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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Reading’s MPs don’t like it when the (white) working class, and the EDL, do politics for themselves

[Left: How dare the EDL do something political which is entirely independent of the Labour Party... and the Conservative Party for that matter? The UAF/SWP doesn't like genuine working-class activism either - unless they're in charge of it! The EDL is doing its bit to shake the working class away from Leftist control. The posh boys of the Left (including the even posher Trots!), as well as the Labour Party, will no longer be allowed to call all the shots.]

EDL Extra comments on getreading's new item, 'Race hate has no place in Reading', by David Millward, March 23rd, 2011. (Comments are in red.)


Three political leaders in Reading have united to condemn a march by the English Defence League (EDL) through the town centre. [So, the political parties can actually unite after all… when there’s Muslim votes at stake! No MP, in a town or city with a large Muslim population, can ignore the Muslim vote. When they have in the past, they have often lost their place in the party.

Take Denis MacShane, who was crucified by New Labour, in 2003, for saying that British Muslims were failing to do enough to counter extremism in their own communities. The Labour Party made him apologise to the Islamist group the Muslim Council of Britain and then to the even more extreme Islamist group the Muslim Association of Britain (Hamas-affiliated!). He still lost his ministerial post. And why did that happen? Because Jack Straw was struggling for the Muslim bloc vote in Blackburn (we’ll be there!) after he had upset some Muslims previously. So he threw the Islamists and the Muslims the corpse of Denis MacShane.

Muslims and Islamists, in 2001, also carried out campaign against Mike Gapes, MP for the east London suburb of Ilford. Why? Because he was an officer of the Parliamentary Friends of Israel; and also, even more terribly, a vocal anti-terrorist.

Then there was Lorna Fitzsimons, then a Labour MP for Rochdale. She lost her seat to the Islamophiliac Liberal Democrats because the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) convinced load of Muslims that she was Jewish; when she wasn’t in fact Jewish. This was in 2005.

On the other side of this filthy appeasement of Muslims, in order to get a chunk of the Muslim vote, take the despicable former Liberal Democrat MP, Jenny Tonge. In order to ingratiate herself even more with Islamists, never mind Muslims, this arch-dhimmi said she sympathised with Hamas suicide bombers. This was in 2004. Ever since then, she’s worn her Arafat scarf with the pride of a gullible fool and a lover of anything Brown and Exotic – even Brown Exotic killers of innocent people. (No Jew is innocent, eh?)

As for Kenneth Livingstone. He’s perhaps the most corrupt and cynical politician, vis-à-vis Muslims and Islamists (as well as before his craze for the Islamist), we have in this country. Too much has been said about that hypocritical scumbag to waste time on him here.

So all this isn’t a case of sweetness and light between the political parties in Reading. It is about the main two parties competing for the same Muslim vote.]

About 200 supporters of the organisation took part in a demonstration against the ‘Islamification of England’ on Saturday afternoon.

Political leaders on Reading Borough Council have accused the group of trying to stoke up hatred and division. [That’s already being done by Islamists and other types of extremist Muslim. It’s also been done by Muslim gangs. In fact, it’s also being done by the SWP/UAF which is stoking up hatred against the patriotic sections of the white working class and well as directing Islamic and Leftist hate towards them.]

The EDL supporters gathered outside the Town Hall, in Market Place, on Saturday afternoon where there was a counter demonstration by about 40 people.

Police turned out in force but there were no incidents and no arrests made.
Reading Council for Racial Equality (RCRE) sent member George Mathew to observe the demonstration after police advised them not to demonstrate themselves.

Mr Mathew said: “We went there with the assumption there would be between 30 and 50 people so we were really shocked by the sheer number of them. [Don’t be shocked! More and more people are getting sicker and sicker about the social experiments the Great and the Good of the Left, New Labour and many others, have carried out on the working class of England. They are now surprised that many members of the working class, and others, have reacted against being treated like guinea pigs in order to fulfil what privileged leftists think is right for this country - but which never touches them personally (hidden, as they nearly always are, in Islington or Islington-esque suburbs). Just as the Fabian movement wanted to experiment on the white working class with eugenics programmes, and other acts of social engineering, so New Labour has carried out the huge experiment that is unrestricted immigration and unrestrained multiculturalism. And it is others, as always, who suffer – not the Leftist social experimenters themselves.]

“It was really scary and there were people around who were trying to do their normal shopping who were shocked by it. For me, the most disappointing, or scary, thing was that there were people who were not part of the demo who came from the crowd and joined them. That was unexpected and it made us feel very uneasy.” [See! A bit of honesty for once. So some ‘insiders’ from Reading actually agreed with the EDL demo and joined it. Not only that. The EDL demo wasn’t made up exclusively of ‘outsiders’, a phrase invented by SWP/UAF and parroted by local journalists and councillors, in the first place. Many in Reading feel strongly about Islamism and sharia-isation. It’s just the MPs, lecturers and professors of the Left, hidden away in the posh parts of Islington or wherever, who don’t experience Islamisation, Muslim gang violence and grooming on a daily basis. In addition, their cocooned existences in Parliament and council chambers, as well as in universities, means that their experiences are fundamentally different to those who really know what’s going on in our country. The Guardian and even the Daily Mirror don’t tell you what’s really going on. They tell you what they think should be going on. And then they lie or embellish and say that it is going on. Either that, or they search high and low for oases of multicultural heaven and Embraced Diversity in order to find examples which will work as ammunition for their ideological battles against a working class which no longer buys such Leftist lies.]

Conservative Reading Borough Council leader Andrew Cumpsty said the town has excellent relations between its varied communities. [Meaningless drivel; if it’s not a plain lie.]

He said: “Hatred and division have no place in civilised political debate and I condemn the activities of this small minority.” [Empty soundbite!]

Deputy council leader Cllr Kirsten Bayes said: “The antics of a marginalised, discredited group such as this have no relevance to Reading. They should go home.” [Many of the EDL demo were from Reading. And, as this article admits, some locals joined in the EDL demo. How does that fit into Kirsten Bayes’ stack of lies about the EDL and what it is trying to say?]

And Labour group leader Cllr Jo Lovelock said: “People who come to Reading with the sole intention of stirring up racial hatred and driving a wedge between different communities must be given a clear message that they are not welcome and their hateful approach will be rejected by all who value tolerance and diversity.” [My God! They’re all repeating what the others have just said. Not because they’ve all ‘united against racism’. But because they are all vying for the Muslim vote in Reading.]

The EDL, which did not respond to messages left by the Reading Post, says it is a ‘human rights organisation’ open to everyone against Muslim extremism.

Supt Stuart Greenfield, Reading’s local police area commander, said the demonstrations passed off without an incident. [So much for ‘stirring up racial hatred’. No one does that better than the Left and UAF/SWP. Indeed, no one does that better than Reading’s Islamists and its Muslim gangs.]

He said: “Our aim was to facilitate the EDL’s right to protest while ensuring that our community could go about its life as normal and I feel that this was successfully achieved.” [And that’s precisely what happened! Another victory for the EDL. Another EDL demo with zero arrests. Yet, despite that, the Left, and the spineless local politicians we’ve just listened to, still want to ban and destroy the EDL. Such democrats! Such haters of a white working class which is attempting to break away from the traditional control that these elitist politicians have had over them. And my God! Don’t these politicians, from all the main parties, hate it when members of the working class do things for themselves?]

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