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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hinckley Town: a peaceful EDL demo against violent sharia law

EDL Extra comments on the Hinckley Times news item, 'Hinckley is targeted for EDL protest', 11th March, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

INTIMIDATED shoppers rushed out of Hinckley town centre on Saturday as around 100 members of the English Defence League began a march on the town. [You know something. I just don’t believe that happened. I believe that this is propaganda passed onto this local rag by some UAF/SWP or by some other trouble causer (like the single person who complained about Guramit Singh's speech at Peterborough). I have never experienced any shoppers running away from any EDL demo. Quite the opposite in fact. At Peterborough, at the static part of the demo, we were surrounded by shoppers who just stayed there observing the event. In fact, there was much banter between the EDL and the Peterborough shoppers. Interestingly, when a UAF/SWP tried to interrupt the two-minute silence, the shoppers chased him off.]

Members from the Leicester, Nottingham and Derby Division were all present for the protest against Sharia law courts and were supported by people travelling from as far afield as Manchester. [Oh! Continents away! Those EDL ‘outsiders’ again. Those UAF/SWP insiders. It’s as if at all the demos the EDL has had, none of the EDL was an insider! This is bizarre because it means that the EDL aren’t from Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Stoke, Peterborough, Luton, Bolton, etc – because at each demo, the local rags, and their ‘puppet masters’ the UAF/SWP (or at least their feeders of information), have said that all the EDL at these demos were ‘outsiders’! So where the hell does the EDL come from? Noddy Land? Yet we all know that every UAF/SWP comes from the Home Counties and Laaarnden – that’s only partly a joke. Believe it or not, when Weyman Bennett was at the Rochdale demo (I think it was Rochdale), he talked about ‘EDL outsiders’! The fucker’s from London! The audacity of this convicted criminal is astonishing.]

They were met by a heavy police presence, with officers being drafted in from Leicestershire and Warwickshire to make sure there was no trouble.

Chanting started at 2pm as the group’s supporters filed out of The Gravity pub to meet dozens of police officers in Regent Street. The group was boxed in by officers as they marched to Market Place and were cheered on by crowds outside The Baron. [‘Cheered on by crowds outside The Baron’? Interesting. How does that square with the earlier claim that ‘shoppers rushed out of Hinckley’?] They moved up Castle Street, down Church Walk and back to Market Place before starting speeches.

An EDL spokesman said the group had chosen to protest in Hinckley because the first official Sharia court to be set up in England is at Hijaz College, a Muslim college, about two miles away on the A5. [There’s no ‘official’ sharia law in the UK! Oh yes? The UAF/SWP will say anything. They ‘lie for Justice’. They lie for Justice all the time.]

He said: “Before anyone says anything about why we are here today, the first victims of Sharia law are Muslims themselves. Sharia is a barbaric ideology. It is an oppressive regime that only favours the male. [Does any member of the SWP/UAF want to officially say that stoning, hanging, amputation, etc. are not obscene? If so, say it now! Or in their own inverted-racist way, are Brown Exotics allowed to do obscene things - if letting them do so will further the SWP Revolution?]

“How can these courts be allowed to operate in this country when they operate with different values than the UK law courts? They claim to deal with only civil issues but we are not allowed in to see what is happening there. We can’t trust these courts and we can’t have them in our society.” [‘Civil’ issues today. But what about tomorrow? What about next year? What sharia little hells do we have in store for us in 2030?

Muslims will not stand still with their sharia claims. If they get only ‘civil’ sharia allowances today, then they’re bound to ask for more tomorrow. After all, as we all should remember, sharia is a total system which includes the ‘civil’ but also extends to the complete control of the political and private lives of all Muslims and dhimmis. In other words, Muslims cannot pick and choose which aspects of sharia law they want. They must want it all – including stonings, amputations and the rest. (A couple of years back, Hamas wanted to introduce sharia crucifixion!)]

The Sharia court at Hijaz College, The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, was set up by lawyers in December 2007 to deal with civil cases and disputes under Islamic law.

Amanda Taylor, from Hinckley, listened to the speeches from outside The Baron. She said: “I think it has been quite informative, what they’re saying is basically true. They were all being very peaceful and were causing no harm.

“All they want to do is make a statement about how they feel and I think the police take it a bit over the top sometimes.”

A spokesman for Leicestershire Constabulary said: “Around 100 people took part in a protest at around 2.15pm on Saturday March 5 in Hinckley town centre.

“The demonstration passed without incident and finished at around 3pm.
[As is nearly always the case at EDL demos nowadays – but not, admittedly, at the beginning. So it is strange that Counciller Ian Greenwood, the dhimmi Leader of Bradford Council, just the other day said that EDL demos were ‘organised riots’. What a lying twat. More ‘lies for Justice’, eh?]

“Leicestershire Constabulary was aware of reports of a possible English Defence League demonstration planned for the Midlands this weekend.

“The force was not approached by the EDL about a demonstration.

“However the appropriate contingency plans were put in place to ensure that if there was a demonstration within the force area the appropriate resources could be deployed.

“Police would like to thank the local community for their understanding and co-operation.”

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