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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Searchlight & the SWP: Plague on Both Your Houses!

[Left: Nick Lowles, who looks like a ex-choirboy and still lives with his mum. Right: what the macho SWP loves (it gives them giant Leftist erections and helps 'radicalise' Muslims and students); and what Nick Lowles doesn't like. His mum would worry. He prefers Revolution the boring Stalinist way.]

EDL Extra comments on the Viv Smith article, 'Searchlight's theory of 'tribes' won't defeat racists', from Socialist Worker Online, 9th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

Muslims are demonised for every ill in society. We are told that they refuse to fit in, don’t speak enough English, don’t adopt British values and harbour extremists. [Pure empty rhetoric. But rhetoric is not always empty. We all love rhetoric with substance. But SWP-speak is always pure and empty rhetoric. For example, ‘Muslims are demonised for every ill in society’. What the fuck? Muslims are not blamed for the common cold, or for the increased price of bread. They are not even blamed for some more political problems such as the power of European law over the UK.

However, to the SWP, Muslims aren’t to blame for any ill in society. That is because the SWP cannot criticise Muslims ever. That is an explicit SWP policy. It goes like this:

Critical but unconditional support for all Muslims.

That sounds like I have contradicted myself because that statement mentions criticism. But not so fast.

What’s the point of being critical, even fiercely critical, if that criticism, or support, is still unconditional? The unconditionality of the supports defeats the object of all or any criticism.

In addition, any criticism SWP makes of Muslims, Islamists or Islam, will only ever be internal – at SWP local meetings or within the Central Committee (yes, the SWP has a Soviet-style Central Committee!). This means that SWP members and leaders will be explicitly warned to never voice their criticism of Muslims to anyone outside the SWP gang. This is because any criticism would ‘simply feed Islamophobia’ against the Brown Oppressed – and the Brown Oppressed must be supported - and used - at all times.]

Nick Clegg made a speech in Luton last week, supposedly to defend multiculturalism against David Cameron’s attacks. But even this ended up criticising Muslims. [Crime! Oh crime extraordinaire! Burn him at the Marxist stake!] Clegg referred to a new report, Fear and Hope: The New Politics of Identity, released by the anti-fascist organisation Searchlight. [Which the SWP hates because it is Communist. The Trots hate the Commies with a passion; and vice versa. This has been going on for almost a hundred years. (The Leftists fought each other on the streets of Germany as Hitler gained more and more power. Not only that. Many Leftists thought that Nazism was a definite prelude to a Commie state - 'first black, then red'.) More passion and energy is used up, especially by the Trot SWP, criticising the Communist Party, etc., than by slagging off the Labour or Conservative parties. (In addition, Workers' Liberty features the sins of the SWP in almost issue of their newspaper.)

They like to pretend that it’s all doctrinal. It’s not. It’s all about two centres of power vying for yet more power. It is two sets of Marxists fighting over the same bone. And to think that these people say that the EDL is such a threat (to Leftism and Islamism) that the SWP is prepared to jeopardise that fight by slagging off the Communist Party (and its vehicle – Searchlight).]

It is based on a survey Searchlight commissioned from the polling company Populus. This polled a cross section of the British population on issues of race, identity and nationhood.

Its results confirm a worrying rise in Islamophobia and anti immigrant sentiment.
But Searchlight uses the results to justify the strategy it outlines for tackling Islamophobia. [When Searchlight should be tackling Islamophobia in the SWP manner. That is, with lots and lots of street violence – any kind of violence really. Only violence can radicalise Muslim youth and thus lead them to further the Trot Revolution. Really!]

The report argues that Muslim extremism is the same as the racism and extremism of the far right. It describes Muslim extremism as acting as “drivers and recruiters for the far right”. [But of course the SWP doesn’t think that Muslim extremism is in fact extremism. Why is that? Because every Muslim in the UK is a member of the Class of the Oppressed. And because they belong to that class, they simply cannot be extreme. They can only be Victims. Victims of capitalism or whatthefuckever. So even when the SWP recognises Muslim extremism, it cannot criticise it because Marxist theory disallows that. The Oppressed can kill en masse, as with Hamas and the Janjaweed, but still never be held responsible by Viv Smith and the SWP. This is a sick and hypocritical theory. But the SWP thinks it works to radicalise and further their Revolution. So ‘lies for Justice’ are good.]

It announces the launch of the Together Project—a new campaign that will organise under the slogan, “A plague on both your houses.”

For Searchlight to equate the far right with Muslims is disgraceful. [I agree! The EDL does not believe in terrorism. Anyway, Searchlight was talking about Muslim extremists, not Muslims simpliciter. Yet more SWP empty and lying rhetoric.] It is an attack on the people at the sharp end of racism in Britain today. [Searchlight’s ‘plague on both your houses’ is a complete gimmick anyway. Why has Nick Lowles only just discovered Muslim extremism? Why does he think that only Anjem Choudary and Islam4UK are extreme (thus leaving out MPACUK, MAB, MCB, IFE, the Islamist thugs at Tower Hamlets, etc.)? And there is no comparison to be made anyway.

