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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

One billion Muslims? So what!

Muslims often tell us that there are over one billion Muslims in the world. (They usually say this in response to any criticism of Islam and the behaviour of Muslims as Muslims.)

This is a way of saying:

How can a religion with so many adherents be false or wrong?

Well, how can Communism have been wrong or false when at its height it itself had little less than half a billion adherents (say, in the 1950s and before)? And what about Nazism? At its peak (say, mid-1930s) there were around 250 million Nazis and fascists in Europe and beyond.

So numbers on their own prove neither truth nor righteousness.

But the main point is this.

In Islamic countries, in the last 1,300 years, there has been a essential Islamic tradition which has disallowed all criticism of Islam, the Koran and Mohammed.

Not only that. The tradition of death for apostasy, as well as death for 'blasphemy' (or 'hate speech'?), started with Mohammed himself and still occurs today – see the recent news in Pakistan! That is, in 1,300 years, every Islam apostate was either killed or imprisoned.

We can also add to all the Islamic tradition of forced conversion which was a result of Islamic expansionism/imperialism.

And then there followed the dhimmi status of all non-Muslims in (new) Islamic countries.

What we also have, then, is the lineal progeny of Islam through generations and generations of Muslim families. Millions of Muslim families that never considered, even for one moment, even the very possibility of not being Muslim or changing their faith.

Now tell me that one billion Muslims tells us that much about either the truth or the righteousness of Islam.

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