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Monday, 7 March 2011

Nick Lowles (Searchlight): Alan Lake is the Real Leader of the EDL!

EDL Extra comments on the Nick Lowles article, 'Puppet Master', from Searchlight, March 2011. (Commments are in red.)

Searchlight investigates the man behind the English Defence League.

Somewhere in North London a diminutive and slightly nervous man is scribbling on pieces of paper. He is involved in all sorts of organisations – political, street armies and religious – though conveniently keeps them quite separate.

Meet Alan Lake, at least that is the name he is using now. Lake claims to be a multimillionaire who made his money in computers. More importantly, he is the man behind the English Defence League. [What does he mean ‘behind the EDL’? Lake didn’t found the EDL. He has never led the EDL. And I doubt that his funding has been that important. I have never met him and have only heard him speak, I think, at one EDL demo (at Dudley).

Is this Leftist conspiratorialism gone mad?

The extreme left, the extreme right, and the extreme-Islams, all love conspiracies because they cannot rely on facts, evidence and argumentation. Thus there are always ‘puppet masters’ behind the scenes – usually Zionists for, well, the far left, the far right and the Islamists again. Everybody, except the conspiratorialists, is hoodwinked by these ‘puppet masters’. The EDL, the British public, the voter – all brainless victims of Zionists, puppet masters, the Media, etc. Yet they rarely back any of these things up with evidence, facts or argumentation. That’s for straight people and the bourgeoisie. Instead they offer conspiracies… sorry, theories. These theories determine what these extremists think about everything. Theories are sophisticated. So are conspiracies. The political plebs are simply brainwashed by Zionists, Alan Lake, the Media, or whatthefuckever.

Why do the far left and the far right share so much? They both claim to be at war with each other. In actual fact, they have more in common than they dare admit, primarily anti-Semitism, or, as it's now called, ‘anti-Zionism’. They also share numerous conspiracy theories – usually about Jews… sorry Zionists. This closeness between the far left and the far right has become more noticeable recently. The far left embraced anti-Semitism roughly after the 1967 Israel/Arab war (in Europe – but not in Russia and elsewhere!). More recently it has heated up. So much so that far leftists and far rightists share their plane fair on visits to the oppressed Palestinians. Yes, that’s correct. The far right also visit Palestine to see how evil the Zionists are. Not only that. The far right often accesses Guardian articles for anti-Zionist material, just as far leftists download far right ‘hate sites’ to find more dirt on Israel and the Jews.

The anarchists always said that the far right and the far left merged into each other and there is a vast amount of work which shows this to be true. But let’s stick to Nick Lowles own conspiratorial leftism.]

Lake’s association with the EDL has been known ever since he addressed a conference in Malmö on Islamisation organised by the far-right Sweden Democrats in September 2009. What is less well known is the central role Lake has played in getting the EDL off the ground. [Fill me in, Nick.]

Searchlight has learned that it was Lake who came up with the name “English Defence League”. He had heard about Stephen Lennon after the demonstration in Luton in May 2009, when Lennon and his hooligan friends went under the banner United People of Luton. The protest had been organised in conjunction with March for England, a group that Lake actively supports. [From whom, exactly, did Searchlight ‘learn’ that Lake ‘came up with the name ‘EDL’’? Knowles doesn’t say. But conspiracy theories don’t need hard facts, do they?]

Through an intermediary Lake invited Lennon and a couple of others to London where discussions began about forming a national organisation. [Why should we believe a word of this from a person and a party, the Communist Party and Searchlight, which believe in ‘lying for Justice’?]

For Lake this was the chance to put into practice a plan he had been working on for at least a year. In the United People of Luton he found an uncompromis-ing group willing to take to the streets. [I simply do not believe that Alan Lake founded the United People of Luton. Again, where is Knowles’s evidence for this? Or don’t Leftists need evidence - just theories?]

“Cut the politically correct tape tying everyone’s hands and do something about this Terrorist group who hate everything our great county stands for,” read the main statement on the United People of Luton website. [Yes. What’s wrong with Lake saying that? This all sounds very, well, conspiratorial.]

“There is no point sitting in your armchair and shouting at the TV. The only way to get the message across is to take it to the streets. This is a chance to show the Police and the council the power of public opinion. The entire country is behind us!” [If Lake said that, then he’s more or less right.]

Lake liked this approach and made much of it in his hour-long Swedish lecture.

