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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Jack Straw prostitutes himself for the Blackburn Muslim vote... again!

“Labour politicians have cultivated the ‘community leader’, the modern-day equivalent of the village chief, whose unique selling point is that he can bring in the vote of the particular ethnic subcategory he belongs to, be it by fair means or rigged postal votes. Jack Straw’s Blackburn constituency typifies this type of Indian subcontinent politics. Here Adam Patel was raised to the peerage in 2000, with an unwritten brief to deliver the Indian Muslim vote. He has used his influence to insulate mosques against anti-Labour sentiment and protects his master’s 9, 000 majority." - Faisal Bodi, in the Guardian

(Don’t misread this passage from Faisal Bodi. Bodi is an hardcore Islamist with strong connections with many Islamist groups and, even worse, the Guardian. He is not speaking out primarily against Labour-Muslim corruption, and certainly not against a lack of Muslim integration, etc. He is an Islamist. He is saying, quite simply, that Blackburn’s Muslims should be corrupt and in bed with Islamist groups and parties instead - not with New Labour. After all, not only is Straw a kuffar, who supported the Iraq war and even dared to to say bad things about the Islamist clothing item, the burka, but he is even partly Jewish!)


EDL Extra comments on the Lancashire Telegraph news item, 'Blackburn protests "will not split the community" - Jack Straw', 4th April, 2011. (EDL comments are in red.)

JACK Straw believes Saturday’s protests will damage the English Defence League – not community relations. [That is, Jack Straw, the Jew-boy and Zionist, according to many Muslims, as well as according to Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) (at least until their anti-Semitism escapes their Islamist circles and goes kuffar public), wants to damage the EDL by what he’s rather impotently going to say.

This man really is the epitome of a career politician. He always has been. He always will be. Despite his strong political conviction to his own political career, he otherwise comes across like a rather limp dick - but perhaps his image consultants suggested that to him. In any case, I think he’s only partly Jewish, some distant relative or something. Problem is, do Muslims like MPACUK think that he’s got enough Jewish blood to make him an Evil Zionist or even just an old-fashioned Evil Jew?] The Blackburn MP also told of anger at the estimated £1million policing bill, which Malcolm Doherty, chairman of the Lancashire Police Authority, said would be a problem for the cash-strapped force. [Did he say the same about the many student demos that have occurred recently, especially the two that ended in mass riots? I doubt it! Has he ever said the same about the many demos against the Iraq war, against cuts in public services, in support of socialism or the Labour Party? What about the Jarrow March? Did that cost too much? Oh, I forgot. These were all Leftist demos and causes therefore it doesn’t matter, to Straw, how much they cost.

This position was explicitly stated by Bradford Council Leader, Ian Greenwood, a couple of weeks ago, about the cost and democratic legitimacy of the EDL demo in Bradford last year. He literally said that demos against the Iraq war, to support public services, etc. are fine and dandy, but any demos which dare to express views which he is at odds with should, quite frankly, be banned. What a true democrat. I don’t think so.

Isn’t it funny how all these true democrats draw the line at all things they see as ‘right wing’ - fox hunting, EDL demos, the BNP doing anything, etc. If you are a true democrat, you don’t suddenly become an anti-democrat towards all the things you disagree with. That makes you a non-democrat at best and an anti-democrat at worst. But we all know that so many on the Left, not just the Far Left, aren’t true democrats at all. They are democrats in the simple sense that if British democracy can give them power and help them affect socialist change, then they’re all for it. If it doesn’t contribute to these things. Then they’re all against it.] Mr Straw predicted EDL support would fall, adding: “My great anxiety was that the protest could spark off problems that would set back all the efforts everyone has been making for a long time. [Is this man for real? Why doesn’t he know that the last four or more EDL resulted in zero arrests as far as the EDL was concerned? Perhaps he does know. Perhaps, like the SWP/UAF, he is ‘lying for Justice’.] “If there were more than 100 members of the EDL from Blackburn with Darwen in that protest, then I will eat my hat.” [Eat your fucking hat, you slimy bastard! We had 2,000 or over: a large number of these must have been from Blackburn and area. Ha! Ha! The UAF/SWP, on the other hand, had 500 or less. Why not eat another hat for that failed prophesy as well?]

