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Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Flintshire Chronicle swallows every word of Martin Smith (SWP/UAF) on the EDL and its demo in Deeside/Shotton


[Top: the violent Martin Smith(UAF/SWP) being very violent in Birmingham (against two Birmingham shoppers - not against the EDL); just in case The Flintshire Chronicle wanted to know what kind of man they were quoting and indeed trusting on the EDL. This man is even on record for having physically attacked 'fellow' Trots (more than once) for not being doctrinal Trotskyist fundamentalists like himself.]


EDL Extra comments on The Flintshire Chronicle news piece, 'English Defence League supporters plan second Deeside demonstration', by Mark Dowling, April 7th, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

CAMPAIGNERS for far-right group the English Defence League are planning to hold a second protest ‘against militant Islam’ in Deeside next month.

Plans have been unveiled on social networking website Facebook for the demonstration, scheduled for Saturday, May 21, in Shotton. [Does this mean that the The Flintshire Chronicle has spies on its staff keeping an eye on EDL Facebook pages? It seems so.]

Although the protest – organised by the Deeside ‘division’ of the extreme group – is yet to be deemed an official one by the EDL, members from Chorley and Blackburn have already indicated they are joining the march. [Who says the EDL, or this division, is an ‘extreme group’? The Flintshire Chronicle? Well, what that usually means, or what usually happens, is either a regional newspaper comes to that conclusion that an EDL group, or the EDL itself, is ‘extreme’ because other regional newspapers have called them ‘extreme’ (or ‘far right’ - which is the same thing).

Either that, or it relies, in the typical way that thick and/or lazy regional journalists do, on what far-left groups have to say about the EDL, such as the revolutionary UAF/SWP, or the Communist Hope Not Hate or Searchlight.

Why would a regional journalist rely or even trust his own judgement when he can rely on Trotskyists or Communists to give him the pure objective truth on the EDL? He’s got better things to be doing, like earning more money or paying more visits to the pub.

This reliance that regional journalists have on far-left groups like UAF/SWP is actually quite depressing. Sometimes they even quote these groups without acknowledging who the quotes are from. At other times, they use UAF/SWP, Searchlight, ‘data’, ‘evidence’, etc. without suspecting it even for a single moment.

I simply don’t understand these regional newspapers. Why, on one hand, do they think that ‘the far right’ is evil personified; and yet they jump into bed with revolutionary Trotskyist/Communist groups and even rely on them for information? Are regional journalists really that naive or are they just plain thick? Either that or they are sympathetic to these far left groups in that their-hearts-are-in-the-right-place kind of a way]

More than 100 EDL supporters marched through Shotton town centre in January to protest against Flintshire Muslim Cultural Society’s (FMCS) plans to build an Islamic cultural centre at the site of the old Shotton Lane Social Club, which was later burnt down by arsonists. And organisers are keen for an even bigger turnout this time.

Graham Bishop, the creator of the EDL Deeside division Facebook page, said on his website that the aim this time is for ‘a peaceful protest against militant Islam and to spread the word that Deeside doesn’t want a mosque/learning centre’.

He added: "We want to stop the spread of Islam in our town before it gets chance to grow." [And if The Flintshire Chronicle knew, or tried to find out, even the slightest thing about what’s happening in the Islamic world, what’s happened in Islamic history, and what has happened to all those who’ve got in the way of Islam, as well as its relentless 1, 300-year-old Jihad, then perhaps it would understand, even if just a tiny bit, what the EDL is doing. No. Instead, all they can say is that the EDL is ‘far right’ or ‘extreme’ and then regurgitate information passed onto them by revolutionary Leftist groups.]

FMCS is currently looking at alternative sites in Flintshire to base its centre. [That old Muslim chestnut or piece of taqiyya. They’ve played that game in Dudley. That is, these Muslim and Islamic groups claim to be 'looking for alternative sites’ - all until the uproar and outrage quietens down. Then these Muslim organisations do exactly what they planned to do all along. So let’s not let this happen in Dudley either!]

Also planning to attend next month’s demonstration are Chester-based members of new far-right group the North West Infidels. [‘Far right’? This is like crying ‘wolf’ all the time. What if, one day, one of these groups is genuinely far right but no one believes newspapers like this because they tar all critics of Islam with that brush?]

