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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Birmingham Muslims 1 West Midlands Police 0 (Another defeat for the kuffar.)

[Above: the pig image is from MPACUK's website. This group frequently advises its Muslim readers to become 'more extreme', not less. This is the mindset we are up against. Any appeasing we do of these people will be at our own expense.]
Yesterday they started taking down the ‘spy cameras’ in certain Muslim areas of Birmingham.

Just in case you thought that the massive climbdown by West Midlands Police, as well as by Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe, was a result of Mr Jolly fighting against ‘Big Brother’, perhaps you should read what the extreme Islamist and anti-Semitic group, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK), had to say about it.

MPACUK, and other Muslims, clearly think they have scored a victory, not against Big Brother, but for Islam and Muslims.
The following piece, from MPACUK, is the thanks Chief Constable Chris Sims and Assistant Chief Constable Sharon Rowe got for debasing themselves in front of Muslims. Don't they realise that Muslims will never be happy with the kuffar's grovelling or 'enabling' until he/she is dead or converted?
The pig image above was accompanied by the MPACUK piece below:

- Fri 1 Oct 2010, from the Muslim Public Affairs Committe (MPACUK) website:

"And this goes to show what happens when Muslim activists, join forces with the wider society and civil rights' campaigners, to fight the powers.

Well done to the Muslims in Sparbrook and Washwood Heath. We monitored this campaign and were impressed with the resolution and the fighting spirit of all those involved.

West Midland Police Chief Constable, Chris Sims (for those who don't know, that means Birmingham's 'big pig'), said he was 'deeply sorry'.

Errr...and our considered legal opinion and retort is, "You're only sorry because you got caught."

Why is it, that if a criminal gets caught, 'sorry' is never enough! But when Daddy pig gets caught with his snout in the CCTV trough, we should be thankful for the apology.

But before you get too smug about having the pork belly, Officer Dibbles, the fuzz, the rozzers, the plod, the five oh and the filth apologising; ask yourself, why didn't you join the force to make sure decent people don't get the rough justice that the babylon are serving, don't serve it to begin with.

Oh by the way, saying sorry sometimes, just isn't enough."
“I am impressed by the capable and dedicated young people I have met through MPACUK. I think we need stronger and more determined action to challenge the disaster of UK foreign policy, the erosion of civil liberties and the alienation of the Muslim community. MPACUK has a very important part to play”. - Clare Short MP


  1. I think I will sent this is an email to the totally moronic, cowardly and mozlem ass-wiping WMP!! Only what the mpac say, not the rest!