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Thursday, 14 April 2011

No to Sharia Blasphemy Law in Carlisle! - Defend the EDL’s Andrew Ryan

[Top: firstly, criticism of the Koran is banned. Then we will be forced to read it or at least to attend InterFaith services or courses in Community Cohesion and the Embracing of Diversity: Right: the sort of thing that usually happens if you criticise or burn the Koran. And our judges agree with this? Or are they frightend by the Muslim threats and blackmail?]

EDL Extra comments on the News & Star news item, 'Carlisle man who burned Koran due to be sentenced on Monday'. Report 13th April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

A CARLISLE man who burned the Koran in the city centre will be sentenced on Monday. [Let’s not forget that this man, who was expressing his democratic right to speak out against something - the Koran - he believes to be an abomination, may well receive up to seven years imprisonment for such a tiny offence. If the sentence is anywhere near that, indeed if he is sentenced or fined at all, then that will mean that English courts have effectively incorporated Sharia Blasphemy Law into our legal system.

For that’s what it will be. There have been no similar sentences or prosecutions over the last decades with regards to any other religion. Indeed the press, the BBC, academics, etc. regularly ‘aggravate’ and ‘harass’ Christianity and other religions and have been doing so for decades. Then, all of a sudden, Islam and Muslims are given an extremely special and privileged position in our society. Why is that? Primarily because the courts, the judiciary, councillors, politicians and even journalists are frightened by Muslims and by Islam. And, in a sense, they are right to be frightened. When Muslims have’t got their way in the past, as with the Satanic Verses, the Danish Cartoon, etc., they have rioted, they have bombed and they have killed.

But, as a result of this Islamic system of violent blackmail and threat, we should not appease and we should not cower before Islam. We should hold onto our democratic right to express our indignation at that ‘holy’book, the Koran - a book which endorses and even praises slavery and ‘booty’ (note the Islamic Grooming Jihad of late), mass Islamic expansion, endless jihad, hatred of all Christians, Jews and all infidels, and a general belief that Islam must express itself through violence (subjugation and forced conquest) and jihad.

I suspect the the Carlisle Division of the EDL will be popping along to the Carlisle Magistrates Court on Monday to show its support for Andrew Ryan.

No surrender to the evil Koran.]

Andrew Ryan, who claims to be a member of the English Defence League, ill appear at Carlisle Magistrates Court. [Actually, not only may Andrew Ryan be punished for daring to have a negative opinion of the Koran or Islam, he may also correspondingly be punished for being a member of the EDL. Think of the gross and extreme sentences which have been placed on other EDL members recently. Think of the man who cannot demonstrate or even access an EDL site for ten years. Think of Tommy Robinson who went to court for defending the right of the English people, and their millions of war dead, not to be abused by extremist Muslims. (And Tommy is actually due back in court. Can you believe that?)]

Ryan, 32, of Summerhill, London Road, as pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated harassment and theft of a copy of the Koran from Carlisle Library. [No doubt his guilty plea to ‘religiously aggravated harassment’ is a legal matter. However, we know that the Koran itself surpasses anyone and anything in its level of religious aggravation and harassment of each and every person who is not a Muslim. Not only that, the pure hatred of all kuffar or infidels is also systematic in that pernicious and nasty book. And yet, in order to insure Community Cohesion and appease the god of political correctness, it is possible that Ryan will become another sacrificial lamb on Monday.

It is up to the EDL in Carlisle, and everywhere else, to show the courts that any repressive punishment of Andrew will not weaken our movement; it will strengthen it. It will strengthen it tenfold.

No surrender to the implementation of Sharia Blasphemy Law in the English legal system.]

The court previously heard he set fire to it on January 19.


  1. Carlisle and Cumbria Divisions will be in attendance as will divisions from the north east i urge anyone who is free and nearby to come to carlisle to support Andy you will recieve a very warm welcome N.S.E.

  2. Shared this to other blogs. Fascist hypocrites! Unlike USA, we have no protective first amendment(free speech) but the Democraps - Liebour equivalent - are systematically trying to destroy the US Constitution.

  3. free speech is under attack here in america too. unfortunately most of my friends would not believe this story if i told them.