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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Blackburn: Jack Straw, the Trots, the InterFaithers and Islamists against the EDL

[Left: Jack Straw when he was a blatant Communist. Top: Straw as an appeaser of Islam and perhaps still slightly Commie (hence the appeasing).]

EDL Extra comments on the Lancashire Telegraph article, 'United we can defeat the EDL', by Jack Straw, 7th April, 2011.(Comments are in red.)

IF you’d seen what I saw, the last doubt you had about the real purpose of the English Defence League invading our town last Saturday would have gone in a flash. [Many EDL that day were from Blackburn, Mr Straw! Did they ‘invade’ the town as well? That’s pretty hard to do if you actually live there.

Also, why isn’t Straw stating the same thing about the UAF/SWP? Were they all from Blackburn? One of their leaders who was there, the violent Martin Smith of the violent UAF/SWP, is certainly not from from Blackburn - he’s from Hackney. I tell you, that accent of his certainly isn’t a Lancashire one. Then again, Jack Straw himself was shipped into Blackburn to do his job years ago (in 1979 - he was from Essex then, I think)). But none of this matters.

What matters is who the invaders are. If they are EDL - that’s a bad thing. If they are Leftists, asylum seekers and Muslims - that can only be a good thing for Blackburn.

Isn’t it strange how xenophobic these careerist politicians and councillors can be when it comes to the EDL and the white working class?

And that's another reason why Jack Straw is not against Leftist invaders like the UAF/SWP. He used to be a Commie himself at Uni (as you do). He was even investigated by our security services. Now I don’t think he’s a pure Commie now. But that initial revolutionary zeal which they all have at university, and sometimes a little beyond, has stayed with these Labourites - and even the posh Fabians are pretty fired up at times. They can’t quite shake off that Communist/Trotskyist desire to fundamentally change society - but especially to fundamentally change the white working class - if not destroy all that is ‘hideously white’ about it (as the Guardian once put it).]

Thirty or so EDL thugs running from the shopping centre to go into the mainly Asian area of Whalley Range. [‘Asian area’? Does he mean Muslim area? And does he also mean that it is their area and their area alone? You know, like the Islamoghettoes New Labourites claim don’t exist. Then again, the IslamoTrot Salma Yaqoob once claimed the streets of city-centre Birmingham for Muslims when she ranted, ‘Whose streets! Our streets!’ After that, the Muslims claimed the streets of Birmingham and went around attacking every kuffar they could find. Not attacking EDL! All EDL were at the other side of the city centre when these acts of mini-jihad were going on.] It took mounted police officers, and a large group of officers on foot and in vehicles, to head them off. Had there not been such a large and well-organised police presence I dread to think what the consequences would have been. [What? Like what happened in Birmingham - as I’ve just said?]

For sure, the EDL would have got what they came for – serious trouble, extensive national publicity – and great damage to the town’s reputation. [‘Serious trouble’? Is that why there have been no EDL arrests at the last four or so EDL demos? Not only that. But other demos before that occurred without EDL arrests. However, at Bolton, for example, UAF/SWP arrests far outnumbered EDL arrests. But you won’t hear Jack talking about that because the extreme and violent far-left SWP/UAF is part of the same ‘broad church’ to which he belongs. Indeed, when he was younger, he was a straight-down-the-line Commie. Full stop. Nearly all Labourites were. And that’s partly why they still haven’t shaken off their Communism/Trotskyism or their sympathy for the SWP/UAF, etc.]

In the event, the day was a PR disaster for the EDL. [You’d know about PR, Mr Straw. You are just about the worst and most blatant career politician we have in England. All you care about is your career as a politician. That’s why you assuage Islamism, defend Muslim self-ghettoisation, are soft on Islamoterrorists in the UK and, last but not least, why you join in the unthinking Leftist and Islamist chorus against the English patriots of the EDL.]

Credit for what happened (and did not happen) must go first, and above all, to the Lancashire Police. [By praising the police he is securing his career and selling himself; which is behind just about everything this proven liar and hypocrite both says and does.] Second, to the organisers of the multi-faith counter-demonstration who were determined to ensure that folk were not provoked by the EDL. [It wasn’t a ‘multi-faith’ counter-demo at all. It was run and controlled by the UAF/SWP - and Jack the Liar knows this. There may have been a few InterFaithers there doing their bit for Islam and the death of Christianity. But even these gullible Anglicans and Methodists are effectively controlled by the SWP/UAF at these counter-demos against the EDL.]

But there’s a much wider point. Both the police, and the counter-demonstration organisers, had a solid foundation on which to build. [What the fu** does that mean? It sound like a New Labourite’s soundbite. Oh. It is a New Labourite’s soundbite!] Often unseen, and unsung, there’s been a sustained effort over the years better to bring the two sets of communities in the borough together. [More empty shit! More vote collecting. More parading to the media. More Jack Straw being Jack Straw.]

Every day last week, whilst the town was being turned into a fortress, the ‘Discover Communities’ Group were running a series of conferences at King George’s Hall to build better relations across the different faiths and heritages. [Yes. They always seem to do these conferences when the EDL is due to do a demo in their town or city. And when the EDL go. Then many Muslims get back to their grooming, gangsterism, drug pushing or joining militant Islamist groups. And the InterFaithers get on with congratulating each other about how pious and interfaith they are as well as slowly giving up on Christianity to embrace, more fully, the new religion that is InterFaith instead.] 1,500 children from nine of the borough’s 12 major secondary schools attended during the course of the week. [No matter how nice all this sounds, superficially, it’s all based on lies and little gimmicks which hide the harsh realities which people like Jack Straw and the InterFaithers simply refuse to face. That is, the problems of Islamism, the Drugs Jihad, the Grooming Jihad, the self-ghettoisation of the Muslim community and, in Blackburn’s case, the Roads Jihad in which Muslims have killed non-Muslims and tried to get away with it. No InterFaith meeting or council gimmick will hide these realities.] Some were from mainly Asian schools, some from mainly white schools, some from mixed. [But the questions the EDL are raising have nothing to do with race or ‘Asians’ or ‘whites’. They are questions regarding the behaviour of a lot of Muslims acting in tune with their religion - Islam. This has nothing to do with ‘Asians’ - not Sikhs, not Hindus, not blacks, not Chinese, etc. Militant Muslims and Islamists, that’s who.] They came together to learn about and from each other – and from two former terrorists (from opposite sides) from Northern Ireland, now good friends. [And your point is, Mr Straw?]

Our area has faced, is facing, more profound demographic change than most. [‘Profound demographic change’? That’s a euphemism for Muslims taking over districts of Blackburn. It’s a euphemism for the self-ghettoisation of Muslim communities. It’s also a reference to the introduction of Sharia law in Blackburn both today and certainly much more so in less than ten to twenty years. But that won’t matter to Career Politician Straw. He’d have retired by the time his dhimmi policies have born full fruit.]

Yes, problems come with it. But they are being tackled – by ‘Discover Communities’ and many other groups, backed by a population which knows that the EDL has no answers whatever.

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