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Friday, 8 April 2011

Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia, 2011: Confronting Anti-Muslim Hatred in Britain and Europe

Even the title of the title of this conference is ideologically loaded as well as presumptuous. It is called ‘Confronting Anti-Muslim Hatred in Britain and Europe’. Most people who are anti-Islamist are not ‘anti-Muslim’. The EDL, for example, is against Islamism and militant Muslims, not against Muslims. Then again, the phrase ‘anti-Muslim’ works well ideologically and conjures up all sorts of things which these people want to conjure up - racism and the indiscriminate hatred of all Muslims. Which leads me to the word ‘hatred’.

Why ‘hatred’? Can’t someone have a problem with Islam, the Koran or the actions of Mohamed without hating Muslims or indeed hating Islam, the Koran or Mohamed? Perhaps our attitudes are entirely logical and reasoned. Indeed considering the daily death-toll of the Global Jihad, the Islamobombings in the UK, US and Europe, as well as the long history of Islamic expansionism (imperialism), it is not a question of hatred at all but one of survival or self-protection.

Still, all these gimmicky IslamoTrot phrases do the job politically. Who needs gulags or sharia law when such soundbites can effectively frighten off all but the brave from daring to criticise Islam or Muslims?

The fusion of Islamism and Trotskyism, which is on display here and will be fused at the actual conference, means all that is cynical, corrupt and psychotically ideological about Leftism and Islamism is mashed together to come up with the IslamoTrot concoction that is bound to poison British society and ultimately may even destroy it.

And then there’s the location of this lovefest of peace and incense. Not exactly a neutral or even an academic venue, is it? It’s like a far-right group (therefore not the EDL) holding a conference in the ruins of the Berlin Bunker while still claiming not to be Nazi. No surrender to the Islamists and their Trot/Leftist ‘enablers’!


The Speakers at this IslamoTrot Conference

Speakers include: Professor John Esposito – George Town University, USA [This man is seen by many Muslims and Leftists as the true non-Muslim expert on Islam. That’s because he is almost completely uncritical of Islam and uses the clichés that militant Islam and Islamism are ‘distortions’ of ‘real Islam’ (perhaps he knows Prince Charles). Indeed some commentators have noted that as time has gone on, he has become progressively less and less critical of Islam. Is that a result of increased knowledge of Islam or the fact that he has many Muslim friends and works for many Muslim and Islamic organisations? You decide.]

Tony Benn – Veteran anti-war campaigner [Posh boy, ex-public school, neo-colonialist*.]

Mehdi Hassan – New Statesman [This Islamist once referred to all non-Muslims as 'ignorant cattle’, which is exactly in line with what the Koran says. By anyone’s standards this man is a hardcore Islamist. Or, perhaps more correctly, he has embraced the new ideology of IslamoTrotskyism, as also embraced by Salma Yaqoob (who’s also at this conference).]

Dr Robert Lambert – European Muslim Research Centre [This man’s whole academic career is devoted to saying positive things about Islam and Muslims and very negative things about anyone who dares to criticise Islam or Muslims - he calls every such critic 'Islamophobic’. He’s an academic at at Exeter University and writes frequently for the Guardian, as do many Islamists and Islamophiles (or dhimmis). He specifically teaches at the University of Exeter’s well-known (to Leftists and Islamophiles) Department of Leftist Indoctrination and Islamophilia, along with the massively objective lover of all things Israeli, Ilan Pappe.]

Peter Oborne – Daily Telegraph [Another posh boy, ex-public school, neo-colonialist in the tradition of Prince Charles and the 19th century 'explorer’ and Islamophile, Richard Burton.]

Azad Ali – Islamic Forum of Europe [Part of a disgraceful group that has effectively turned Tower Hamlets into an Islamic Republic - or perhaps a Muslim fiefdom.]

Liz Fekete – Institute of Race Relations [The invention of 'Islamophobia’ as an example of 'race hate’ has meant that Liz has more cash in her pockets at the end of the day and also has a secure future, career-wise. Before the Institute of Race Relation told them, most Muslims didn’t realise that they constituted a race. In fact, in the old days, Muslims were very pleased to tell all non-Muslims that Islam embraces all races (but not Jews).]

