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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sue Blackwell - the Queen Bitch of the UK Anti-Zionist League

[Left: the 'Matrix of Control' - a Leftist cliche about Israel if ever there was one. I think Chomsky invented it. And, because Chomsky is God, brain-dead Leftists simply repeat his words without much or any thought. Right: I'd like to say that Sue Blackwell simply ignores the perverse reality that is Hamas. However, because she is a revolutionary Trotskyist, she more or less supports this group, as the SWP did with the IRA. Top: Sue Blackwell is just about the most perfect Trot you could ever find. Everything about her is pure Trot. From her job (a very-well-paid academic), her monomania about Israel and Zionists, her taste for the Brown Exotic and dinner parties (or, if she's lucky, both together), to even the way she dresses. In other words, she's a Trot fashionista.]

The following is part of a questionnaire between Sue Blackwell and a unquestioning questioner. (Plus EDL Extra chipping in every now and again.) The page is called, ‘FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS About Sue and her Palestine/Israel web page’. It is from her website: SUE BLACKWELL'S PAGES ON PALESTINE AND ISRAEL


Q: Are you Jewish?

A: No. [I’m surprised at that because some of the best haters of Jews are, well, Jews. For example Marx, Finkelstein, Chomsky, and loads of other Trots and Leftists. Incidentally, she mentions here that her 'heroes' are all Jewish Leftists: Marx, Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg.

You see, all these Jews are just Jews ‘on their parents’ side’. That is, apart from blood, they are not Jewish at all! They are not Jewish religiously, culturally or in any other way. And, of course, they also hate Israel. So it what sense are they Jewish (apart from race, which these very same Leftists usually say is irrelevant)? I’ll tell you. They are Jewish when they need to be Jewish. And that’s when they are slagging of Israel and the Jews. Then their pseudo-Jewishness works wonders for the hatred of Jews or anti-Zionist cause.]"Susan" is a Hebrew name (meaning "lily"), but in England it is a very common name for non-Jewish as well as Jewish women.

Q: Are you Arab?

A: No. [But she is ‘more Palestinian than most Palestinians’. Just as a Trot is more working class than the working class and Blackwell herself was probably, as a student, more black than most blacks. Nevertheless, although she isn’t an Arab, she ‘simply adores’ the Brown Exotic and how they blossom and glow under the Israeli apartheid, colonialist, fascist, Nazi, imperialist, system.]

Q: Are you Muslim?

A: No. [She may as well be! Let’s settle for dhimmi or ‘enabler’. Almost her entire political life has been devoted to Muslim supremacy over not only ‘the Zionists’, but every non-Muslim, whether in Israel or in her own Birmingham. They are, after all, the New Oppressed. And it is her duty, as a patronising Trot, to help these poor little infants. That is, she shares much with her colonialist ancestors.]

Q: What are you then?

A: In ethnic terms I am white European. In religious terms I come from a non-conformist protestant Christian background. My parents are still practising members of the United Reformed Church but I no longer regard myself as a Chri stian. I would call myself an atheist [except in front of her many Muslim friends], but I have respect for those aspects of all religions which promote human rights and human dignity . [Marxists, only 30 years or so back, had just about zero respect for all religions. After all, every religion is simply and merely an ‘epiphenomenon of the socio-economic sub-structure’. Just about all Trots and Marxists thought this until they started to patronise the Muslims.] In fact over the course of the last year I have learnt more about both the Jewish and Muslim faiths and my respect for both of them has increased because of the people I have encountered who are putting the positive values of their faith into practice. [What does she learn about the Jewish faith, I wonder? The fact that Jews used to take shit big time from Muslims as well as Nazis? That is, she likes the way Jews used to be before they started to defend themselves. She liked them until they stopped being an Oppressed group she and other Trots could patronise.]

Q: When did you become interested in Middle East Politics, and why? [Because every single Leftist or Trot is ‘interested in Middle East Politics’. It’s either an obsession of theirs or simply a fashion (or both). You cannot be a Trot/SWP without bringing ‘Zionist’ into every conversion. At 'uni', anti-Zionism is quite simply de rigeur - a fashion item.]

A: I'm not sure when I first realised that the Palestinians were an oppressed people, but I remember collecting for a charity called Unipal, a university education campaign for Palestinian refugees, when I was a student at Cambridge. [Cambridge? Where fucking else!] That would have been around 1979. I probably got involved with Unipal through Student Christian Movement, which had good meetings with a lot of progressive speakers, e.g. Bishop Colin Winter of Namibia. [There is a deep-seated hatred of Israel amongst Leftist Anglicans and Methodists (especially those with ‘dual loyalty’ to the InterFaith religion) - she’s probably tapped into that. She is also probably a friend of the Rev Ray Gaston in Birmingham, a fanatic anti-Zionist and open supporter of - and once a candidate for - the IslamoTrot Respect Party.] ....

Q: What do you think about Mona Baker's action in removing two Israeli academics from editorial board positions on journals?

A: The version of the academic boycott which I have signed says: "I can no longer in good conscience continue to cooperate with official Israeli institutions, including universities. I will attend no scientific conferences in Israel, and I will not participate as referee in hiring or promotion decisions by Israeli universities, or in the decisions of Israeli funding agencies. I will continue to collaborate with, and host, Israeli scientific colleagues on an individual basis." See for the full text. [What about ‘institutions’ in North Korea, Cuba, the Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, the Congo, Mozambique and China? Got any problems with these regimes of mass death and state oppression? Not much? Not at all! The only ‘oppressor’ which concerns Sue Blackwell is a country which begins with an ‘I’ and ends with a ‘l’. Everyone but the Palestinians can go to hell; except, perhaps, various Muslims and Islamists here, there and in Birmingham.] Therefore, I try to draw a distinction between institutions and individuals: the target is the Israeli government, not ordinary citizens. Of course it's a slippery distinction, as Mona Baker herself points out: in fact it's impossible to boycott an institution without in some way affecting the individuals who work for it. I take her point, but nonetheless I try not to target individuals as far as possible. So I draw the line in a different place from Mona; all the same I respect her right to draw her own line where her conscience tells her to, and I think the witch-hunt against her is disgusting. [Mona Baker sacked to Israelis from two of her journals. Why? Because they were Zionists or supporters of the Oppressive Israeli State? No. Because they were Israelis. Full stop.

