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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

London Muslims demand that Blackburn’s Muslims kick EDL arse at this weekend's demo

LONDON MUSLIM [Left: the London Muslim blog rather predictably uses an EDL photo with an Israeli flag. Muslim are obsessed with Jews and Israel. In fact, most Muslims, and every Islamist, want/s to kill every Jew, whether in Israel or in London. Muslims were obsessed by Jews for about a thousand years before the creation of the state of Israel. They hate and hated the way that those proto-Zionists, as it were, refused to be the 'slaves of Allah', or of Mohammed, in the 7th century AD. That's what it's all really about. It's not about the creation of Israel a mere 60 or so years ago. Don't swallow the Islamist taqiyya.] EDL Extra comments on the London Muslim blog post, 'The EDL planning another riot this time in Blackburn?', 24th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The EDL Nazis appear to be planning another riot this time in Blackburn on April 2 where Muslims, Police and anyone else who gets in their way will probably be attacked like on virtually every other occasion when they march. [What a lot of politico-studentesque crap! Do they have even a miniscule amount of evidence that the EDL is planning a riot? Of course not! They have conveniently ignored, in these ‘times of universal deceit’ (part of this website’s motto), that the last four EDL demos have been without a single arrest on the EDL’s part. But that doesn’t matter to Muslims and Islamists. ‘Deceit’, as in ‘times of universal deceit’, is at the heart of Islam and was practised on a large scale by that arch-liar himself – Mohammed. Indeed, Islamists lie so much that they even practice deceit about deceit (only the kuffar practice deceit) and taqiyya about taqiyya, as with this website’s motto and what they say in this post. In addition, clearly this Islamist wants the police to give Muslims free rein to attack the EDL, as the police actually did do in Birmingham and Dudley in 2009 and 2010. That free rein, of course, meant that Muslims were allowed to attack every kuffar they could lay their hands on, including shoppers and locals in both Dudley and Birmingham. So what does this Muslim mean, exactly, by ‘getting in the way’ of the EDL? Violence? Or that ancient Muslim denial of free expression which is still practised in virtually every Muslim and Islamic country? I have news for this Islamist website. This is not Pakistan! There are no sharia blasphemy laws here – or at least there shouldn’t be. The EDL has a right to demonstrate without Muslim hooligans, taking time off grooming the kuffar and selling crack and heroin to them, attempting to stop them. You see, Muslims, and their SWP/UAF ‘enablers’, are the true anti-democrats, the true (red and black) fascists, as the words on this website, and their actions at EDL demos, etc., prove.] While Israel's supporters [Why are Muslims so fucking obsessed by Israel and the Jews? Is it because they hated the Jews for over a thousand years before Israel was even created? Is it because the Jews said ‘fuck off’ to that power-crazed Mohammed when he demanded that a thousand-year old religion simply bowed down to his most recent invention – Islam?] in the EDL carry out their usual mayhem and violence leading to a huge Police operation with all the associated costs for traders, LM wonders what Blackburn's large Pakistani Muslim population will be doing to protect their own community from Nazi scum. [They don’t need to do anything. Indeed it is Blackburn’s non-Muslim communities, the 'dispossessed' and ignored, that need to be protected from Muslim groomers and drug pushers, as well as from Islamist hooligans and fanatics. Again, this guy is hinting, rather than saying outright, that Muslims should be more aggressive, users of greater force and be more extreme ideologically, both against the EDL and against the kuffar and their state generally. After all, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) has repeatedly demanded that its Muslim readers become more, not less, extreme in their Islamist views and Islamist actions. So much for that fiction called Muslim moderation. It doesn’t exist except in the articles of the Guardian or in the minds and words of Islamic taqiyya merchants.] LM as my regular readers know has relatively little time for northern British Pakistani Muslims who stay silent over sexual abuse but show their priorities by getting ticked off over a beauty contest involving Shanna Bukhari born in Blackburn. [‘Northern Pakistani Muslims’? In that case, what does he think about the Islamists in Tower Hamlets and the Islamist campaign against homosexuals there? What about all the London Islamists and Islamoterrorists? What about Sheik Qaradawi staying the night at Red Ken’s London mansion? What about those Luton Islamist psychos and Luton’s Islamobombers? It’s not all ‘up North’ you know.] Frankly, Blackburn Pakistani Muslims along with Lancashire Pakistani Muslims more generally should be utterly ashamed that the EDL have the balls to go into an area which has a massive Pakistani population and show complete contempt for who they will be facing. [What a quick shift from pseudo-moderation, about Northern Muslim ‘sexists’, to an explicit demand that Blackburn’s Muslims should simply kick EDL arse! This guy doesn’t have a single thought for the oppressed non-Muslims of Blackburn. They are complete irrelevance to him. They are kuffar!] Here in London we have shown how to defend a Muslim community particularly in Harrow with Muslims, Non Muslims and our brothers and Sisters from the UAF [the cat’s out of the bag!] so my message to Blackburn and Lancashire Muslims is organise and prepare to defend your community within the law. [‘Within the law’? But ‘Islam is the law’. And when it isn’t, it should be broken or 'completely destroyed'. All the rest of his fine words are examples of Islamic taqiyya.]

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  1. The officials are trying to put a sign "equal" between EDL and Nazis... This is just a nonsense.
    Are they recon us as complete idiots or insane? Do not we know who is actually stand with Israel and who is against? Do not we actually know who is ready to create a bloodbath for jews of all ages from babies in nappies and for elderies?. The answer is on the surface: it is in their "Islam is the law".