Seumas Milne – The Guardian [Another Leftist posh boy, ex-public school, neo-colonialist. Also an hardcore Stalinist who claims that only five people were killed by Stalin. This man’s lifetime’s aim has been to destroy the ‘capitalist system’ that gave him such a privileged upbringing and just about all the privileges he still has. I don’t know why. Perhaps his ‘nanny’ smacked his botty too many times.]

Salma Yaqoub – Respect [I shall not speak at all of the Devil.]

Dr Kamal el-Helbawy – Former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman [The Muslim Brotherhood - ‘Practising Islamoterrorism Since the 1920s’ - but also keen to use Western democracy in order to destroy Western democracy, a bit like Seamus Milne, Salma Yaqoob, Respect, George Galloway, etc.]

Dr Laura McDonald – Birmingham University [Another Birmingham University Islamophile (dhimmi) academic, along with the monomaniacal 'anti-Zionist’ Sue Blackwell. Posh academics 'simply adore’ the Brown Exotic and ‘fucking hate’ every 'white’ Israeli.]

Marwan Muhammad – Collective Against Islamophobia in France [But not a member of the Collective Against Judeophobia in France. Far from it, he probably also supports Hamas.]

Lindsey German – Stop the War Coalition [Another Leftist posh person, former SWP Central Committee (yes, 'Central Committee’ - how pathetic!). She once hated all religions but came to realise (circa 1990s) that Muslims, especially Islamists, were more willing to destroy Western democracy than the working class of the UK.]

Dr Daud Abdullah – British Muslim Initiative [Member of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation and offshoot, the Muslim Association of Britain (as is Hamas). However, these aspects of his CV are never mentioned by the Guardian, who employ him as part of its large Islamist Collective. He supports the nice Hamas to the nth degree.]

John Rees – author, Imperialism and Resistance [I’m not sure if he’s yet another posh-boy Trot (ex-SWP, now Counterfire), ex-public school, etc. But he probably is. However, he’s certainly another neo-colonialist who’s so far up the arse of Islamism that the Islamists have even allowed him to present anti-Zionist historical-docs (on the Islam Channel) on how uniquely evil Israel is when compared to the sweetness and light of the Sudanese Jangaweed, the Pakistani Deobandi, and even the Taliban and Hamas.]

Lez Levidow – Campaign Against Criminalising Communities [Except the EDL and the white working class communities. She’s all in favour of criminalising them because they hate Trots and Islamists.]

Mohammed Ali – Islam Channel [Where he shares his sandwiches with the materialist and atheist, John Rees (see above).]

Sabby Dhalu – One Society Many Cultures [Also a spokesperson for Unite Against Fascism, which is also part of the Socialist Workers Party. She’s pretty dim though.]

Rizwan Hussain – TV presenter [A photogenic Muslim, probably. Why isn’t the Sun’s Anila Baig at this conference? Not Islamist or Trotskyist enough!]

... And last, but not least, Chris Nineham [He's not even mentioned on the list but he's this conference's compare. And guess what. He another posh boy Trot, ex-public school and now in the SWP's Central Committee.]


*) I use the term neo-colonialist for two reasons. One, most of these Leftist posh boys probably have forebears who ruled the British Empire and were therefore ‘colonialists’.

Two, these people have resurrected a kind of colonialism. Instead of talking about ‘foreign Johnnies’ and ‘the white man’s burden’, they invert such things and patronise or ‘simply adore’ the Brown Exotic. Is is exactly the same kind of racist and colonialist mindset they are supposed to be against. They patronise rather than belittle. But both the original colonialists and the Leftist neo-colonialists treated and treat the Brown Exotic Muslim as a child. In the first instance, a child who should be punished for being a bad child. In the Leftist case, a child who mustn’t be punished because he is not responsible for he does - even if what he does is blow innocent civilians up.

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