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Monday, 7 March 2011

Indymedia on EDL 'nonces' and EDL Extra

[Left: Richard Price. Image from Sheffield Indymedia.]
"To counteract the EDL's repeated parroting that they are a "single-issue anti-Islamic organisation, Jeff, being the unstoppable bigot and racist that he is, has flooded the Casuals United and English Defence League Extra with out-and-out inexcusable racist stories which involve minorities but not Islamic religious extremism.” - Sheffield Indymedia

Who the hell is Jeff Marsh? Apparently, he has ‘flooded’ EDL Extra ‘with out-and-out inexcusable racist stories’. I didn’t know that. I’ve never even heard of the man, racist or non-racist that he may be. But surely Sheffield Indymedia knows more about EDL Extra than EDL Extra. I mean, these Devils which conspire behind the scenes are so good you wouldn’t expect EDL Extra to know anything about them. No. Only the Leftists at Indymedia know about these ‘puppet masters’.

As for racist stories. Can Sheffield Indymedia cite a single genuinely racist post on EDL Extra? It probably can. They have a different way of defining racism. For example, criticising Muslims or Islam, in any way, is racist. Marxist theory tells them that this so.

In certain instances, some EDL members are wrong to focus on the crimes of Asians which aren’t connected to Islam. For example, if a Muslim steals a loaf of bread or is caught speeding. However, in the grooming case, things are different.

There is a lot of evidence which suggests that there is an Islamic connection here… if Indymedia wants to hear it. For example, of course white guys have groomed young girls. However, what about white gangs? Maybe; but less so. What about numerous white gangs in the same white areas which involve multiple members of the same family and the same community? Absolutely not. But in Muslim ghettoes, there are gangs of Muslim groomers, some involving many members of the same family, who are involved in grooming young non-Muslim girls. And then you move on to another Muslim ghetto and the same or similar things are also happening (especially in the North West - Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Keighley, Bradford, Burnley, etc.).

The sheer number of people involved, and the fact that they often belong to the same families and/or communities, suggest that, unlike non-Muslim groomers, there is something cultural going on here. All these Muslims appear to think that there’s nothing wrong with abusing young non-Muslim girls. Most non-Muslim or white offenders, no matter how heinous their crimes are, would at least feel a little guilt about all this - and attempt a bit of secrecy. And secrecy was also never even attempted in most cases of Muslim grooming because they thought they had nothing to be ashamed of. In addition, the police did little or nothing about these crimes until very recently. Community Cohesion, it seems, would not succeed if Muslim men were not allowed to groom and exploit non-Muslim girls. Such is the skewed logic of our PC culture.

But why did these Muslim gangs feel no guilt and share their crimes so much? Because of Islam! Islam despises the non-Muslim. It despises women, even Muslim women (to a lesser extent). So what do you think Muslim men think of non-Muslim girls and women? Yes, they are nothing but ‘white meat’ to be exploited and abused.

In the Koran, Mohammed encourages Muslim men to claim their ‘booty’. That booty includes non-Muslim possessions and non-Muslim slaves (often non-slaves too). That is what Muslims deserved for fighting the infidel. That was their prize. And even when they had no success in the war against the infidel, Muslim men could still help themselves to booty - if that booty was kuffar booty. And this tradition of Islamic booty, Islamic exploitation and abuse, has continued since the time of the Koran and Mohammed himself to today.

That’s the difference between non-Muslim or white groomers and Muslim-gang groomers. One is sanctified and legitimised by a religion, Islam, and the other is most definitely not.

Also, looking at this Indymedia site reminds of far-right sites with all the 'street' swearing and references to ‘nonces’, along with the obvious Leftist machismo. The Left tries to claim that only the Daily Mail and the far right are obsessed by paedophiles. Yet these macho Leftists at Indymedia, with their often fake ‘working-class swearing’, are almost identical to the far right, in style and in content - as the cleverer anarchists have always said. (I may be being unfair and overly critical here. These Indymedia boys are probably all under 18 years old. They certainly sound a little like six-form types with their barely-formed political brains and their many erections brought on by leftist riots, violence against the police.)

Yes, Richard Price had indecent pictures of children on his computer. I would say that one in a hundred men have the same (or whatever the stats are). Thus it is no surprise that there are a few EDL ‘nonces’. There are a few Leftist nonces, liberal nonces, train-spotting nonces, etc. Of course there are! One nonce among the EDL does not make the EDL a nonce organisation, as these intellectual imbeciles at Indymedia claim. It makes it simply reflect the general populace and its minority of paedophiles.

In addition, despite the frequent claims to the contrary, Richard Price was neither a founder nor a leader of the EDL. Indeed, until the Price business blew up I’d never heard of the man (just like Jeff Marsh, eh?). And I’ve been a member of the EDL since August 2009.

So why don’t you far-left Indymedia types and far rightists all get together to talk about Zionists and ‘nonces’ and leave the rest of us alone?
*) The Sheffield Indymedia webpage in question:

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  1. Now, I certainly don't want to sound like Mr. Know-it-All, so on the off chance that anyone actually reads the comments, please keep that in mind.
    It seems to me that it is way past time for a bit of psyops from the EDL and its supporters. I don't have a working camera now or would give you an example, but here is the groundwork.
    Each member with a camera should dress himself or herself up in the most hideous, lice-encrusted looking garb possible. T-shirts with muslim slogans or the names of muslim groups on them would be good, if spattered around the neck and sleeves with horrid looking stains; plastic 'joke' vomit could be glued on, or simple oil or mustard streaked down the front.
    One could, of course, tart oneself up in hideous drag, unshaven, off center lipstick, clownish eye shadow, rouge, whatever; pillows under the shirt for a beer-belly look if desired. Temporary tattoos. Unrolled condom hanging from shirt pocket, whatever.
    Cheap jewelry, you get the idea.
    Now, make up a 'hate / kill the EDL' sign to hold. Misspell or dyslexify words. Now, photo each other. Sneer; look muslim; look liberal / leftist. Hold your signs up but leave any muslim group names clearly seen on your shirt.

    Now, post these online. Make up muslim names and start a social network account. Post your pictures anywhere on the web, along with hateful demands to behead all the English, kill the white men and take their women as sex slaves, demand that camel turds be offered in school cafeterias for cultural diversity.
    Got it?
    Diversity propaganda - is it a two edged sword now, or it just a bitch when it turns around the other way?