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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Left Simply Adores the Brown Exotic Homophobes of the Tower Hamlets

[Left. Lutfur Rahman in a nice suit, just like Inayat Buglawalah, eh? Nice move! But his friend on his right shows us what he would rather wear if he were not for busy polluting and corrupting British politics with his own brand of Islamist politics. Right: the end result of Lutfur Rahman's homophobia, which is strongly supported, or ignored, by the far left and even the nicey-nicey or softly-softly left.]

EDL Extra comments on the Andrew Gilligan article, 'Lutfur Rahman council: homophobic hatred grows', from The Telegraph, March 3rd, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

It’s never been hard to tell the difference between Tower Hamlets’ council chamber and the reading room of the Bodleian Library. But events there have taken a deeply nasty turn since Lutfur Rahman, the man thrown out of the Labour Party for his links to the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe, was elected mayor of the borough with the IFE’s help. [Well, Red Kenneth, friend of the homophobe and Hamas supporter, al-Qaradawi, was also elected.

London’s moved a long way since the day it, and indeed Red Kenneth, embraced the ‘rainbow coalition’. Now it’s just the Brown and Green monopoly it embraces.]

Since the election in October, councillors say, the public gallery at meetings has been regularly filled with a group Tower Hamlets is starting to know as “Lutfur’s crew” or “Lutfur’s army” – and they appear to specialise in a particular form of abuse towards the Mayor’s opponents. [That’s only because Islamists are like that against all their enemies – all their kuffar enemies. It’s written into Islamism, just as it’s written it Trotskyism and fascism.]

“It has started really since the mayoral election,” Cllr Peter Golds, the leader of the opposition, told me. “Beforehand there may have been the odd comment, but never anything like this.”

“This” is the homophobic abuse to which Mr Golds, several other gay councillors and even a member of the public asking a question have been subjected in the council chamber. “It is horrible, absolutely bloody awful,” Golds says. [The EDL would never in a million years get away with anything like this. Indeed they would probably be imprisoned for ‘homophobia’ or ‘hate crimes’. Indeed, no white non-Muslim would ever get away with anything like this. Only the Brown Oppressed Exotic can be homophobic… racist, imperialist, violent, religiously fanatical, have ten wives, justifiably blow innocents up… the list is endless. The establishment and councils are nearly completely driven by Leftist theory in matters such as these - even when they are not themselves, strictly speaking, Leftists.]

Mr Golds confirms that he was repeatedly subjected to homophobic abuse from the public gallery at the council’s abortive budget-setting meeting on February 23. “A prominent supporter of Lutfur Rahman with a very distinctive voice kept calling out ‘Mrs Golds! Mrs Golds!’ when I spoke,” he said. Another Rahman supporter called Mr Golds a “poofter.” A councillor, Anna Lynch, has made an official complaint about the abuse. [Andrew Gilligan is not saying here if these abusers and homophobes were Muslim. Of course they were!]

At the previous meeting, on February 2, Mr Golds says, Lutfur Rahman supporters in the public gallery heckled Labour’s deputy leader, Josh Peck, who is also openly gay, with the shout of “Unnatural acts! Unnatural acts!” At the same meeting, a member of the public who asked a question about bringing a (gay) Pride march to East London was greeted with “animal noises” from the public gallery, Mr Golds says. [See no Islamic evil. Hear no Islamic evil. And, with the exception of Gilligan and a few other journalists, report on no Islamic evil.]

On LabourList this week, Labour’s chief whip on Tower Hamlets, Cllr Rachael Saunders, who was also present, described the 23 February meeting:

“Part way through the meeting Cllr Anna Lynch told the Chair that she had heard someone shout “poofter” when Peter Golds, Conservative leader, who is openly gay, was speaking. Some people had already been evicted from the meeting for disruption by the chair of council, Motin Uz-Zaman. Motin tried to evict the person who had made this comment. An adjournment was called. Anna and Motin were both then threatened by members of the public in the gallery, with shouts that they would “get them”. Some of those involved in the fracas were amongst the Independent Mayor’s most prominent supporters.” [‘Evicted’ for ‘disruption’ - not for homophobia or ‘hate crimes’.]

Ms Saunders says, surely correctly: “None of us came to the meeting on Wednesday wanting to talk about homophobia, or about the intimidation and bigotry that too often surrounds Tower Hamlets politics, but when someone shouts “poofter” as a part of a barrage of abuse directed at a gay individual, we have no choice. Labour members there to watch the meeting have since reported clear homophobic abuse from other parts of the public gallery.[Of course ‘none of [you]’ wanted to ‘speak about homophobia’. Muslim homophobia must be ignored lest it disturbs Community Cohesion and other PC sacred cows. But if the EDL makes homophobic remarks, then of course these councillors and politicians would have been all too keen to discuss ‘homophobia within the far right’. Leftists, again, see no Islamic evil. Marxist theory has told them not to do so.]

Mr Golds says: “Since Lutfur became mayor the spectator section has had these groups of people in. They are Lutfur’s crew and their behaviour is horrible.”

I’ve seen Lutfur’s little helpers in action a few times myself. On polling day in October they hung around in large groups outside several polling stations, and you had to run a gauntlet of them to vote. I overheard one of them scolding a Bengali woman voter for her “improper dress.” They were also present in force at the last council meeting I attended, in October – aggressively, though not at that stage homophobically, heckling. [It’s like Tower Hamlets has been taken over by Ernst Roehm’s Brown Shirts. They have, in a sense. They’ve been taken over by Lutfur’s Islamist Green Shirts and no one seems to be doing fuck all about it. And the Left says the EDL is not needed? We would sort these hooligans and totalitarians out if the police and councils would only let us.
Is there a Tower Hamlets EDL? I doubt it. There aren’t many non-Muslims in Tower Hamlets. And those who do live there are probably shitting themselves about the Islamist fascists in their midst. This will probably result in ‘white flight’ and the establishment of an Islamic self-imposed ghetto, if one doesn’t already exist in Tower Hamlets!]

Lutfur, according to Cllr Saunders, refused to condemn the abuse during the meeting (and doesn’t seem to have condemned it since, either.) That’s perhaps not surprising. His key ally, the IFE, controls the hardline East London Mosque, which regularly hosts homophobic preachers, including one who staged a “Spot The Fag” contest at the mosque in 2007. It was due to host another such bigot only last week. [What the fuck is going on here? Where’s Red Kenneth when all this is going on? Oh, I forgot. He doesn’t support gays anymore, neither does Lindsey German of Counterfire and ex-SWP (‘gays rights will not become our shibboleth’ - when Muslims are about), because the Brown Exotics are where all their revolutionary hopes have been naively placed. The gullibility of these Leftists astonishes me.]

Lutfur’s supporters have form for freshening up the politics of the borough. In order to get their man elected, readers may remember, they distributed thousands of leaflets falsely smearing Lutfur’s main opponent as a wife-beater. [If he were a wife-beater, loads of Muslim men would have loved him. However, he’s not a Muslim. And there’s nothing worse to a Muslim than that.]

Lutfur’s supporters’ response is desperate, even by their standards. The Dave Spart parody website, Socialist Unity, quotes someone who wasn’t there denying the account of three witnesses who were there, and claims the whole thing is an Islamophobic plot! [Plots. Plots! And conspiracies! The delusional minds of the Left, in their never-ending attempt to enable Islam and Muslims at all costs, and thus radicalise and ultimately further their own Revolution… and then sometimes even Leftists wake up to the stark truth than Islamists hate them just as much as they hate the EDL or any other kuffar you care to mention.]

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