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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Leftist and Muslim Soundbites (2)

The Oppressed Brown Exotic Muslim Can Never Do Wrong

fuck you racist drunk soccer hooligan. stick that cross up your ass you dirty fundementalist crusader prick.” - Ahmed Sheikhly [see image above]

SWP/UAF, Searchlight, Expose and all the other Leftist enablers of Muslims and Islam really should spend at least some time perusing Muslim and Islamic sites to see the vast amount of intense hatred of the British, Christians and basically of all things non-Muslim there is out there.

Instead they spend all their sad time finding racist remarks from people they say are EDL, etc. Why are these racist remarks from EDL? Is someone EDL simply because he posts on a FaceBook page and calls himself EDL? Is that all it takes?

Compared to the millions of rabid anti-Western, anti-kuffar Muslims there are on this planet, and even the hundreds of thousands here in the UK, the EDL is relatively small in number. And yet the Left spends all its hypocritical time and energy focusing only on white ‘bigots’, 'racists’, ‘fascists’, etc. Leaving what they see as the Brown Exotic Oppressed completely untouched and free to bomb and proselytise - all with the blessings of the middle-class Left; weighed down, as it is, with tons of White Guilt for what some of their rich forebears probably did.

As for Ahmed Sheikhly above. He’s clearly severely retarded. He calls me a ‘fundementalist’ yet tells me to ‘stick that cross up [my] ass’. The irony of that statement will clearly be lost on this Muslim cretin. But the thing is, there are thousands of Muslims like him; and not just in Keighley, Bradford and the North West. But they’re the good ones! The educated ex-student Islamists are far worse. They are adepts at taqiyya and they utilise the brainless force of these Muslim yobs to do their dirty work - both now and when the shit inevitably hits the fan in the future.
Rights for Islamoterrorists but not for the EDL?

[Responses to a post/link about whether Islamoterrorists should have their human rights ‘respected’.]

" Yes they do. They may not deserve them, but that's not for you to decide. The whole purpose of human rights is that they safeguard EVERY human, ALL of the time. They are not selective. And violating that for anyone, even Bin Laden, is just plain wrong. Who are you to say "Justice for all, except for this man"?

That’s so funny. In a post above James virtually says that the EDL doesn’t deserve human rights. Now he’s crying crocodile tears for Islamic killers who don’t get their full secular and Western (non-Islamic!) human rights! He also seems to say that the poster he responds to should have no say on whether or not Islamic killers should be given their ‘human rights’. ‘Not for you to decide.’

Here we have yet more of James’s hypocrisy. I bet there’s a massive list of ‘far rightists’, ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes’ he would deny rights to. After all, he wants to deny rights to the EDL because it is ‘fascist’ and ‘borderline terrorist’.

Oh! Muslim terrorists deserve rights but non-Muslim ‘borderline terrorists’ don’t deserve them.
Tell me, James, were you born a hypocrite or did you learn hypocrisy over time?

Can you be a Patriot as well as being an Islamophile and a Leftist?


At first glance, your ‘About’ is very fluffy. The talk about ‘making Britain great’, our ‘secular society, etc. Problem is, virtually every single 'anti-racist' activist I’ve met, and supporter I’ve read, who is vocally against the EDL and also a supporter of Muslims no-matter-what, has hated Britain. Virtually every anti-racist, and every member of UAF/SWP, wants to destroy GREAT Britain. In their own words, this is what they want. Every member of most anti-racist and anti-EDL groups I’ve met and read wants to destroy parliamentary democracy and create a ‘revolutionary socialist’ society.

Much the same applies to Islamists, militant Muslims and even everyday Muslims. They too hate and despise GREAT Britain, as you put. Even the many Muslims who don’t rant on about creating an Islamic state still hate our society. This is not surprising. It contradicts just about everything Islam holds dear.

So either the admin. of this site are pretty much on their own (in the anti-racist and anti-EDL army) in their love of Great Britain, etc., or that ‘About’ on the left is just a gimmick to entice non-EDL patriots into the anti-EDL and pro-Muslim/Islam cause. It is like saying:

Look! I love Muslims and even Islam. But I’m still a proud British patriot.

