racist’ as many times as possible and then people will begin to really believe that the EDL is racist. It was strategy employed to great affect by both the Nazi Party and by Stalin.]

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and United East End have called a national demonstration in Tower Hamlets, east London, on the same day in response. This replaces the anti-racist protest planned for 27 August.

The EDL’s announcement follows a racist attack in the London borough of Barking & Dagenham during an EDL protest on Saturday 18 June.
[Which EDL protest was that?]

Racists attacked brothers Mohammed and Aftab. [Why no surname? Is this a Leftist ‘lie for Justice’ in the manner of Johann Hari? Or as Norman Finklestein said: ‘I’m a Leftist and I don’t get too excited about plagiarism’ (as I think he’s also said about ‘lying for Justice’).]

Mohammed was beaten to the ground, kicked and punched. He has four fractures to his right cheekbone. [Still no surname. In fact - no details at all. Not even a newspaper reference.]

He told
Socialist Worker, “We need to show that the majority of people want to defend multiculturalism.”

“We need unity and solidarity.” [Isn’t it odd that the guy who was supposedly attacked is also an eloquent defender of the virtues of multiculturalism. Is this Muslim’s second name ‘Smith’, as in Viv Smith?]

Last year more than 5,000 people marched through Tower Hamlets in response to an EDL threat to protest.

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of UAF, stressed the importance of the anti-racist protest this time.

“This is one of the biggest tests that anti-racists and anti-fascists face,” said Weyman. [Come on, Weyman. You think every test of the UAF/SWP is the ‘biggest test‘.]

“All anti-racists should make their way to Tower Hamlets and do everything they can to build the protest. A big march will give confidence to every anti-racist to stand up to the EDL when it arrives in their town or city.

“No one will feel alone.”
[What Bennett is trying to do here is scare Muslims for his own ends. That is, for the ends of the SWP/UAF and its middle-class revolution. Trotskyists thrive on fear and the creation of fear.]

Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets, has backed the protest. He is calling on all local political and community representatives to work together against the EDL.

He said,
“The EDL does not like the fact that this borough offers a successful multicultural model with many different ­communities and lifestyles living side by side.

“We have campaigned for each others’ rights together. No amount of EDL propaganda will take that away from us.”

Dilwar Khan, director of the London Muslim Centre, spoke at a Unite the Resistance rally in London on Wednesday of last week.
[‘Unite the Resistance’! Oh! So 1968! Or is it the Tower Hamlets’ version of the ‘Arab spring’?]

He said, “Some people use the cuts to scapegoat sections of the community—we have to stand against this racism. [You see, even Muslims offer us cheap and easy Marxist interpretations of what the EDL is doing. This man, and the UAF/SWP, cannot truly believe that the EDL is fighting against Islamisation simply because of the ‘cuts‘, or because they are unemployed, etc. This is lazy Marxism. It’s black-and-white simplistic nonsense.

The EDL is against Islamisation because Sharia Law is brutal and sexist. Because Islamism is responsible for a massive death-count throughout the world today. For hundreds of reasons...]

Dilwar spoke to Socialist Worker after the meeting. He said, “The press and the government have targeted Muslims. [More Marxist clichés. The press has ‘targeted Muslims‘ for what exactly? Please explain. Or is this basically an unexplainable Leftist soundbite?]

“David Cameron attacked multiculturalism earlier this year. It gave the racists confidence. [He didn‘t attack multiculturalism. Full stop. He attacked extreme ideological multiculturalism. He attacked certain aspects of multiculturalism.

Also, if the EDL are the ‘racists’ who have been given ‘confidence’ by Cameron’s speech - we didn’t need him to give us confidence. The EDL has been criticising rampant multiculturalism since it was formed in 2009 - way before the Cameron’s reign.]

“We don’t want to return to the 1970s and 1980s when racists marched with confidence and attacked black and Asian people.” [The EDL doesn’t want a ‘return to the 1970s and 1980s’. However, the SWP/UAF certainly does.]

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