The Muslim extremists want a complete world-system of Sharia. The EDL is concerned primarily with the Islamisation of England.

Muslim extremists believe strongly in terrorism. The EDL doesn’t.

The EDL accepts and supports parliamentary democracy. Muslim extremists, and the SWP and Searchlight, don’t.

The list of differences is endless.]

The report says that 48 percent of respondents would support the formation of a new party which says it wants to “defend the English, create an English parliament, control immigration, challenge Islamic extremism, [and] restrict the building of mosques.”

But in fact only 21 percent of respondents said they would definitely support such a party, while 27 percent said they would definitely not support one.

The survey’s results show much more contradictory attitudes than you’d believe from reading the report. [Is the implication here that Searchlight is actually attempting to further the agenda of the ‘far right’? The SWP even has sick and pathetic views when it comes to their ‘fellow’ Leftists.]

So, only 6 percent of respondents believe that speaking English well is important for someone to be regarded as British. [For a start, this was a left-wing survey carried out by Populus and Searchlight. In other words, suspect every single word and stat Populus offers.]

And asked how they’d react to the suggestion that, “Muslims are increasingly associated with violence and terrorism”, 49 percent said it is not true.

Another 21 percent said it is true but “unsurprising given actions of the West in the Muslim world” and “hostility displayed towards Muslims here at home”.[Was this survey carried out in Islington or in Martin Smith’s Hackney? Certainly not in Barnsley or any place in the North. You see, stats and stats are all relative to a host of contingent features, as everyone knows.]


But Searchlight’s report attacks the idea that there is an anti-racist majority in society, saying that only 8 percent of society are “confident multiculturalists”.

It argues this by saying that class is not central to British politics. Instead it divides society into what it calls “tribes”, which it says have converged around race and identity.

These are grouped into three categories—Liberal (24 percent), Mainstream (52 percent) and Hostile (23 percent).

And the report considers the mainstream—made up of working class and some middle class elements—to be possible far right voters.

Apparently, this is because they are the most concerned about the economy, immigration and issues of race and identity.

This simply repackages the tired old argument that the working class is more open to racism. [Marxist theory.]

In reality, organised workers have always been the best group to concretely challenge racist ideas. [More Marxist theory.]

Nearly every major trade union in Britain is affiliated to Unite Against Fascism—representing around seven million workers. [Yes, and doesn’t the EDL know it. What a waste of union members’ money. How dare these union leaders, far-leftist ‘fat cats’, use so much money in such clearly ideological, if not a SWP-supporting, ways? Let’s have a workers’ revolution against the far-left fat cat leadership in the unions!]

The working class has been central to fighting racism and fascism from Cable Street in 1936 to the British National Party and the English Defence League (EDL) today. [More classical Marxist history and Marxist theory.] And a common working class identity—based on a shared experience of work and exploitation—still exists. [More theory.] By denying it Searchlight is breaking with that tradition and opening the door to racist ideas. [So Searchlight is racist too? Well, everyone on earth is racist according to the SWP – except the SWP and the Brown Oppressed. The SWP is so pure and so pious.]

It is echoing a right wing Labour agenda—David Miliband has endorsed the campaign, while Jon Cruddas has written a forward to the report. References to “lessons” for the Labour party are peppered throughout. [This is a pure Dave Spart rant. Viv Smith must be a first-year student. Unless he’s simply stuck in first-year-student-leftist mode, which many Leftists never escape from, even with professorships, three cars and £50,000-a-year salaries.]

But as the recession deepens and the Tory cuts hit home, working class unity will becoming even more important. [Theory.]

The EDL announced last weekend that it is discussing forming a political party to stand in elections.

Searchlight’s strategy for tackling racism is disastrous as it caves into the right’s idea that Muslims are to blame for the prejudice they suffer. This is no way to build anti-racist unity. [More empty theory. Basically, Marxist theory says that Muslim can do no wrong. Why? Because they are the Oppressed. That’s why the SWP supports killing-machines like Hamas, Hezbollah and any other Exotic Brown Muslim with a gun or a suicide bomb.

Middle-class colonialist racism has become inverted. Once, the Brown Exotic could do no right. Now the Brown Exotic can do no wrong. Isn’t that the same old racism in trendy Leftist clothes? Especially since the SWP is profoundly racist against the Jews… sorry, the 'White Zionists' (despite the fact that Israel is one of the most multicultural and colourful nations on earth).]

Another strategy is required, one that stands united against the racists and in opposition to the cuts. Both will devastate working class lives, unless we can unite to stop them.

[Finally, why do the SWP members, and the Central Committee, allow Viv Smith to write just about every Socialist Worker article and even every news item? Not very democratic, eh?]

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