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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Carlisle’s latest victim of Islamophilia - a steward at Carlisle United

[Top: Every criticism of Islam, the Koran, etc., even if academic or reasoned, is a 'hate crime' to all those Leftists, liberals and purveyors of PC who hope to gain brownie points from their Muslim friends. Right: This is legal in the UK! Or at least it is when Brown Exotic Muslims (in exotic burqas) do it. Any other time - it's illegal.]
Isn’t this a (relatively) free country? After all, Muslims can march in large numbers in support of the mass killer, Osama bin Laden; extreme Islamists can run stalls in our city centres up and down the country; and hard-core Islamist groups thrive and prosper. Yet a solitary steward, a Carlisle United employee, had to resign because he supports the EDL - even though the EDL isn't banned or proscribed in any way.

So why, exactly, has he resigned? Because he supported a Carlisle man who was one of the first victims of a new British law - the Islamic Blasphemy Law. That is, he was imprisoned for 70 days months for burning the Koran. And all under the pretext that he was a threat to Community Cohesion and Embraced Diversity; when, all along, it was his threat to Islam that really mattered. Thus he became one of England’s first victims of the British Sharia Blasphemy Law (2011).

Since when has being a member of the EDL been a crime? Why is it a crime to support the EDL when it isn’t a crime to hold a demo in London (the other day) with banners such as, ‘Islam will dominate the world’, ‘Be warned: there will be new atrocities’, etc?

Either the Government, councillors, politicians, local journalists should ban - or seek to ban - the EDL, or they should stop treating it as if it is some kind of illegal group. You know, like the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) which supports Islamoterrorists but which is certainly not banned. (Not banned! During the Blair Government it was in direct conversation with the Government. These kinds of Islamist group still are!)

EDL Extra comments on Carlisle's News & Star news item, 'Carlisle Utd steward quits over support for English Defence League', by Sarah Newstead, 8th May, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

Carlisle United employee has resigned following reports that Brunton Park stewards were among supporters of the man jailed for burning a copy of the Koran.

United spokesman Andy Hall yesterday confirmed that a steward has now left the club.

Andrew Ryan, 32, of Summerhill, London Road, Carlisle, was sentenced to 70 days in prison for intentional religious/racial harassment on Monday. [There was nothing ‘racial’ about it. It was a protest against a ‘holy book’ which has over one hundred passages devoted to promulgating violent jihad (not 'inner jihad'); others justify and extol the enforced conversion of non-Muslims to Islam; yet others tell Muslims to hate Jews and Christians; then there is the justification and legitimation of slavery; the justification and legitimising of treating Muslim women and all non-Muslims as second-class citizens; etc.

There was no ‘harassment’ either. You cannot harass a book. You cannot even harass the Muslims who blindly obey that despicable book. Harassment, along with ‘insult’ and ‘offence’, and the false cries Muslims always make in order to stop all criticism of Islam and, at the same time, to advance Islam.]

He arrived at the city magistrates’ court flanked by men waving the St George’s Cross and shouting nationalist chants. [Yes? And what’s wrong with that?]

The English Defence League Carlisle Division (EDL) had put out a call for members to support Ryan.

The News & Star received reports that some of the men were stewards at Brunton Park and the club launched an investigation into their identity. [‘Launched an investigation into their identity’? Is this England or Stalinist Russia?]

Mr Hall said: “We received the News & Star’s photographs and are very thankful for it being brought to our attention.

“We looked at them with our safety staff who identified [one of the men] as a steward at Carlisle United.

“We contacted him, and he said he understood this could be misconstrued. He said that he would like to keep supporting the EDL. He said he would like to step down.

“The club will not tolerate any form of racist behaviour and, in conjunction with the FA and Football League

‘Kick it Out’ campaign, we are working strenuously to ensure that this issue does not arise at the ground.” [But this has absolutely nothing to do with racism! Why has Mr Hall, of Carlisle United, swallowed the propaganda of the revolutionary socialist Unite Against Fascism/Socialist Workers Party, and/or Searchlight, and/or whichever Leftist he has got the jargon ‘racist behaviour’ from?

This has nothing to do with race - as Mr Hall probably already knows. It is about a group, the EDL, fighting against militant Islam and Islamism in our country.

The mass showing of respect for the dead mass killer, Osama bin Laden, in London and elsewhere (only two days ago) should show everyone exactly how big the problem really is.]

Mr Hall stressed that the steward offered his resignation. It is not illegal to be a member of the EDL. [So why did he resign? Perhaps the pressure would have simply been too much to bear. The Leftists of Carlisle - the UAF/SWP, Searchlight, leftist councillors, etc. - would have certainly tried to make the steward’s life misery. That’s how these Trotskyists, far-left socialists and Communists work.]...

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  1. He should not have resigned and gone to court with it if they sacked him. This could have been a useful precedent-setting case.