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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yesterday, British Sikhs bowed down to Islam, today it’s the turn of Canada’s Methodists

*) !!!! I have just found out, literally a minute after posting this, that this story is an April Fool from Roland Shirk at Jihad Watch! I've been had. Still, just about everything written in it still stands.

[Left: United Methodists say: If only you give Muslims everything they want, then there will be peace. Muslims say: If only the whole world 'submits to Allah', then there will be peace. Above: Muslims on their way to an InterFaith meeting in Canada, hosted by the United Methodists Church.]


[EDL Extra comments on the Vancouver article, 'United Methodists promise to demolish their churches each time a Quran is burned', by Marc Schenker, April 2nd, 2011. (Comments are in red.)]

United Methodists promise to demolish one of their churches each time Quran is burned. [Is that in tandem with the fact that each time a church closes down it is turned into a mosque?]The United Methodist community in the US is promising to stand in solidarity with the religion of peace, each time that one of their Qurans is burned by a so-called bigot, such as Florida pastor Terry Jones. [The ‘Religion of Peace’? Is that like the Nazi Party being the ‘Party of Peace’? This is just embarrassing. Why are people so gullible about Islam? I think many, especially Methodists, want to be gullible. It a kind of turning the other check on a massive scale, mixed with pharasitical piety and the martyrdom complex.] The United Methodists’ promise to tear down one of their churches every time a Quran is burned in the world comes as a show of solidary after the actions of 1000 Muslim men in Afghanistan yesterday. [That is disgusting! These Methodists’ are ‘in solidarity’ with a riot of Muslims who killed 20 civilians.] In response to the burning of the Quran by Jones some 13 days ago, 1000 angry Muslim men murdered 20 UN personnel in a Northern Afghanistan city on Friday. Instead of standing up to this Islamic hostility, the United Methodists’ response is appeasement. [If you give Muslims what they want, then they will acquiesce. NO they won’t! They will demand more and more and more.

Just as killings and riots work for Muslims, especially on Methodists and Leftists, so terrorism works for Islamoterrorists and Muslims generally. For example, when Israel quit Gazza in 2005, Islamoterrorism got worse. Before that, Islamoterrorism had always increased after various acts of appeasement, both in Israel and elsewhere.

Appeasement is a sign of weakness. Indeed it is quite surprising that this has to be said to anyone. Don’t these Methodists remember the appeasement of Hitler or were they appeasers then too? Islamists, Islamoterrorists and Nazis despise appeasement. Again, when Israel left the Lebanon in 2000, the PLO and other terrorist groups took this as a sign of weakness and simply upped their terrorist campaign. We’ve got Israel out of Lebanon, then Gaza, the next obvious step is to get them out of Israel itself. Then onto all the former Abodes of Islam, including Spain?!]

At a press conference yesterday, that was attended by none other than the notorious Reverend Jesse Jackson, Methodist Bishop Walter M. Itty issued a statement that claimed to express solidarity with Islam. [All the dirty Leftists, dhimmis and appeasers together.] In reality, though, the statement claiming solidary with Islam should be seen for what it is: appeasement towards the so-called religion of peace. In the statement, the United Methodists in the US actually promised to tear down one of their churches each and every time news comes that even one, little Quran is burned! If you ask me, the United Methodists are really ripping themselves off because on church is certainly worth a whole lot more in monetary terms than merely one Quran! The United Methodists’ overly politically correct and amoral attempt to appease the so-called religion of peace comes in the wake ofthe massive chaos that occurred yesterday in Afghanistan. In the city called Mazar-i-Sharif, 1000 angry Muslim men wrongfully took out their anger over Florida pastor Terry Jones burning a Quran almost two weeks ago…on a UN compound! [Appeasing Islamic fascism! Appeasing the attempt by Muslims to impose sharia blasphemy law on the whole damn world! Appeasing those who kill to get what they want - not because they are ‘offended’ or ‘insulted’. That’s the excuse. The reality is that because of every riot, every killing, every adoption of an aspect of sharia law in the West, the Islamic bird of prey stretches it talons wider and scrapes in yet more of the planet for Islam. Yet these pious and stupid Methodists want to impose their own suicidal tendencies on the rest of their fellow Christians as well as the rest of the non-Muslim world.] Their Islamic rage killed 20 UN personnel and ended up injuring 100 more—in short, all innocents who had absolutely nothing to do with the Jones burning of the Quran! Thus, the reaction of these ultra-reactionary United Methodists is one of cowardice and appeasement towards Islam. [They should be utterly ashamed of themselves.]

The Brown Exotic, being a little child and of the Class of Oppressed, is allowed to kill for his religion and for his political causes. Only the White Oppressor and the Zionist Oppressor cannot do these things.] Instead of laying down for Islam, the United Methodists should be condemning the terrorist murders of the 20 UN personnel that 1000 Muslim men perpetrated yesterday! However, the United Methodists’ wrong-headed actions are extremely illustrative of the political correctness that is gripping and paralysing too many people. [Much of this is true of a fair slice of the Anglican Church as well. Indeed, much of it is a result of Anglicans and Methodists having a ‘dual loyalty’ to another religion besides Christianity - the InterFaith Religion!] Each time some Muslims commit violent murder, the reaction is not to condemn those Muslims…it’s instead to shift the blame to the weather, or the Dodgers, or, in this case, Florida pastor Jones. To make matters perfectly clear, what Jones did 13 days ago in burning the Quran was not against the law because it’s constitutionally protected. However, what those 1000 Muslim men in Afghanistan did—to the UN that was not even involved in the Quran burning—is beyond the pale since it is an atrocity and a crime against humanity. Thus what should be happening is worldwide condemnation of those Muslims for their murder, not scapegoating Jones for his burning of the Quran. I still believe that everyone, even a Muslim [Trots, some Methodists and some Anglicans think that Muslims, or the Brown Exotics, are children - thus they are never truly responsible for any of the barbarities they commit - this is a new kind of colonialist mindset.], is responsible for his own actions, so the fact that 20 UN personnel were killed…was the fault of the Muslim crowd in Northern Afghanistan, not Jones. I really wonder whether the United Methodists will stick to their promise, seeing as how costly it will be for them.


i) Anglicans have repeatedly said that we cannot call terrorists ‘Muslims’, as did Tony Blair, etc.

ii) The archbishop of Canterbury, in 2005, said that the Western Church has taken ‘cultural captives’ in Muslim or Islamic countries in the past.

iii) Very, very few Methodists and Anglicans have had anything to say about the massive amount of Christian persecution in virtually every Islamic and Muslim country. Christians are suffering, therefore I assume Methodists and Anglicans as well, in the Sudan, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Lebanon, Somalia, the Philippines, etc. Hardly a word! I bet the United Methodists of Canada have said virtually nothing - if anything at all - about these people. Then again, these persecuted Christians don’t kill innocent people, riot and commits acts of terrorism. If you want a job done, then, blow up a bomb and kill loads of civilians.

V) Perhaps this is the theological rational for what the Canadian United Methodists have done:

‘If we do act in the same way as our enemies, we imprison ourselves in their anger, their evil.’ - Archbishop Rowan Williams (2004)

On the other hand, a political, rather than theological, rationale may be supplied by the Anglican Church’s House of Bishops:

‘... an understanding of what is being thought and felt in the Islamic world, together with active steps to address legitimate concerns... a political settlement that meets some of the terrorists concerns...’ - (2005)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *) These Anglicans didn't seem to realise it was an April Fool either (see link below) and neither did any of the people who offered comments under the article I myself responded to (next link after that): That makes me feel a bit better! This is the original from Jihad Watch:

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