Mona Baker's journals, perversely, deal with ‘cross-cultural communication’. Then again, this cross-communicator would never employ anyone from the EDL, or the Conservative Party, or anyone vaguely ‘reactionary’ or right wing. Oh, I just love that cross-communication!]

Q: But isn't she discriminating against people on the grounds of religion and/or nationality, and thereby breaking the law? If so UMIST is right to investigate her.

A: I absolutely oppose all forms of discrimination on any grounds whatsoever (including those which are not yet illegal such as age discrimination). But, as I understand it, Mona has done no such thing. She is not boycotting all Israeli academics, let alone all Jewish academics; she is boycotting people who are employed by Israeli institutions, whatever their nationality, ethnicity or religion. She is not boycotting, for instance, a Jewish Israeli national who is currently employed in Canada, while she is boycotting an American gentile who is employed by an Israeli university. See her Editorial Statement in The Translator. [What utter bullshit! Israelis are being punished collectively by these Leftists and Islamists. Just as they say Israel is ‘collectively punishing the Palestinians’. The hypocrisy here is rank. What does she think of people who work for Cuban, or Sudanese, or Chinese, etc. institutions? Would she sack them too or is the oppression these states offer acceptable (i.e., Leftist or Islamist) oppression?]

Q: Do you accept that the boycott petition you have signed is a biased one?

A: Petitions, by their very nature, are usually brief and focus on a single issue. All the same I would be happier if the boycott petition included a denunciation of terrorism by both sides. I have signed it anyway because I don't think the violence of the Israeli state - armed with tanks and F-16 bombers supplied by the USA and Britain - can be equated with the violence of Palestinians fighting back against illegal occupation. People who ask me this question tend not to accept this point! [No. It’s worse because Hamas, and all the other Brown Exotic killers she loves so much, deliberately target Israeli and indeed Palestinian civilians. Also, as everyone but a theory-intoxicated Trot would know, the Occupation is a result of the ‘Palestinians fighting back’ (as she euphemistically calls the killing of civilians and the deliberate attempts to stop any peace process). She is so obsessed by - and fixated upon - the crimes of Israel that, because of her Trotskyite theory-intoxication which officially designates the Israeli state as racist, colonialist and even fascist, she can never see what’s right in front of her. Her Leftist brain-destroying theories make her see what she wants to see and what the theories make her see.]

Q: The petition doesn't mention the hundreds of Jewish deaths that have occurred in the violence. A: It doesn't mention the thousands of Palestinian deaths either. [More Palestinians die than Israelis primarily because the Israeli state thwarts the vast majority of rocket attacks and suicide bombs which the ‘Palestinian fighters’ use against Israel. The death count would be more or less equal if this were not the case. Also, the Israelis protect themselves with bomb shelters, etc. Hamas, etc., on the other hand, want their fellow Palestinians to die so that Western gullible Leftists like Sue Blackwell can hype up the anti-Israel propaganda. That’s why they hide amongst their own civilians, use ambulances, fire from schools and houses and even use children as human bombs.] It's a petition - it can't be expected to give a complete analysis of the political situation in the Middle East. The focus is on opposing the atrocities associated with the occupation, and I agree with that so I signed it. I deplore all loss of human life, whatever the race or religion of the victims. [Even dead ‘Zionists’, ‘fascists’, ‘Nazis’, ‘racists’, etc?]

Q: Isn't it anti-semitic to attack the state of Israel, or the government of Israel, in the way you do? [No it’s not. I agree! But being utterly and completely obsessed by the state of Israel, as well as by 'Zionists', to the exclusion of just about everything else (e.g., the Sudan, Congo, mass killings of Christians throughout the Muslim world, etc.) is anti-Semitic. What else could it be? Why hasn’t she carried out such a monomaniacal campaign against the Sundanese genocide against its Christians, animists and even its non-Arabic Muslims? Because it’s not a Leftist fashion like ‘Palestinian suffering’ and the Arafat scarf.]

A: Anti-semitism means discriminating against people because they are Jewish, which is a question of ethnicity and/or religion - usually, but not always, both. I am not an anti-semite; on the contrary I am an active anti-racist as my colleagues, students and friends will attest. I am an anti-Zionist: Zionism is a political philosophy which some people choose for themselves to adopt, just like Thatcherism, liberalism or Marxism. I think it's fair game to criticise people for their political beliefs: people criticise mine all the time! [No it's not like Thatcherism, liberalism or Marxism because anti-Zionism is a single-issue ideology, as I’ve been saying. None of her examples are as monomaniacal as anti-Zionism, not even her own Marxism. Anti-Zionism is a paranoid, psychotic, conspiracy-theory laden disease of the mind which is driven almost entirely, and in most cases, by that good old-fashioned hatred of the Jews.

Sue Blackwell, just because you’re a Leftist who likes dinner parties, 'simply adore' the Brown Exotic and work for Birmingham University, that doesn’t stop you being a Jew-Hater. You don’t have to have a skinhead or have a Hitler tash to be a Jew-hater. In fact, what you need nowadays is usually an academic job at a university, a membership card for the SWP, John Lennon glasses (if you’re a student), etc.] ....

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