Community leaders have spoken of their anger and disappointment at the news of the EDL’s second march. [Can anyone tell me who or what ‘community leaders’ are? Does anyone elect these people? It seems not. Do white people/non-Muslims have them too? It seems not. So do only Muslims have them? Do all Muslims in ‘their’ communities see them as their community leaders or are they really self-designated ‘community leaders’? Why should people outside the communities of these community leaders pay them any attention whatsoever?]

Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami told the Chronicle: "This organisation represents anger, bitterness and division. [No. Islamism, much plain Islam, militant Muslims, the Islamic Drugs Jihad, the Islamic Grooming Jihad, Islamoterrorism, enforced halal, Muslim self-ghettoisation, etc. - they ‘represent anger, bitterness and division’. And that’s why the EDL will be protesting in Shotton.]

"Their presence in Deeside has no positive contributions and I would urge the good people of this area to reject what they stand for." [If the EDL is so irredeemably bad, then why does this MP need to ‘urge’ anything? Similarly, why do politicians and councillors like him want to ban the EDL? Is it because they are afraid that loads of their constituents and voters will actually sympathise and agree with what the EDL stands for? Are they frightened of democratic freedom being used ‘in the wrong way’ - to support the EDL and its fight against Sharia law, the various Islamic jihads against the non-Muslim communities in our country, etc?]

Shotton Town Council chairman John Beard said: "I am appalled that they want to bring these people here for another protest – what good will this achieve? [As always, these career politicians and jobsworth councillors are assuming, or pretending to assume, that all the EDL who will protest will be ‘outsiders’, as it is always put. Yet all those counter-demonstrators who come, usually from SWP London or the Home Counties, along with those trade union leaders spending their members’ money on their own political fetishes, are never classed as ‘outsiders’ because they are outsiders who believe the right kinds of thing.]

"The fear is they have been here before and shortly afterwards we had trouble with the Shotton Lane Social Club fire."

Shotton councillor Dave Evans said: "Last time we had the protest there were people here saying we did not need these people here. [There they go again. The EDL are not from Shotton, not from Birmingham, not from Dudley, not from Luton, not from Bolton, not from Bradford, not from Leicester... You get the picture yet? At every demo the EDL has had, local journalists, councillors, etc., have said that the EDL are ‘outsiders’. This effectively means that EDL members are from nowhere or perhaps from Mars. This is also strange because it stinks of local xenophobia. But, then again, you can be xenophobic against white working class people, can’t you?]

"There was a lot of anger about what was going on." [Which Martin Smiffy (UAF) will do his best to exploit, make worse and then use for his own revolutionary purposes.]

Campaign group Unite Against Fascism’s spokesman, Martin Smith, added: "We don’t know which organisation is really behind this as it’s unofficial, but this group is only helping to create further tensions within Shotton. [Now there's a real ‘outsider' - Cockney Martin Smiff. But that's OK. Now there’s a genuine extremist and a far leftist revolutionary (SWP). But that's OK. Now there's a man who has been arrested for violent offences. But that's OK again. The Flintshire Chronicle can happily and ignorantly quote this violent, extreme Leftist and not even feel the slightest bit hypocritical.

Far left. Good. Far right. Bad. The sad thing is, the EDL is not far right anyway. Yet Martin Smith, and his UAF/SWP, admit to being Trotskyist revolutionaries who want to destroy ‘capitalist democracy'.

Is every member of the staff at The Flintshire Chronicle thick or just gullible?]

"I think it’s time to say ‘enough is enough’." [If Martin Smith had his way, the whole right wing would be told that ‘enough is enough’. He would ban everything and everyone to the right of Pol Pot. He would love to build gulags - but that would be after the SWP/UAF policy of ‘no platform’ had been implemented on everyone and every group that was not far left... or Muslim/Islamic. That’s the kind of person The Flintshire Chronicle seems to trust.]

North Wales Police Superintendent Dave Owens said: "We are aware of the planned action and will be speaking to the organisers between now and May 21 with a view to minimising any disruption to the community."

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