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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Left loves Arabic brutalists and totalitarians - but only if they're Islamists

EDL Extra comments on Rod Liddle's article in The Spectator, 'How else can we deal with Middle Eastern despots and nutcases?', 27.2.2011. (Comments in red.)

How should we deal with the new leaders of the Middle East, when eventually they emerge into the light? When the Tweets have changed from injunctions to rise up and establish democracy to something more along the lines of “Lock up the women shoot the poofs bomb the Jews lol”. [Yes, but Islamists will be good dictators and decent brutalists. At least according to Leftists and, yes, British Islamists. For a start, such totalitarianism and brutalism will not be in hock to - or financed by - the hateful West. It will be genuine Arab brutality and totalitarianism. It will be Islamic.]

Whatever we do will be wrong. We attempted to form a relationship with the Tunisians, the Bahrainis, the Saudis, Mubarak and, hell, even Gaddafi, in the end – knowing all the while that they were to a greater or lesser extent corrupt despots. [Let’s not forget that the far left once had a lot of time for Gaddafi – especially when he too was a leftist of sorts. But now it’s the Islamists who turn the Left on (as once it was the Black Panthers). So now Gaddafi is yesterday’s revolutionary.]

Now, as some of these tyrants are overthrown, the West is accused of having buttressed them; one dribbling idiot of a commentator, a Muslim who works for an extremely low circulation left-wing magazine and who once compared non-Muslims to “animals”, said on Question Time that Mubarak was “our” man – as if we had put him there, and sustained him there. We didn’t, and haven’t – but what are we meant to do? [Liddle is talking about Mehdi Hasan of the New Statesman – a well known Islamist, or IslamoTrot, and media loudmouth.

What Hasan wants instead is Islamist brutalists and totalitarians with no connections at all to the West. It won’t matter how brutal they are, or how many people they kill, as long as they’re good Islamists, or even good Muslims, and as long as their killing sprees and totalitarian behaviour is not soiled by any Western or ‘capitalist’ connections. That’s what really matters to IslamoTrots like Mehdi Hasan.]

The truth is we have attempted to form a relationship with almost every blood thirsty Islamic or Ba’athist nutcase who has taken power in the Middle East, even to the extent of cosying up to the Hamas fascists. [But Mehdi Hasan won’t mind that. Except in the sense that it may pollute Hamas’s pure Islamism.] The alternative is to have no relationship at all with these scumbags, which infantile leftist commentators would no doubt find equally dismissive and derogatory. [Yes, positive collaboration with Islamic Iran would be fine, according to these Leftists.] Short of occupation, no government in the Middle East, with the possible exception of Israel (and I have one or two problems with THEM), will be remotely democratic, as we understand the term. [

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