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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Reading: yet another EDL demo with zero arrests!

[Left: the EDL and the Spiders from Mars visitation of Reading.]

EDL Extra comments on the Reading Chronicle news item, 'EDL protest in Reading', 19th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

AROUND 200 members of the English Defence League came from across the country to demonstrate in Reading today (Saturday).

Members of the controversial group, which claims to oppose Muslim extremism, chanted and waved flags as they marched from the Three Guineas by Reading Station to Market Place, flanked by a heavy police presence. [Why do journalists always say that the EDL ‘claims' to oppose Muslim extremism? That’s like: The EDL claims to oppose Muslim extremism but is really only against Muslims because they have brown skin. Yes? If that what this journalist believes, then why doesn’t he say that instead of implying it? Or will the explicit expression of his biased beliefs about the EDL show the rest of us how little real objectivity this small-time journalist really has?

Also, they never say: The Conservative Party, which claims to support private businesses. 0r: The SWP which claims to support revolution.]

They were greeted outside the Town Hall by around 50 demonstrators, who said the EDL were divisive, dangerous and not welcome in a multi-cultural, tolerant and united Reading. Edward Willis, 25, from Oxford Road, added: "We don't tolerate or want them in our town, they are Nazis and fascists." [‘Not welcome’ in Reading? Urr? What if some of them were from Reading? In fact, many of them were from Reading. What is it with this EDL-demos-are-made-up-entirely-of-‘outsiders’ business? Is it because the SWP/UAF once said it about the Birmingham demos (it wasn’t even true then) and brainless Leftists simply parrot that same accusation again and again.

So where are the EDL from? Not from Rochdale, or Birmingham, or Bolton, or Bradford, or Newcastle, etc. At all of these demos the UAF/SWP and local Leftists have said that the ‘EDL is not welcome here’. The EDL, like Ziggy’s spiders, must be from Mars.]

Some EDL members said they were protesting against the building of the Oxford Road mosque and proposed east Reading mosque but others pointed to wider reasons, such as the building of mosques elsewhere in Britain, and called for more to be done to tackle Muslim extremism.

Among the EDL supporters was founder Tommy Robinson, from Luton, and a 38-year-old builder, from Oxford Road, who did not want to give his name but said he helped organise the protest. He described the Oxford Road mosque as an "absolute eyesore" and added: "We don't want another one being built in east Reading."

Reading police commander, Supt Stuart Greenfield, confirmed no arrests were made [another EDL demo with zero arrests! Yet Ian Greenwood, Leader of Bradford Council, the other week, said that the EDL was a ‘travelling riot’.] and said he was pleased with how the police operation had gone, with more than 80 officers on duty.

He said most EDL supporters had dispersed by around 3pm but stressed officers would remain in the town centre throughout the afternoon.

Reading Borough Council has released a statement condemning the "racist demonstration". Council leader, Andrew Cumpsty, said: "We in Reading have excellent relations between our varied and vibrant communities.

"Hatred and division have no place in civilised political debate and I condemn the activities of this small minority. In Reading we celebrate all the varied parts of our town, as all together we are stronger and richer because of our diversity."
[What a typical cuntish politician. A complete jobsworth. Who invented these clichés such as ‘our diversity’? Does this cretin actually think about what he’s saying or is he just a typical careerist politician mouthing brain-destroying Leftist soundbites?

The EDL has never questioned ‘vibrating communities’. They only question the extremist Muslims and Islamists who would Destroy Diversity and stop Diverse Communities from vibrating.]

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