“Another strategy we’re trying to do in the UK is reach out to more physical groups like football fans, get them involved,” he told his audience. “Well actually they’re contacting us, because they’re concerned, and these are people who are happy to go out on the street. I mean your average intellectual is happy typing on his PC, but we’ve reached the end of that road. You’re not going to get a fat lot more mileage out of that. [Why shouldn’t football fans get involved? Lake didn’t say football 'hooligans’. Then again, it is perfectly clear that Nick Lowles despises football fans and thinks they're all hooligans. (He’s written two books on ‘football hooligans’.) Indeed he hates the white working class and thinks they are all hooligans. Well, he certainly thinks that every single member of the EDL, except Alan Lake apparently, is a football hooligan. Such is the conspiratorial and limited mindset of the Communist thought-killer.]

“You can blog and write letters to your MP as much as you like. Your MP doesn’t care, he doesn’t care what you say. [But don’t Communists like Knowles think something similar to this? After all, if they didn’t, why would they want a revolution?] The only thing that is going to make people start caring again, that is our nobility, our elite leaders, is if we have more numbers, and if we sometimes get out on the street. [Again, this is what the far left also believes; although the Communist Party and Searchlight try to distance themselves from the street fighting exoticism and eroticism of the SWP/UAF.] Then they’ll care but they don’t care about our words. They don’t care whether we’re right or wrong and they don’t read the blogs.

“So if you can engage with the physical groups, people who are quite happy to go on the street, the thing about the football fans is they go see a match, and then after the match, they’re already there on the street, so if you can then bring them off for a demo that works really well. You get the numbers. And they’re not scared as well. Everybody else is scared of being beaten up and attacked. They’re not scared of that.”

He expressed similar thoughts to Matthew Taylor of The Guardian in March 2010. “The EDL has a lot of support and is growing quickly and crucially. What it has done is deliver an activist movement on the streets,” said Lake. Pressed on the levels of violence at the demonstrations, he replied: “These people are not middle-class female teachers … if they continue to be suppressed it will turn nasty in one way or another … We have put bodies on the street, writing letters to The Times does not work … if we are going to have a mess that is so much grist to the mill.” [In a sense, if the ‘people’ are completely ignored by politicians, then they have a right to fight against such arrogance (as Aquinas, Locke, Popper, etc. have all made clear). Then again, isn’t this what the Communist Party also believes?]

Taylor noted: “Lake says he is opposed to violence or confrontation but regularly returns to the importance of the EDL’s physical presence”. [‘Physical presence’ means people demonstrating – that’s all. Again, isn’t this what the Communist Party believes as well?]

Lake certainly supported the EDL and soon began to put money into the organisation, giving it access to an international network of anti-Muslim organisations and, perhaps more importantly, political and strategic advice. [Any evidence for this?]

It was Lake who suggested that Lennon use a false name to head the group. It was Lake who insisted that the EDL immediately and publicly dissociate itself from the British National Party and any other openly fascist organisation. This was despite the clear evidence that the political origin of the United People of Luton lay in Bedfordshire BNP. [Any evidence? Where are the references? We can’t be expected to rely exclusively on a single Guardian journalist here!]

Even today Lake travels regularly to Luton to confer with Lennon and Lennon’s cousin, Kevin Carroll, number two in the organisation. [Really? And even if Lake does, should we draw out something deeply conspiratorial from this?]

One of Lake’s key roles is to furnish international links and speakers for the EDL. [No its not. That’s done by the EDL 'Media' or Skype group. And that group doesn't include Alan Lake.] This gives the group an increased profile abroad and credibility at home. It was Lake who arranged for Rabbi Nachum Shifren [I don’t think so. Other Leftists said it was the Jewish Division.] and the Austrian Islamophobic lecturer Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff to address the EDL demonstration in Luton on 5 February. It was Lake who previously made contact with the hardline anti-Muslim preacher Pastor Terry Jones and it was Lake who built a relationship between the EDL and Pam Geller, the director of the Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America. [Where the hell is all this pseudo-information coming from? From Knowles’s conspiratorially psychotic mind?]

Last September Lake and a number of EDL members attended Geller’s protest against a planned Islamic Centre near Ground Zero on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Carroll was among those in New York with Lake, though Lennon was turned away at US immigration. [I never saw Lake in any of the photos. Then again, if he’s a true ‘puppet master’, he’ll be hiding on the sidelines like a cartoon villain or a Zionist.]

