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Friday, 1 April 2011

The EDL Will Never Surrender Blackburn!

[Left: MPACUK wants Blackburn's Muslims to become more 'extreme' - more Islamist! 'More extreme'?! Right: Like this? Like the 'Blackburn Resistance'? No really. They are basically buffoons like Choudary and MAC. MPACUK wants to use Western democracy, as the Muslim Council of Britain, etc. do, in order to destroy Western democracy.]

Blackburn and the Rise of the Islamists

Blackburn has it all. Even its Muslims have noted the extreme Islamic ghettoisation of Blackburn. But that's because some of them, such as the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK), think that Islam should be spread to everyone and everywhere. They would argue, correctly, that this is what Muslims have always believed and what they should believe.

Blackburn's Muslims have managed to sack local politicians for not towing the Muslim - or even the Islamic! - line. Christian schools have been taken over and been turned into Islamic schools. Churches have been turned into mosques. Halal slaughter and produce are rampant in Blackburn, as it is all around the North West and all over England.

Then there's the Grooming Jihad, the Drugs Jihad, the Islamist (Political) Jihad as well as the Military Jihad (remember the 'Blackburn Resistance' above?). There is one victim of all of these various Islamic jihads – the kuffar or the infidel or the non-Muslim. In the Grooming Jihad case, it is young girls who are the victims; they are usually white, but sometimes they are brown (Hindu and Sikh). The Drugs Jihad gets its supply primarily from Islamic Pakistan and Islamic Afghanistan. This jihad is aimed mainly at the white working class. The Islamist Jihad is being waged by MPACUK, Muslims Against Crusades, the Muslim Council of Britain, Engage, the Muslim Council of Mosques, the Muslim Association of Britain and a whole host of other groups and organisations which run websites, put Islamic conferences on, take over schools, put up stalls in Blackburn's town centre, etc.

In other words, the Islamic Jihad is relentless and takes on many forms. This is no surprise considering the fact that Muslims have had over 1,300 years practice. The Jihad will not stop until Blackburn, then the North West, then the whole of England, then Europe is in 'the hands of Allah'. Anjem Choudary and MAC are honest about this. Most Muslims are not – not even Islamists like MPACUK and the Muslim Council of Britain. Thus, almost by definition, these organisations are far more dangerous than buffoons like Anjem Choudary and his little street gang of little Islamists.

What About the EDL in All This? So it is a pain to hear that many EDL already seem to be getting bored – at least of its demos. The Islamic Jihad has been going on for over 1,300 years and is still going strong. The EDL has been going for just under two years and some EDL are already getting bored. How fickle is that? We have a massive war on our hands and just because EDL demos are no longer violent, some part-time or fake EDL are getting bored and beginning to form more 'hands-on' offshoots. If these people want change in the EDL, then they should speak to their regional organisers who will in turn speak to the EDL leadership. (There are some more direct links with the leadership.) If they have a problem, suggest alternatives and then discuss them. Make the changes, in other words, but only under EDL authorisation. After all, this is a political movement of massive proportions, not a drinking club or football gang.

For those that want a fight - then they're sure to get one in the future when things may well get very bad in Blackburn. Where will these impatient EDL be then? Smoking their pipes or tending their allotments? As MAPCUK has made clear, the war will be brought to us by Muslims themselves. We have no need to start the violence. We don't want to start the violence. MPACUK thinks it's going to happen no matter what the EDL does.

And that's why they demand that Blackburn's Muslims get their house in order by becoming more political – more Islamist! They want Blackburn's Muslims to get rid of their 'conservative Muslim' leaders and mosques and bring about a quiet revolution towards Islamism. Then Muslims will then be ready for any 'riots' or battles, as MPACUK put it. Thus, on MPACUK's prophesy, things will get worse for non-Muslims in Blackburn but better for Muslims - but only if its Muslims effectively become Islamists who are prepared to 'fight' not only the EDL, but also the police and of course the Government. MPACUK has explicitly stated all of this and have said that this is where it hopes Muslim Blackburn's will start going.

So if MPACUK is to be believed, things in Blackburn are almost certainly bound to get worse for non-Muslims – which includes Sikhs, Hindus and blacks. These Islamists, amongst many other types of Islamist, have promised the patriots of Blackburn a fight. And it will happen. More and more young Muslims are turning to MPACUK's brand of Islamism. And thus the water in Blackburn is almost bound to heat up in the future.

This is nothing new in Islam. For over a thousand years certain or many Muslims have become 'conservative' or 'un-Islamic' only to be severely reprimanded by a new breed of young Islamists - or whatever they have been called in the past. Islam has always had its MACs and its MPACUKs – especially when Muslims have lived in the Abode of War (Dar al-Harb) – such as Blackburn.

So, no; the EDL demo in Blackburn to tomorrow won't slay the beast of Islamism in one go. And it may not be that exciting for the few fake EDL-ers who just turn up for a scrap. But this is still the beginning of a counter-jihad that is becoming stronger and stronger by the day. After all, the EDL is still less than two years old. Those EDL who are already complaining either aren't true EDL, or they simply haven't got the brains to put all this in context – historical context.

Things may well be moving too slowly for those who can't see the big picture. However, it can be guaranteed that things will improve for England's patriotic non-Muslims – but only if the EDL, and others, never surrender and never stop fighting the Islamist (as well as the 'enabling' Leftist) menace.

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  1. without the EDL who is going to keep the muslim scum off our streets