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Monday, 4 April 2011

Fellow Sikhs Try to Force Guramit Singh To Bow Down To Islam!

[Left: how much time has the InterFaith religion, and these Sikh leaders, spent discussing the Muslim Brotherhood? The MB has millions and millions of supporters and as been of vast importance in the Arab and Muslim world since the 1920s. One of its off-shoots is Hamas, another is the Muslim Association of Britain. The MB may well take over Egypt in the near future, as well as some of the other Arab countries which have just had their 'spring revolutions'. The answer to that original question as to the time spent on the Muslim Brotherhood by the InterFaithers is: probably no time at all. Still, why would anyone want to upset the general pure niceness of the average InterFaith meeting?]

EDL Extra comments on the Pickled Politics post, 'EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit Singh faces excommunication by global Sikh authorities', by Jai (almost certainly a member of the UAF/SWP-run group, 'Sikhs Against the EDL'), 4th April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)


Further to the recent joint statement by multiple British Sikh and Hindu groups condemning the English Defence League (EDL) and any Sikhs who support them, the EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit Singh has been given an ultimatum by the Sikh signatories involved: He must publicly renounce the EDL by the end of the major Sikh festival of Vaisakhi on 13 April 2011. [This is all part of that same brainwashed, sometimes self-brainwashed, movement and religion that is InterFaith. One giant attempt to whitewash Islam, Muhammed and even the Koran and portray them all as pacifist and lovers of freedom. What obvious crap! These Sikhs are exactly the same as the Anglican and Methodist members of the InterFaith religion; to say otherwise would be racism or culturalism. They too are either frightened of what Muslims may do if people upset them too much, or of how the EDL and others may smash the myth of Community Cohesion, Embraced Diversity and Multicultural Nirvana. Thus these Sikh leaders are becoming outrageously political in order to save the InterFaith nicey-nicey version of Islam.

What is InterFaith? It is glorified but hidden Islamic da’wah. The movement is all in one direction - from non-Muslims to Muslims. Fair enough, every now and again a Muslim may need to grin and bear it when he hears people teaching about their own religions. But despite that, the investment in InterFaith is paying the Islamic religion huge dividends - as this scenario with Guramit Singh shows.

What right has any religion got to ban someone from the faith because of his political convictions? It could be said that if the EDL were Nazi and racist then that would be fair enough. Other religions, like Protestantism and Catholicism, give short shrift to most Nazis and most racists. But the EDL is neither racist nor fascist. These Sikh leaders can’t now say, as the Left and other InterFaith leaders do, that,

Well; the EDL is really racist and fascist. It just doesn’t admit to being so.

You can’t base decisions like this on what you think the EDL ‘really is’. It must be based on actual and real evidence. And if you look at the EDL website, forum, videos, news items, directives, its ‘Mission Statement’, etc., you will immediately see that none of these things are either racist or fascist. Again, you cannot base such extreme decisions on what the InterFaith movements have said, or what the UAF/SWP and Searchlight have said about the EDL. All these movements have hidden revolutionary agendas, and the InterFaith religion has its own political agendas as well.] Failure to do so will result in the matter being formally escalated directly to the most senior global Sikh authorities at the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar, India, who will be requested to issue an excommunication order to permanently expel Guramit Singh from the worldwide Sikh faith. [I’m curious as to what Indian Sikhs will make of this particularly English state of affairs.] As an ultimate sanction, this could result in him being formally declared a pariah to be ostracised by the world’s entire Sikh population, including being formally stripped of his right to be called a Sikh, along with being permanently banned from every Sikh temple in the world. [That’s terrible! And all to save Muslims any ‘offence’ or ‘insult’ - the usual endless complaints from Muslims.] ...... In complete violation of core Sikh tenets, Guramit Singh has been heavily involved in the EDL’s persecution of ordinary Muslims en masse whilst explicitly representing himself as a Sikh and claiming to be acting in the name of Sikhism [Has Guramit said that he’s ‘acting in the name of Sikhism’? I’ve never heard him say that.] , including deliberately modifying & grossly distorting sacred verses by the Sikh Gurus in order to “inspire” EDL members present during his foul-mouthed public speeches demonising Muslims, Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. [Is that like InterFaith Sikhism ‘deliberately modifying and grossly’ changing Islam in order to make the family of InterFaith happy again?] Guramit Singh’s excommunication would therefore be entirely in line with historical precedents during the time of the Sikh Gurus along with the temporal authority permanently bequeathed to the Khalsa by the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. As recently discussed on Pickled Politics, it has also been confirmed that one of the EDL’s founders is a convicted criminal for downloading child pornography... [This is terrible stuff! This is politics having got a firm stranglehold of Sikh leaders. One single individual in the EDL, not a leader or even a regional organiser, was convicted of pornography offences. There are a handful of paedophiles in every 100 or so members of the British population. The EDL has over 80,000 followers and supporters. Of course some of them are paedophiles! Some Sikhs will be paedophiles. Some Sikh leaders will be paedophiles. What the hell has this got to do with the EDL and what it believes? Why are Sikh leaders being so blatantly political here? Is the InterFaith religion so important to them? Is Islam that frightening to them? Have they been brainwashed by UAF/SWP, Searchlight or that UAF/SWP-run Sikh group that appears at their counter-demos?] Latest press release Varinder Singh, an organiser of the ‘Sikhs Against the EDL’ campaign [I’ve just mentioned this SWP/UAF-run group.], has issued the following public statement in the campaign’s latest press release....