Geller has subsequently publicly aligned herself with the EDL and it is clear that she and a number of other right-wing Islamophobes like the combative approach of the British street gang. [This article presents itself as basic objective information-imparting piece, yet the fact that Knowles accuses all these people of being ‘Islamophobes’ shows us clearly the far left political agenda behind it.]

“The middle-class intellectuals are coming forward and also American speakers – some of them quite famous, although I can’t give you names yet … they love the fact that we can have people that can go on the streets,” Lake boasted to The Guardian [the Guardian again] last year. [Wait a minute. A couple of paragraphs back Knowles repeated the point that the EDL’s all about ‘football hooligans’. Now he quotes Lake talking about ‘middle-class intellectuals’. Is the Puppet Master also controlling right-wing middle-class intellectuals as well? Is there nothing beyond this man? Not to a conspiratorialist like Knowles there isn’t.]

There are even stories circulating of videos of EDL demonstrations and statements being played at right-wing meetings in the US. Lake is also actively using the EDL profile to fundraise across the Atlantic.

Christian fundamentalism

Not much is known about Lake’s political background but his antipathy to Islam could well have been formed, or at least developed, when he attended the Kensington Temple in Notting Hill Gate, west London. The Temple belongs to the Elim Pentecostal Church, a Protestant evangelical church, elements of which have attracted controversy for their hardline views on Christianity, homosexuality and Islam. [That’s funny. You never ever hear Knowles, or any other hypocritical leftist, say anything about the ‘hardline views’ of Muslims on ‘homosexuality’ and ‘Christianity’. Why does anyone buy this theory-driven hypocritical bullshit from Knowles? His fans can’t be all naïve and gullible first-year students.] The Temple’s pastor is Colin Dye, who has links with a number of Christian right organisations, including the Christian Congress for Traditional Values (CCTV), which ran a high-profile billboard campaign in 2007 titled: “Gay aim: Abolish the Family”, and is linked to the Brentwood-based Peniel Pentecostal Church. [Has Knowles ever said anything about the Muslim ‘bag a fag’ campaign in Tower Hamlets or the extreme homophobia of Lutfur Rahman? Of course not. The Brown Exotic can only ever be a victim, never an aggressor. A Marxist theory told Knowles that this is so.]

The Peniel Church was run by Michael Reid and attracted media attention after claims that his followers were attempting to take over the local Conservative Association.
Dye eventually broke with Reid in 2008 after a sexual scandal beset the self-proclaimed Brentwood Bishop.

During his time at the Kensington Temple Lake might have also come across the anti-Islam speaker Sam Solomon. A former Muslim who trained in Sharia for 15 years before converting to Christianity, Solomon is now a hardline opponent of Islam. He even boasts of testifying before the US Congress and being “a consultant to the British parliament for matters regarding Islam”. [According to Knowles, all ‘opponents of Islam’ are ‘hardline’. Again, Marxist theory told him that this is so.]

In December 2006 the UK Independence Party MEP Gerard Batten presented a “Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding”, written by Solomon, to the European Parliament. The Charter called on ”Muftis, Ulemas, Imams, community leaders, heads of Islamic madrassas, Muezzins, Mazuns and all other Islamic relevant offices including those of free thinkers and leaders of NGOs as well as NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations), youth leaders, women leaders at all levels of all Islamic institutions” to abide by a revised version of the Qur’an and collaborate fully with police and intelligence services.

Today Lake boasts of his links with Batten and in an interview with the Daily Star in the immediate aftermath of the Luton demonstration, Lennon called for a rewriting of the Qur’an. [I really would like to know where Knowles is getting all this information from. Even if some of it is true, I would still like to know. So far, he has only acknowledged a single Guardian journalist as a source, and he shares Knowles’ bed.]

Lennon’s political development has clearly been influenced by Lake. [So? Knowles has been utterly influenced by Marx, Mao and Stalin.] When the United People of Luton was formed, and indeed in the early days of the EDL itself, Lennon was at pains to stress that he opposed only “radical Islam” and not Muslims or even Islam as a religion. Today that has changed and the whole tenor of EDL rhetoric has become clearly anti-Islamic. [Evidence?]

Pressed on this by a Newsnight reporter a few days before the Luton protest, Lennon claimed he had changed his views after learning more about Islam as a religion. Lake’s continued influence and importance to Lennon was clear to see.

