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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tommy Robinson on the Blackburn demo and our fight against Nazis/racists

The Speech Ban

The funny thing is that I think I actually experienced the event which Tommy refers to on the video. But I didn’t realise this until I saw this video. I was on the left-hand side at the front fairly near the stage. This guy came up to one of the stewards and said that he was due to give a speech. The steward said that no one else was allowed behind the stage or whatever. This man started to foam at the mouth. Almost immediately. It was almost as if he was half expecting (or fully expecting) to be turned away. In any case, he looked like he was just an inch away from punching the steward - who was just being a steward after all. He started ‘fucking’ and ‘cunting’ but eventually disappeared.

Not long after, all the trouble kicked off. Tommy himself admits to making a quick decision about this guy (if it was him). So not many people knew about it. But this guy is clearly a Nazi; so such quick decisions are understandable. They are more than understandable. They are mandatory. He could have come out with loads of racist or fascist shit during his speech. He might have even given a Hitler salute - which he seems to be keen on. So I can’t see that Tommy went wrong on this. Only those who don’t like the EDL’s anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-violence stance can think Tommy made the wrong decision. But they would think that, wouldn’t they?

The EDL Leadership

To put it at its most simplistic; and perhaps at its most naive: Tommy just comes across as an honest man (on this video and elsewhere). Now I know you cannot accept someone just on the basis on his coming across as an honest and straight-forward (not ‘power-crazed’) man... but it’s a start! For a start, someone from EDL Hartlepool, an actual admin, said to me that Tommy is ‘power and fame mad’ and loads of other shit which I’ve already forgotten. Now, as Tommy himself says on this video, would someone who’s only spur is fame and power risk his life every day at the hands of Islamists (and now Nazis?)? Would someone happily accept that his children are being discriminated against at school - not by Muslim parents (I assume), but by non-Muslim parents? Would he accept his wife crying before every demo and all the other burdens Tommy has to face? These are far worse threats and even far worse strains than any UK MP has to suffer. Perhaps even our leaders are not as much under the threat of death as Tommy. (After all, why would Muslim kill such perfect dhimmis?)

And in response to all this, some far-right splitters and splinterers, perhaps some of them aren’t even far right but are simply jealous of Tommy instead, come out with their pretty pathetic comments about corruption and fame. (Some of the criticisms actually contradict each other. But that won’t matter to these people.) As Tommy says on the video: why don’t they form their own movement/s? Or; why don’t they simply fuck of and do their own thing? Unless they want to be completely parasitic on the EDL’s already-existing fan base and feed off what the EDL has already achieved. Now that would be cynical.

If the real patriots of England don’t buy German Nazism, Italian fascism and racism, then how dare these people try to enforce these things on a group that isn’t Nazi, fascist or racist? You see there is a strong desire by these Nazis to out-patriot the EDL or at least its leadership. In so doing they simply come across as pathetic retards. They think that they’re more patriotic because they’ve beaten up ‘more Pakis’ than Tommy has or because they ‘go mental’ more than the EDL. And because of this basic football-fan fixation, which is fair enough unless it works against the EDL and civilians, they think that Tommy’s really batting for the Luton FC or South East Crew. They think he’s against the North West and the North West. Perhaps they even think he’s against the Midlands and Black Country EDL.

But this isn’t a football match and the Islamists aren’t fans of the Islam FC. No. They’ve got guns, bombs, websites, conferences, councils, newspapers, the far left, etc. to do their business for them. Can we match that with the pathetic squabbles between these cartoon Nazis and the real EDL? No. Only the EDL is, or can be, a match for the massive Islamist menace that faces all of us. The BNP has failed on this front. The other more exotic and tiny far-right groups are not even worth considering when it comes to the fight against Islam and Islamism.

All that’s left, in England at least, is the EDL. And in the full knowledge of this these fuckers find it more fun to have a few school yard tumbles with EDL from the South East rather than building a viable and powerful movement against Islamism! If anything, these Nazis are fitting in perfectly into the stereotype of the EDL which the UAF/SWP has created in order to discredit our movement. Thus they are not only doing the Islamists’ job for them, they are also doing the Trots’ job for them by proving them right after all. But both the Nazis and the Trots are not right about the EDL. And that’s why we will kick these people out of our movement. We have no time for racists and fascists.

So has that sunk into the minds of both Nazis and Trots yet? Actually, I disagree with something Tommy says on the video. He says that he wishes them luck if and when they create their own groups. I don’t. At least I don't if these people really are racist or Nazi - then I wish them failure and defeat. The EDL should fight just as hard against the Nazis as they do against the Trots and the Islamists. The difference is that the exotic and tiny far right is simply not a real threat to the UK. So the EDL doesn’t need to worry about them that much. Unless they try to destroy the EDL and ruin our demos - as they did in Blackburn!



  1. Building up a movement is very difficult. It will always attract a certain crowd of trouble-makers, and the attention of the state, who will infiltrate and sow seeds of division, especially with something like EDL, that comes from the street and therefore isn't something set up in a controlled way. Tommy comes across as a decent guy, and I'm sure he is.

    (I'm not involved in EDL, by the way)

  2. iceland needs an EDL or IceDL cuz thous how want to fight hatred are calld racist cuz sum how fight beside them are!!!