Examples of propaganda by the EDL’s Guramit “Singh” As one of the EDL’s most high-profile spokesmen, Guramit Singh has been at the forefront of the EDL’s ongoing attempts to whip up hostility towards Muslims en masse. [No! Against Islam, not Muslims ‘en masse’! That is a lie. Yes, in the case of Islamists and militant Muslims. No, in the case of the ‘conservative Muslims’ of Blackburn, for instance, whom the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK), an Islamist group, despises for being weak and moderate.]

As previously discussed on Pickled Politics, this includes giving a public speech in December 2010 which contained the following expletive-laden propaganda slandering Islam, the Prophet Mohammad, Muslims and Allah (the video of his speech is available on Youtube):

“I’m going to tell you precisely right now what threat of Islam is. Muhammad and Islam is not a religion… Muhammad was a paedophilic pirate… Islam, in not just this country but around the world, has been using their disgusting threat, their threat has been going on for 1400 years, “if you do not bow before Muhammad and his so-called Allah, you are to be beheaded”… Hitler had fuck all on Muhammad. [All true! All true! Its unpalatable nature to Sikhs and Leftists/liberals doesn’t make it any the less true.]

"The Koran and the Hadiths is written in Arabic. Muslims are not allowed to be taught Arabic in the mosque. Muslims are told, “do not question what your Imam says, although they don’t even know what the Imam’s saying, because the Imam’s just a “Allah, fuck it”. Stick your Allah up your arse, you cunt. Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em. I’m not being funny, fuck em. I may get arrested for this shit, but fuck em, fuck em, I’m not having it, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em.” [Again, all more or less true. I notice that this blogger doesn’t even bother saying why Guramit’s words on Islam aren’t true. Is that a simple case of - all religions, by definition [by his definition!], simply must be nice and good?]

As a result of his appearance on the BBC’s Newsnight during a documentary about the EDL in February 2011, Guramit Singh is on record as publicly referring to Islam as “evil” [It is - and that’s also a religious viewpoint.] and expressing vehement hostility towards the religion as a whole, not just extremist interpretations of the faith (ie. “militant Islam”). [Not the InterFaith ‘interpretations of the faith’, eh? Not the taqiyya interpretations of the faith? Not the deceitful ‘progressive’ and Islamist interpretations? Perhaps this blogger should spare some time to actually learn about the reality he is pontificating about. Look at Pakistan, Iran, Gazza, Iraq, the Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, southern Thailand and the Muslim Brotherhood that’s about to take over Egypt if Europe’s leftists and liberals don’t get their thumbs out of their arses and ears.]

Due to a speech he gave at an EDL rally in November 2010, Guramit Singh is also on record as publicly attempting to exploit sacred verses by Guru Nanak (the founder of Sikhism) exalting women by first quoting the verses concerned, then deliberately paraphrasing them to change their meaning and connect them to the EDL, and finally engaging in yet another vicious expletive-laden diatribe demonising Britain’[As every religion does. As every religious person does. Why can’t Guramit do a bit of paraphrasing too? After all, this blogger ends with his own quoted paraphrases of Islam and Sikhism. But that’s fine. They are painting a positive picture of Islam. That’s politically correct and allowed by the InterFaith religion.]...

Furthermore, as a result of his interview during the BBC Asian Network’s documentary “Who’s afraid of the EDL ?” in December 2010 (in which he also claimed that there is no difference between Islam and “militant Islam”) [that is different from denying the difference between Muslims and Islam], Guramit Singh is on record as using his Sikh background to justify his hatred of Islam by publicly making the historically & theologically false claim that Sikhs have been trying to “protect the world from Islam for 300-400 years”. Sikhism’s real stance towards Islam, Muslims and Allah. [In other words, a whole load of acceptable paraphrases, interpretations and distortions of Islam in order to serve the InterFaith agenda, and therefore to serve Islam. I could do exactly the same with selected quotes and distortions from Hitler’s Mein Kampf or even from Hamas’s Charter.

As I don’t know anything about Sikhism, admittedly, I won’t comment on what follows. However, I do know about Islam. I know more than enough about Islam. And what I know won’t be changed by the InterFaith version of both Islam and 'Sikhism’s true brotherhood with Islam', just as I take the Islamic taqiyya phrase ‘we are all Abrahamic faiths’ with a pinch of salt.] ....


  1. So now, not only do we have stupid Jooos, we have stupid Sikhs and stupid Hindooos!! After the recent massacre of Hindus in India which doesn't get a mention at all!

    No one can stop Guramit being a Sikh and they certainly can't excommunicate him! What a bunch of morons; borrowing stuff from one faith to apply to another. Retards!!

  2. This is a link to a BNP site, however it's a list of Labour party members involved in child pornography People in glass houses such as pickled politics really shouldn't throw bricks

  3. Your a cock mate !!

    You should read over what you have writtern. You have contradicted yourself big time.

    You cunts are too bloody thick !!

    And by you cunts I mean EDL CUNTS.

    1. I'm a 'cock' - what does that actually mean, Waheed?

      I contradict myself 'big time'. Really? Is that why you don't point out how I do so?

      All this 'cock' and 'cunt' stuff. Is that you being 'hard'? Whether you are hard or not doesn't bother me in the slightest. Is that also why are you're fixated on genitalia? Is it because you are pretty thick and can't offer an argument or can't do debate?

      So many of you young Muslims are obsessed by sex (or rape and abuse) and being hard. No wonder so many of you are backward - the pretend hardness and 'street language' makes up for your degeneracy and mental backwardness.