Lake claims no longer to attend the Kensington Temple but it is clear that he continues to hold many of its religious views close to him. In a strange positing on his 4Freedoms website in April 2010 he linked the theory of evolution with totalitarianism. [Well, most EDL members will probably believe in the theory of evolution. As do most Christians. However, most Muslims do not! But not a word about this from Knowles.

I thought Knowles had adopted the policy ‘plague on both your houses’ in which he has deigned to start criticising some Muslims as well. Or was that last week’s Searchlight policy and now he’s back on the track of pure Leftist Islamophilia?]

In a chart of the political landscape, Lake put Stalin, Mao and Hitler on the extreme left of the political spectrum, all with a “Socialist Darwinist” label. He described Hitler as “left wing killer of 7 million Christians and 6 million Jews”. [Yes, Hitler was a socialist – a national socialist. He had more in common with leftists than most people realise. And that’s why the Commies and Nazis hated each other. They were both fighting over the same ground or for the same bone.]

He noted that “all of these dictators believed in the so-called ‘Master Race’ which stems from Darwin’s so-called higher level of Evolution”. [Well, if Lake believes that, I think he’s wrong. Hitler and the Nazis were scientifically illiterate; they only took what they wanted from evolutionary theory. (A bit like the Communist relation to science, really. For the Commies and Nazis science was exclusively a political tool, as Leftists still believe it is.) Scientific racism was always a pseudo-science and even in Darwin’s day this was known amongst the better scientists.]

In his eyes Liberals Democrats are not too far away from “extreme left wing” and “totalitarianism”, while at the other end of spectrum the US Constitution is close to “extreme right wing”.

Political aspirations

The EDL is just one piece of Lake’s jigsaw and, notwithstanding the wishes of the Daily Star, he does not see it as a political project. It is simply part of his strategy of tension, of winding up tensions and forcing the issue of Islam into the media spotlight through provocative marches. [Here we go. The conspiracy theory is in full throttle now. As with Zionists, Knowles is pumping Alan Lake up into the shape of the Devil Himself. But these people would only have so much power if the people were brainless. And Knowles does think that all non-leftist people are brainless. Thus he also believes that Alan Lake, and probably the Zionists, have this incredible power over all but the far left. Those in the Far Left, of course, are never brainwashed by these Devils. Why? Because they have read Das Kapital and today they still read the mind numbingly boring Morning Star.]

Last year Lake thought the political solution was in the UKIP, the mainly anti-EU party which however, under the leadership of Lord Pearson, was taking a more anti-Islamic stance. Pearson regularly spoke out against Islam and attempted to forge links with the Dutch Islamophobic politician Geert Wilders. [The plot thickens and I’ve had enough. This article is way too long!]

As already mentioned, Lake was close to Batten and also to Magnus Nielsen, a UKIP candidate in the general election who Lake claimed was prepared to speak at EDL rallies. Nielsen describes Muhammad as a “criminal psychopath”, “the first cult leader” and “psychiatrically deranged”. Lake told The Guardian that there “is ‘some synergy’ between the two groups”.

He boasts of connections with middle-ranking people in the UKIP though it seems that his plans came to nothing as the UKIP leadership publicly distanced itself from the EDL.
Lake has now turned his attention to the English Democrats (EDP). He has even claimed that he was recently offered a senior role in the party, which he declined, preferring to influence events in the background.

There is a clear crossover between the EDP and March for England, a group to which Lake was connected, and several EDP candidates in last year’s general election, particularly in north London, regularly attend EDL demonstrations.

Given the infighting that is currently engulfing the EDP, Lake might eventually have to look elsewhere but his project is clear. He recognises, as Searchlight’s Fear and Hope study clearly demonstrates, that there is a huge vacuum on the right of British politics, in the space between the Conservative Party and the BNP, for a new right-wing English nationalist party that has no links to the old far right and is cultural as well as political.

Lake looks enviously across the Atlantic at the growth of the Tea Party movement and has been heard advocating the need for a similar group over here. His Facebook site is linked to the Patriotic Caucus, a right-wing political action committee established in December by the Tea Party favourite and failed Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle.

Just to maintain his links with a wider movement, Lake is also involved in at least one British Army veterans organisation and promotes Armed Forces Day on his Facebook site.

While Lake waits for the party he desires to arrive he will continue to shuffle his papers and draw flow diagrams between the various organisations and campaigns with which he is involved.

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