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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A single person complained about Guramit Singh's speech at Peterborough

EDL Extra comments on the Peterborough Evening Telegraph news item, 'EDL leader will not face police probe', 9th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

ONE of the leaders of the English Defence League (EDL) will face no further police action after being arrested following their controversial march in Peterborough. [Why was the EDL demo ‘controversial’? Because Muslims or the SWP/UAF said it was controversial? The EDL took it as a simple expression of free speech with no violent intent; as was proved by the lack of arrests. This is what most of the local shoppers also thought about it – the free expression of very important views. The Peterborough shoppers looked neither scared nor putout by the partly-static demo. They even cheered some of the speakers and chatted with lots of EDL members. God knows what happened at the other end of the city where UAF/SWP, Islamists and fat cat union money spenders congregated in order to tell the people of Peterborough that the EDL was in their city to rape and pillage everyone and everything.]

Guramit Singh (28), from Nottingham, was arrested on December 21 on suspicion of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress. [How could that be when there were no Muslims in the vicinity? I didn’t even see any Muslims amongst the shoppers. Muslims were either at home or being patronised by Leftists at the counter-demo. This was unlike the Islamist poppy burners who deliberately targeted the Remembrance Day celebration and even had the monumental sickness to interrupt the two-minute silence. They were indeed out to cause ‘harassment, alarm and distress’.]

The arrest came after a member of the public complained about the content of Mr Singh’s speech delivered outside Peterborough Magistrates’ Court during the EDL protest on December 11. [But that’s so easy to do. Anyone can complain for any ulterior motive. It was almost bound to be a member of UAF/SWP or, less likely, a Muslim.

So is that all it took? A single member of the public – was it Martin Smith or Weyman Bennet?]

Mr Singh’s speech was heard by around 1,000 EDL supporters, who took part in the protest, as well as hundreds of shoppers. [So why did only a single person complain when there were so many shoppers at the EDL demo? Incidentally, there was also two-minute silence at the Peterborough demo. And a single person amongst the shoppers tried to ruin that as well. The shoppers were disgusted and chased him off. He was probably a UAF/SWP plant.]

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: “Following a detailed police investigation and advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, he has been released with no further action.”

Mr Singh was not available for comment but fellow EDL leader Tommy Robinson said: “We are pleased the charges were dropped - there was nothing in them.” [Thank God there was no charge; just days after the poppy burners were fined the traffic-violation amount of £50 – which was clearly pure tokenism on the part of the appeasing judge.]

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