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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The SWP 'Lies for Justice' About the Blackburn Demo

[Left: can you believe that this UAF/SWP arsehead is not trying to be funny? Right: a 'political festival' in which everybody agrees with each other and those who don't are kicked out for being 'racists' or 'Zionists' or something else with 'ist' on the end. Should be a whole lotta fun!]

EDL Extra comments on the Socialist Worker news item, 'Mosques support anti-racist demonstration in Blackburn', by Viv Smith, 3rd April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)


More than a thousand people demonstrated against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Blackburn on Saturday. [No way a 1000 SWP/UAF! Bullshit! I've seen the UAF demo video and there's probably even less than 500 - which is the figure given by every newspaper I've read – including regional ones as well as the Daily Mail (which hates the EDL). Are you 'lying for Justice' again, Viv Smith? In any case. Are you Martin Smith's girlfriend or boyfriend?] Asian, black and white people—the vast majority of them from the local area—came together in the anti-racist event called by Blackburn and Darwen United Against Racism. Unite Against Fascism (UAF), Blackburn Trades Council, Blackburn College Students Union and Youth On A Mission supported it. [Again. I saw the UAF/SWP video of the counter-demo – not a single black person, not even Weyheyman Bennett. The only people who were there were middle-class Trots and local Islamists, with a tiny amount of 'trade union activists' thrown in. No blacks. No Chinese. No Hindus. No Jews (except the Leftist ones who hate Jews and Israel even more than Muslims). As for students, they are obliged to be politically contrarian. It's part of their Middle Class Rite of Passage into extreme Leftism.]

The Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) decided to back the event in the past week, marking a significant shift in the battle against the EDL. [I wonder why these Muslims backed the atheist and materialist SWP/UAF? Ummmm?] It is the first time that a regional body of mosques has backed a counter-protest since the racists started organising in 2009. [That's because they are getting more political – more Islamist. This is what Islamists like the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) have been arguing for in Blackburn. They have been disgusted at the 'conservative' (i.e., non-Islamist) nature of Blackburn's Muslims. Basically, they want Blackburn's Muslims to be as Islamist and militant as they are in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gazza, etc. You know. Kill the kuffar and all that. Fuck 'conservative' Islam; let's have some more kuffar dead bodies! The Blackburn Roads Jihad is clearly not enough for MPACUK and other Islamists.] Under pressure from police and local councils mosques have previously advised Muslims to stay at home.[Well done Islamists! Now they can make Blackburn even more like Islamabad, Afghanistan, Iraq, Gazza, etc.]

So though counter protests have met the racists, they have rarely shown the biggest united resistance possible.[Get to the point Viv. You're talking about Trot violence working in tandem with Islamist violence, aren't you? You Trots share so much with the Islamists that it's no wonder you like it being so far up their arses so much.] That began to change in Blackburn on Saturday. As one local, Zaheer, told Socialist Worker, “We are sick of living under our own imposed curfew while racists run riot.” A thousand people gathered in the city centre in Suddell Cross while hundreds more stayed on street corners to defend their local community. [What about the 'riot' that is the Blackburn Roads Jihad? And what about the Drugs Jihad and the Grooming (Islamic 'booty') Jihad against the kuffar? You fucking Muslim hypocrite!]

Gail and Raymond are a mixed race couple. She comes from Northern Ireland, while he is from Preston. ['Mixed race' eh? Well, if they are both Muslim, that'll be because either Gail or Raymond (probably Gail) had to convert to Islam. That's the Islamic take on the new faith that is InterFaith.] “There is not much racism, we are a diverse community.” said Gail. “We live well together here. The EDL are targeting Blackburn because they want to cause division. It won’t work, we won’t let it.” [Many of the EDL live in Blackburn you fool! Either this person is a fool or she too is 'lying for Justice' – perhaps, if she is a Muslim, it's Islamic taqiyya instead.]

The mood of the protest was angry and defiant. Mulana Rafiq from the LCM led the crowd in a chant, “No to racism! No to fascism!” and said, “We have a common aspiration of making Blackburn welcome to all—we have to stand united.” [No religious group on the planet today is more keen on fascism that Muslims. Millions of Muslims embraced Hitler during the Second World War. Many still embrace fascism as well as Islamofascism. There has always been a cross-current between Nazism/Fascism and Islamism, right back to the beginning of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920s. The Mufti of Jerusalem (good friend of Hitler and many Nazis), is just the most blatant example of the love-in between Nazism and Islamism.]

Martin Smith, national UAF officer, told the crowd, “If we don’t protest, the EDL will keep coming back for more. I’ve just come from Liverpool where the EDL tried to attack a joint UAF conference with the Unite union and the Anthony Walker Foundation. [Isn't that what Trots like Martin Smiff usually do – 'attack' all 'right wingers', not just the BNP and EDL?] “We chased them off. But it tells us what kind of hardcore racist scum they are if they are prepared to attack a meeting organised by Britain’s biggest trade union and a foundation founded after the murder of a black teenager. They are a danger to our whole society.” [You are SMIFFY! You even say yourself that you want to completely destroy Western 'liberal-capitalist democracy'. That's a bit more than what the EDL wants, eh?]

Anti-racists came to show solidarity from across the region. “If you come for my Muslim brothers and sisters you have to come through me first,” Michael Lavalette, independent socialist councillor from Preston, told the crowd to loud cheers. [With former strong connections with the SWP, of course. Actually, scrub out 'former' – this guy's still in bed with the Trotskyist SWP.]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The reality of the UAF/SWP counter-demo. It looks like it had all the vitality of a wet fart! Martin Smiff shows his ugly face at 3:34 - he looks well pissed off. And with only 500 UAF/SWP, if that, it's no wonder! No Trot Revolution will be successful with that sad number, even if some Islamists do help it along.

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