Mr Straw said the EDL was guilty of ‘outrageous self-indulgence’ and it had been ‘intent on violence’, not the peaceful protest the group had promised. [Free expression, through demonstration, a ‘self-indulgence’? We can see where this shrunken dick is coming from.] Mr Straw described the massive police operation as ‘completely necessary’, but said there was anger at the EDL over the cost. He said: “If you got change from a million pounds you’d be lucky. [Democratic expression and debate costs! Get used to it, Jacko. Or is this the wrong kind of democratic expression?] “That there was so little trouble is a testament to the police who have built up relationships so carefully over the past decade.” [They certainly have ‘built up relationships’ with Blackburn’s Muslims. So much so that they don’t fully investigate the many Muslim hit-and-runs which have resulted in non-Muslim deaths. As for the prosecution of Muslims because of this. Well, that would ruin Community Cohesion in Blackburn, and that’s more important that the lives of white working class individuals whom not only these Muslim Roads Jihadists seem to despise, but Straw, being New Labour, clearly also despises.]

Mr Straw said if the protest hadn’t been in the town centre, police may have lost control. “The original plan was to hold the protest in a park, away from the shops,” Mr Straw said. “But the police only have the power to impose conditions, not ban them from where they want to protest.” Police authority boss Coun Doherty said costs of the event were ‘a problem’ at a time when the force was facing massive cuts. [Perhaps there are other things we should cut back on rather than EDL demos. In any case, if you ban or stop EDL demos, what do these people think will happen? Any ideas on this, Jack? Why not cut the funding Community Cohesion projects, asylum centres, etc. instead? There are always a multitude of economic choices to be made. There’s always money in the pot for projects the Government (and Jack Straw) think are worthy projects.]

He said: “That means that something else doesn’t get paid for, and that’s the problem." Salim Mulla, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, praised police and the council. He said: “Everything went to plan and the fact there were no major incidents, and that the EDL were frogmarched in and frogmarched out, means that there will be no lasting effects on community relations.” [‘Frogmarched’! You arrogant disgusting Islamist! Who the hell do you think you are talking about the English people like that?]


i) In 2003, the then Labour junior Foreign Office Minister, Denis MacShane, dared to say that Muslims weren’t doing enough to counter Islamoterrorism in their own communities. This predictably outraged the Muslims in his Rotherham constituency and elsewhere. So the Labour Party decided to punish him on behalf of Muslim voters. He was told to apologise to the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain (both part of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is Hamas). The reason this happened was not primarily to do with MacShane’s critical remarks towards Muslims in Rotherham and elsewhere. - This is where Jack Straw and his Blackburn’s Muslim votes come in. At that time, in 2003, Straw was having problems securing Muslim votes because of Iraq, etc. Well aware of this, the Labour Party, and Straw himself, realised that if they punished MacShane, and were seen to punish him by Blackburn’s Muslim votes, then there was a good chance that Straw could save his skin in Blackburn. That is why they forced Denis MacShane to bow down to the Muslims of the MCB, MAB and all the other Islamists and Muslims who had stuck their noses into this sad business.

ii) In 2002, when Jack was foreign secretary, he blamed 'British imperialism' for most of the problems in the Muslim or Islamic world. In 2005, he told the United Nations General Assembly that Muslims invented mathematics (sorry Pythagoras, etc.!) and the ‘digital age’. That is not only a gross piece of sycophancy towards Muslims, it is also blatantly false!

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  1. How can politicians save a million quid per demo? By representing the people.

    If they did their job and didn't sell every out there wouldn't be any demos.

    Send Jack Straw the bill.