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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Common Soundbites Against the EDL

By the EDL’s Boudicca (18.5.2011)

1 - The youth of today aren't 'being turned into extremists as a result of the EDL’. This was already happening as a result of certain imams and the preaching methods they used in mosques up and down the country (e.g., the glory they associated with terrorism); as well as their dislike for Western culture - which incidentally can be blamed not only on Islam but also on the Left.

- Sharia: There is ONE Islam and ONE Sharia - none of this ‘tribal law’ bullshite or Anjem Choudary is ‘preaching a harsher version of Islam’ because there is no other version . Sharia is what it says on the tin. End of.

- Tell me, I’m a non-believer of any religious text, but I don’t remember seeing the Bible telling people to kill non-believers. I can see lots of references in the Koran that tell its followers to do just that.

I don’t recall Jesus going round beheading people. On the contrary, he was a healer by all accounts. Can’t say the same for that sick Mohammed. And I certainly don't recall Jesus having sex with a 6 yr old girl. Can you ? Mohammed was sick - why anyone would want to follow a guy that killed, raped, plundered and had sex with little girls is beyond me.

- Oh I forgot to add: Islam is not a race. There is no defined 'colour' nor 'country' for Islam. Muslims need to ask others the question. For example, ask Unite Against Fascism (UAF) if they mix up race and religion. Because, by all accounts, it is they who seem to pigeon-hole Islam with dark-skinned people, NOT the EDL.

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