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Friday, 24 June 2011

Pakistan: Yet more persecution of Christians

[Left: Wilson Chowdhry]


Please pray for my family in Pakistan...

As I write this blog post two ISI agents have again visited my in-laws house this is a further attempt by the Pakistani High Commission at intimidating the BPCA into staying quiet. This is now the 3rd visit to my father in law and as you can imagine, the entire family is upset and anxious about just how insidious a development this is. Read previous post here:

Today the officers have accused my family in Pakistan of saying anti-Islamic messages through the BPCA and have stated that they will continue to receive impromptu visits.

Several times I have sought from the High Commission an explanation for the visits from ISI agents to my in-laws, in tandem with a request for details of an appeals process to my ban from Pakistan. I have yet to receive any response. Today I will copy our network into the original email and urge you all to email a message of support using contact details provided, asking for a curtailment to this pernicious treatment of myself and my family - which seems to have intensified the nearer our protest approaches:

For those of you who are not on my email distribution, I include a copy of the letter which has been sent by recorded post and email to the High Commissioner's Office:

Your Excellency Wajid shamul Hasan High Commissioner of Pakistan.

Re: Ban from Pakistan.

I write to you to request a removal of my ban from travelling to Pakistan. I am concerned that the ban has been imposed on me for alleged rude and violent behaviour when the false allegation made regarding my attack on a diplomat and member of your staff, were dropped following a police request for CCTV footage of the incident.

I have no doubt that the CCTV footage would have indicated quite clearly and in no uncertain terms, that I was forcibly pushed into the diplomatic confines of the High Commission building, and that the woman claiming to have been hit by me was not even close to the affray during it's short term. Your Security Officer hurt his hands on my cheeks bones and had to terminate his offensive prematurely as a consequence.

Fortunately, I suffered no long term injury barring the ignominy of being incarcerated for the two hours it took for the High Commission to make the just decision to drop charges, knowing full well video evidence would have been incriminating.

I am shocked at the least to see that no action has been taken against the staff that contrived against me and concocted the spurious accusations. It would seem that the Christian marginalisation the British Pakistani Christian Association is challenging in Pakistan ,has infiltrated the rank and file of High Commission staff here in the UK. This is a very disconcerting

I am rather discombobulated that the High Commission have not been able to obtain a copy of the letter produced by Nafees Zekaria informing me of the ban - which my wife ripped in disgust at the time of the collection - without which I cannot structure an appeal correctly. Moreover, I am particularly concerned that no appeals process has been provided to my Personal Assistant despite several requests.

With this dilemma I write and email you direct with my concerns, in hope that you might be able to locate that original visa exclusion letter and provide an appropriate channel for appeal. Without such assistance I will not be able to visit my family in Pakistan.

I also write to request that whosoever from the High Commission has instructed visits to my in-laws house in Pakistan in an attempt to gain details of my personal life, is questioned on the need for such action. The two visits that have been authorised by the High Commission have created much anxiety and undue pressure on an innocent Christian Family.

Please advise

Kind regards

Wilson Chowdhry

If you would like to support my request for a termination of the ban imposed on me preventing a vist to Pakistan and a cessation of ISI Vvisits to the the home of my wife's family please use the email's below to regiuster your concerns:

His Excellency High Commissioner for Pakistan Wajid Shamshul Hasan:

The High Commissioners PA Naghma Butt:

PA to the General Secretary Nafees Zakaria (who imposed the ban):

I have been advised that the ISI are observing my work and movements and I believe that the threat is a real one made with animosity and a desire to cause fear and anxiety. I remind you that in the original incident at the High Commission a diplomat was overheard by my wife saying;

"...if Wilson continues with his campaigning we will deal with him."

His words have come into fruition and I register this concern with you all now, so that if my life is lost in mysterious circumstances, that those of you that have been with me on this journey, are aware of the threat that has been hanging over me for some time now

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