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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Brighton: the SWP/UAF wants to ban the EDL outright, and then pontificates when it reacts like this...

[Top: Simon Englert, the author of the Socialist Worker piece. He looks like an archetypal student Trot. Isn't he even a tiny bit self-conscious about being a cliche in flesh? These Trots, true haters of the working class, always go on about the EDL all having 'skinheads' and wearing 'hoodies'; yet they have their own uniform, which is as regular as any military uniform. Right: Trots for the Brown Exotic killers Hezbollah. You can kill, you can bomb, you can be sexist, misogynist, fascist, racist, etc. - just don't do any of these things and have white skin at the same time.]

EDL Extra comments on the Socialist Worker Online news item, 'Racist EDL attack Brighton UAF meeting', by Simon Englert, 12th April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

The racist English Defence League attacked a Brighton Unite Against Fascism (UAF) meeting of over 40 people on Tuesday of last week. [This had been said loads of times on EDL Extra. When the SWP uses the prefix (that’s what it’s become) ‘racist’ in front ‘EDL’, they do it literally every single time it is written. That is no exaggeration. That's how the SWP works. They know that propaganda is everything. They no that repeating something enough times, it doesn’t have to be a lie but in this case it is, then that something, or that lie, will sink deep into the brain of the readers of Socialist Worker - especially if they are brainless and gullible middle-class students who will believe anything as long as it makes them more ‘revolutionary’ than the ‘average Joe’, the ‘man on the bus’, the ‘people in the pubs’ or ‘those on the estates’. Truth in Revolutionary Trotskyism is an absolute irrelevance. What matters is being revolutionary and, most of all, being seen to be revolutionary.

When it comes to lies, outright propaganda, cynical alliances (with Muslims, etc.) etc. the SWP is far, far worse than the ‘traditional’ main parties. Yet the SWP sells itself on not being like the traditional parties. That’s right! The SWP is worse - much worse. It lies more. It is more obsessed with power and propaganda. It is far more cynical and opportunistic. Indeed all these things make up the essence of Trotskyism. Trotskyist leaders pride themselves on their macho ‘any means necessary’ approach to politics.

For example, the SWP/UAF was on the streets of London the other day defending Islamofascist burqa-wearing women, some of whom had their faces covered with the Arabic words from the Islamic Black Flag of War (which basically calls for the death of all infidel institutions and all infidels - including gullible or opportunistic Trots).]

On the platform were representatives from the local anti-cuts group, campaigner for the rights of Gypsies and Travellers as well as a Labour Party member. [It doesn’t matter if they were representing Great and Good causes because Trots only use Great and Good causes to further their own middle-class professional and student revolution. These aren’t acts of selfless devotion to ‘the people’. Trots use other people to further their cause. They even use other Trots to do so.

As for Labour Party members, people should realise that many New Labourites still see themselves as being part of a Leftist ‘broad church’ which includes the SWP as well as Communists. They are basically at one over the ‘ends’ they all want to bring about (whether the destruction of the ‘hideously white’ working class or the empowerment or enabling of Muslims). It’s just that Trots, New Labourites are forced to admit to themselves, do tend to like violence and ‘simply adore’ violent revolution. Apart from that, ‘their hearts are in the right place’ (as a Bradford clergyman said about the SWP).]

Around 30 EDL supporters protested outside the meeting—and tried to force their way in. Some came from as far away as Portsmouth. [If the SWP/UAF believes in banning or destroying the EDL, then it simply has no right to complain about these actions by the EDL. What sort of reaction does it expect from a group it would deny the right to democratically express itself? Why should the EDL, or the many, many other groups and individuals the SWP would deny a ‘platform’ to, bow down to hardcore Trotsksyist anti-democratic totalitarianism?

First the SWP would ban the EDL.

Then it would ban all members of the ‘far right’ generally.

Then it would ban the right wing of the Conservative Party...

Then the Conservative Party. Full stop.

Then they’d eventually get to work on Searchlight and Hope Not Hate’s Communists.

Finally, they would do the same to fellow Trots like Workers Liberty, the Revolutionary Communist Group, etc.

Or, even worse than worse, Martin Smith will get to work on Chris Bambery (as he has done), until there’s no one left but the SWP Central Committee. And even in this case, the ‘CC’ will really run by run by the SWP’s Little Stalin (that may already be the case)...

All these things have happened many times in history, especially when Communism has been the example.]

They were held back by UAF security and the people attending the meeting.

Despite the shock of being attacked by a bunch of “Sieg Heiling” thugs, the meeting continued. [Considering the fact that the SWP is prepared to ‘lie for Justice’ (which means lying for the SWP), and the fact that it lies for Justice all the time, then the accusation that EDL members were ‘Sieg Heiling’ must to be taken with a pinch of salt. Nothing these people say can be trusted. As another Trot, Norman Finklestein, put it: ‘As a Leftist, it’s not a bad thing to lie.’ (He also said the same about plagiarising.)]

Brighton has become a place of defeat and humiliation for the EDL. At their last protest here they were outnumbered three to one. [The SWP/UAF has been outnumbered at every EDL demo! At Blackburn, the EDL had 2,000 and over. The SWP/UAF had a paltry 500 or less - this can be clearly seen on YouTube videos.]

The meeting was a reminder that as we fight cuts, we must also stand against racism and confront fascists wherever they organise. [The SWP has always ‘fought cuts’. It has always talked about the ‘crisis’ or the ‘final capitalist crisis’. Every year, or even twice before every breakfast, the SWP cries ‘crisis’, just as it cries ‘cuts’, ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’. They do this because

The worse it is [or it is seen to be] by the rest of us, the better it is for the SWP.

The SWP thrives on crisis, cuts, etc - real or imaginary. Without hell and depression, or the fake versions of these things concocted by the SWP itself, this group wouldn’t get anywhere. And that’s why it hasn’t and still doesn’t get anywhere - because the ‘crises’, 'racism’, 'fascism’, 'the Age of Austerity’, etc. are not real. And because most people realise that the SWP is lying for Justice again, they ignore its calls and the party itself.]

Simon Englert


  1. Completely self-cleansing! Hah! The useful idiots always go first!

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