My view is that you simply cannot be a patriot at the same time as disregarding the democratic and political threat of Islam, not forgetting the just-as-dangerous threat from all those Trotskyists and Communists who patronise Muslims by fighting their cause for them.
Do Muslims respect the ‘People of the Book’ (the Jews)?

‘If you read the Holy Quran Darren you would find Jews to be people of the Book.’

Yes the Jews are the 'People of the Book'. But they are still hated and despised almost every time they are mentioned in 'the Book' (the Koran). In fact they are hated more than the polytheists, idolaters, etc. because they should have known better. They should have recognised that Muhammed was 'the seal of the prophets' precisely because they were 'the People of the Book'.

But the Jews rejected him! And Muhammed, and nearly all Muslims after him, have never forgiven the Jews for that. Thus, being 'the People of the book', rather than making Muslims respect them, has made them hate them more than they hated the 'polytheists', 'idolaters', 'pagans', etc. They should have known better!

Muslims saying that Jews are 'people of the Book' is a piece of Islamic deceit - Islamic taqiyya. It is a gimmick to pretend to ignorant kuffar that Muslims aren't against Jews after all.

But once the kuffar tually reads the Koran, and studies Islamic history, it is crystal clear that the Jews deeply offended Muhammed and therefore they have been hated and persecuted ever since by Muslims.

Leftist conspiracy theories about the ‘racist fascist’ EDL and everything else

“The vast majority of the EDL might not be racist. And definitely not fascist. But as a movement and organization those at the top-end, those pulling the strings, and spreading the propaganda and those who fund the EDL are racist fascists.”

I love Leftist and Islamist conspiracy theories!

‘Pulling the strings behind the scenes’, eh? Like the Zionists who control everything and infiltrate everyone’s mind except those minds of the supremely intelligent and incorruptible Left? They’re so fucking smug and patronising towards everyone who disagrees with them!

The Left, especially the Far Left, churns conspiracy theories out by the bucket load. The conspiracy theorists of the Left are rather like psychoanalysts who re-interpret everything their patient does and says in ways which are fundamentally different to what is said and done.

Why so many conspiracy theories are why are these wise Leftists, and Islamists, immune to all conspiracies (these or other ones)?

Conspiracies appeal either to the politically stupid or they are useful to Leftist ideologues. They are useful because only supremely simple and outrageously black-and-white theories can fire up and radicalise gullible young students - and sometimes even older people.

‘Racist fascists’. The level of debate from the Left is so high, isn’t it?
A Leftist Defends and Defines Islamic Taqiyya

Mikey, are you one of the opportunist (vis-a-vis Muslims) Leftists I mentioned, or one of the gullible ones?

Taqiyya is not just a Shia phenomenon. Muhammed himself, in the Koran, practised it and encouraged it. The Shia story is taqiyya applied to taqiyya.

The reason why the Shia used it more than Sunnis, historically, is because they were always the oppressed minority - oppressed by Sunni Muslims. Thus they need to practice taqiyya to save themselves.

Mikey, do you mean by ‘not understanding taqiyya’ that I ‘don‘t’ accept the kuffar-friendly Muslim version of taqiyya? Or maybe that I don’t have the same view of taqiyya as you?

Taqiyya is used 'to save a Muslim’s life'? Bullshit! As with the Islamic definition of 'defence' mentioned in the post (9/11 was 'defensive' to Muslims), anything can be deemed as 'protecting a Muslim's life'. Even attack is defence in Islam.

Thus this is yet more taqiyya about/on taqiyya.

The reason why so many Muslims lie so much about Islam and their actions (as Muslims) is because Islam could never be criticised in every Islamic societies - both past and present. Therefore when Muslims come across non-Muslim criticism of Islam, all they can do is lie and practice deceit. Logic and reasoning were never strong points in Islam.

That also explains the Islamic love of conspiracy theories, whether about Zionists, the EDL or even about Tommy Robinson. Taqiyya and conspiracy is all most Muslims can rely on.

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