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Friday, 22 April 2011

Halifax councillors want demos against the 'cuts' and the Iraq war - not against Islamism

[Top: a very small and understated mosque in Halifax.]

EDL members and demonstrators have been called 'unwelcome visitors' in Halifax. Don't these councillors realise that the EDL has strong support in Halifax? Just look at past EDL events in Halifax. Look at Halifax EDL Division FaceBook page.

But, actually, these people do know that Halifax has its own EDL. But they need to pretend that all EDL demos, in every town and city, are full of EDL 'outsiders'.

This is strange. It is impossible because that would mean that all EDL members do not belong to any cities or towns because at every single one of them they have been called 'outsiders'. You know, as some black people are called in our towns and cities.

As I said, though, these Leftist or careerist councillors know that most of the EDL were from Halifax. But that wouldn't work in their propaganda campaign against the EDL. They must pretend that the EDL is from Nowhere and thus this establishes its bogeyman image. Or so these propagandists of Leftism, Community Cohesion and Diversity, and therefore of Islam/Muslims, think.
EDL Extra
comments on the Halifax Courier new items, 'Extremist’ groups condemned by our community leaders', 22nd April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

Councillors have echoed the tough stance from the people of Calderdale on last weekend’s unwelcome visitors from the English Defence League.

Our page one story on Wednesday highlighted concerns from Halifax MP Linda Riordan, the police and council officials over the demonstration which attracted a heavy police presence and brought chaos to the town centre. [But most councillors, not even only Leftist ones, do believe in demos. Ian Greenwood (a Labour council leader at Bradford Council), for example, explicitly stated that he was in favour of demos against the Iraq war and 'cuts'. He's not in favour of EDL demos, however. He thinks that they should be banned.

So this crap about 'chaos' simply means that the EDL demo was the wrong kind of demo – which is proved by the few arrests in Halifax and the many EDL demos with zero EDL arrests.]

Council leader Coun Janet Battye brandished a copy of the newspaper at a full council meeting and said the authority totally agreed with the sentiments.

She said communities got on well in Calderdale and people had respect for each other. [What a pathetic and empty statement! It's like saying that all the people of Halifax like eating food.]

“Working with our partners we will protect Halifax from troublemakers and ensure everyone can enjoy our towns without fear of intimidation or crime,” she said. [More soundbites.]

“We will not allow any of our communities to become the focus of extremist activity, which threatens residents or visitors.” [Except when the 'extremists' are Islamists, Muslim clerics, imams, Muslim groomers, Muslim drug-pushers, etc.]

Meanwhile the Halifax Asian community has distanced itself from the Muslim Defence League which was involved in last weekend’s disturbance.

Mohammed Idris, general secretary of Madni Mosque, Gibbet Street, said it was the first time he had heard of it.

“To our knowledge no members or organisations in Halifax are part of the MDL,” he said.

“We have no idea where those people came from.” [That may be true. He may never have heard of the MDL. But he will have heard of the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain, many Islamist or fundamentalist Muslim clerics, many Islamist organisations and publications, etc.

These groups are more of a threat to England than the MDL. The MDL average age is about 20. It has no position of real political power. The 'grown-up' Islamist orgs, groups, etc., on the other hand, have immense power over Muslim communities and also over the UK Government. Not only that. Just like Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood generally worldwide, these Islamist groups are working tirelessly to gain more Sharia law in the UK, whereas the MDL prefers to act hard in front of the EDL. That's about all it does.]


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